Male Organ Problems and Some Solutions

Male Organ Problems and Some Solutions
When a man has his health, he’s happy, and when he has good male organ
health, his male organ is happy. That should be the end of the story, but
unfortunately, sometimes male organ problems arise that can get in the way
of desired male member happiness. Some male organ problems are more
complicated than others, and some more distressing. Following are some
male organ problems a man might encounter, along with some possible
solutions to those problems.
 A sore manhood. This happens to just about every guy at some point,
especially when he’s been sensually overactive – either with a partner
or with himself. Due to the cause of the soreness, it’s one of the more
desirable problems to have, and one many men like to boast about.
But when genuinely sore, it can be a bit of a pain. Solutions include
giving the little buddy a rest for a day or two, putting something cool
(but not too cold) on it, and rubbing a soothing crème into it.
 A smelly member. Sadly, this is one of the most common male organ
problems. We say sadly because persistent and heavy male organ odor
is one of the most common reasons why a potential partnership gets
derailed. Look, guys, everyone knows that the equipment gets hot and
sweaty, so take steps to get rid of the odor. Solutions? Try washing
more often, and especially right before going on a date. If possible, do
another quick wash right before unveiling it; even just using a wet
wipe on it can help. Also, using an appropriate male organ health
crème can help prevent male organ odor.
 A hair trigger manhood. Guys really want to sensually satisfy their
partners, and ideally they’d like to do so from penetrative coupling.
But early seed release often means that a partner leaves unsatisfied, or
may need to be further stimulated via oral or manual sensual activity
(and there’s nothing wrong with that). Men with early seed release
issues should consult with a professional to discuss possible
 Stubborn prepuce. Intact men sometimes experience phimosis and/or
paraphimosis. In the first, the prepuce is unable to easily retract from
the glans. In the second, the prepuce has successfully retracted, but
then cannot get back to its position covering the glans. Often the issue
in both cases is a swollen glans, and treating the infection or other
cause of that can rectify the problem. Stretching the prepuce, perhaps
using an appropriate crème, may also help.
 Urinary tract infection. Although somewhat more common among
women, many men do indeed get urinary tract infections. They are
just what they sound like – bacteria or another agent gets in the
system that processes and disposes of urine, leading to pain, swelling,
and inflammation somewhere along the line. Checking with a doctor
to determine the cause of the infection is best, as the doc can then
prescribe the most appropriate treatment for dealing with this issue.
 Social diseases. Men with multiple partners and/or those who engage
in sensual activity without using latex protection are at a much higher
risk of contracting a social disease. Checking with a doctor promptly
for a diagnosis and treatment is absolutely essential.
Many male organ problems have solutions that are easy to come by or
involve easily accessible products, such as daily application of a superior
male organ health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man
Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). As mentioned
above, manhood odor can be diminished by using an appropriate crème, that
is, one with vitamin A, the anti-bacterial properties of which fight odor at its
root. When a member is sore, often a crème with moisturizers such as shea
butter and vitamin E can provide superficial relief while keeping the male
organ skin supple and hydrated.