Male Organ Odor Fixes - Things to Do

Male Organ Odor Fixes: Things to Do
Everyone gets it: Guys sweat. And some guys sweat more than others. And
guess what? That sweat is often worst right around the male organ and sacks
– which means that male organ odor is a commonplace occurrence. But just
because it’s common doesn’t mean that it’s acceptable. Dudes concerned
with male organ health – or even with just eliminating any embarrassing
possible reactions to a “big reveal” with a partner – know that they need to
consider fixes for male organ odor problems, especially if the condition is
Of course, as the saying goes, you don’t know what you don’t know – which
means, with a guy’s own member located so far from his sniffer (and with
only a contortionist able to get the nose close enough for a whiff), how does
a guy know he has male organ odor? Well, for one thing, if he takes off his
pants and he DOES get an unpleasant scent reaching all the way to his
nostrils, chances are it’s a pretty bad case. But even less noxious examples
can be off-putting. So here’s a trip: run a Q-tip around the male organ and
sacks, then bring it up and inhale. That should help to answer the question.
But it’s always better to be safe than sorry, so here are some male organ
odor fixes to consider, even if a guy is unsure if he needs help.
 Wash. Common sense, fellas. Washing the male organ and sacks
regularly – usually every day, more often if engaged in lots of sweaty
activity – is the best way to keep odor away. Intact men need to pay
special attention to washing under the foreskin to help avoid build-up
of unpleasant smegma. But don’t stop with the skin – wash pants and
underwear regularly. Never wear underwear two days running – and
give a really good sniff test to any pants that are on their second (or
third or fourth or…) go-round without washing.
 Go coconuts. After showering, it may help to apply a little coconut oil
to the midsection. Coconut oil helps to control some odors in some
men – although since every man’s metabolism is different, it doesn’t
work for everyone.
 Be loose. Tight briefs can make a man’s package look great, but it
also can add substantially to the sweat and male organ odor problem.
Especially during the summer, favor looser-fitting boxers, especially
those made of a lightweight cotton. It also helps to wear pants made of
cotton or other natural fibers that allow the midsection to breathe
more easily.
 Go bald. A thick thatch of pubic hair just increases the heat on the
male organ and sacks. Manscaping is something more and more guys
(and their partners) are into, so trimming the pubes can help fight
male organ odor. Even if a guy doesn’t want to shave down to the
skin, a nice, short trim can make a difference.
 Watch the diet. You are what you eat, and what you eat can
contribute to sweat., Spicy foods, for example, can raise the body
temperature. High sugar and starchy diets also tend to create more
unpleasant smells from sweat.
 Get air. Airing out the manhood helps a lot when fighting male organ
odor. Spending some time naked every day can be beneficial.
Sleeping naked is one possible way to achieve this for those with
prudish roommates.
Men mustn’t let male organ odor become a problem when simple fixes are
available. One other important fix: daily apply a superior male organ health
creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is
clinically proven mild and safe for skin). This will be especially helpful if
the crème contains vitamin A, which contains potent antibacterial properties
that help fight persistent male organ odor. Stronger, more resilient manhood
skin also helps deflect odor’s staying power, so find a crème with alpha
lipoic acid, a powerful antioxidant that fights oxidative stress and the
damage it causes the male member skin.