This May Cause a Male Organ Odor Like Boiled Cabbage

This May Cause a Male Organ Odor Like
Boiled Cabbage
Manly. Clean. Nice. Sensual. Enticing. Perhaps even musky. These are a few
adjectives that men enjoy hearing applied to the aroma that wafts from their
member when it is unveiled to a partner. But in too many cases, the reaction
is likely to be less favorable, indicating a male organ odor problem that
needs addressing. While male organ odor can be a male organ health and
hygiene issue, it can also be related to other issues affecting the body. For
instance, one possible cause when the male organ odor resembles the strong
smell of boiling cabbage is that a man has too much methionine in his
Never heard of methionine
Most people are unfamiliar with methionine, but it’s a substance found in all
human bodies. Methionine is considered an essential amino acid, making it a
protein building block that is important for the body to function correctly.
Among methionine’s functions are helping metabolism and keeping blood
vessels healthy, as well as engaging in healthy tissue maintenance, so it has a
big role to play in everyone’s life.
The way our bodies work is highly complex, with one component affecting
another so that small changes in one area can have big consequences
elsewhere. That’s the case with methionine. When there is too much of it –
when the body makes or takes in more methionine than it is able to
metabolize – it throws things a little out of whack. The excess methionine
has to find some way to leave the body, and it does so through the sweat
glands and through urine.
Male organ odor problem
But methionine produced in high quantities comes with an unpleasant odor –
the boiled cabbage scent alluded to earlier. This largely comes from the
presence of sulfur in methionine, which has a distinct and sometimes
overpowering aroma.
When methionine exits the body through sweat glands near the manhood, it
tends to get trapped there beneath the double layer of underwear and pants.
(This also increases heat in the area, making the glands in this area produce
even more sweat.) In addition, stray drops of urine dry on the manhood,
further adding to the boiled cabbage odor.
Sometimes a person has too much methionine simply because their diet is
very high in foods that contain this amino acid. (Some examples include
turkey, beef, tuna, pork chops, milk, quinoa, and firm tofu.) If they can cut
out some of these foods from their diets and replace them with foods with
less methionine (such as many fruits and vegetables), then the male organ
odor problem may right itself.
But sometimes there may be a genetic factor that makes it difficult for a
person’s body to properly metabolize methionine. It’s also possible that
other metabolic disorders may impact methionine metabolization as well. In
such cases, it is important to see a doctor and get a proper diagnosis so that
an appropriate treatment plan may be developed.
In general, people with male organ odor from methionine may need to pay
even more attention to hygiene issues in order to fight the unwanted smell.
Another route that men with male organ odor like boiled cabbage can try is
to daily apply a top-drawer male organ health oil (health professionals
recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for
skin). Check the ingredients list and be sure that the oil chosen includes
vitamin A. This vitamin is a natural antibacterial agent that works to combat
unpleasant manhood odors caused by bacteria that thrive in warm, dark
areas, such as the midsection. The best oil will also contain a potent
antioxidant, such as alpha lipoic acid. By fighting free radicals and reducing
oxidative damage, alpha lipoic acid strengthens member skin, making it
better capable of fighting male organ odor.