Male Organ Pump Beginners - Avoid a Sore Male Organ

Male Organ Pump Beginners: Avoid a
Sore Male Organ
The male organ pump has been around for decades, one of the early tools
designed to help men with tumescence function issues so that they could
achieve a hard-on. Even with other advances in this area, the male organ
pump is still often recommended for use by men whose male organ health
issues make becoming tumescent difficult. But over the last fifty years,
another set of men have become male organ pump enthusiasts: those who
believe that using a male organ pump can add length and/or girth to their
tumescent member. For any new male organ pump users – especially those
who are using the tool to increase their manhood size – the following may be
useful in avoiding a sore male organ while using the pump.
First, it should be acknowledged that there is considerable debate about
whether or not the male organ pump can actually increase male organ size –
and if it can, whether this is a temporary or permanent effect. Second, many
medical professionals feel there is a risk in using a male organ pump
recreationally and without a doctor’s prescription. There is the risk of
permanent damage from male organ pump use.
But if a man is going to use a male organ pump, there are several things to
remember in order to avoid getting a sore male organ.
 Follow instructions carefully. Pumps obtained under a prescription
should always have clear and detailed instructions. However, if a man
buys a pump without a prescription from a commercial manufacturer,
it may not have instructions, or the instructions may be incomplete. If
instructions are complete, be sure to follow them in order to know the
proper way to use the pump; improper use is probably the most
common reason for a man getting a sore male organ from pumping. If
instructions are not included, look online for general instructions or
see if this particular device (or a similar one) has online instructions.
 Start slowly. It may take a few attempts for the manhood to get used
to the pumping process. Be patient. Rushing can result in soreness or
even permanent damage. Some guys want to start using the pump
every day; however, if soreness or other warning signs result, start out
with less frequency – perhaps 3 times a week. It also is often best to
make the first few attempts short – perhaps 3 to 5 minutes.
 Don’t overdo. A lot of men really get into their male organ pump and
want to use it for extended periods of time – half an hour, an hour, or
more. Most physicians recommend using it for not more than 20
minutes at a time – and then only after building up to that length of
 If it hurts – stop. Use common sense when pumping. If something
hurts or doesn’t feel right, stop and try to figure out why. Is the device
not placed properly? Is the suction too strong? Is the seal loose? Try
to determine the cause of the pain and correct it. If necessary, contact
the manufacturer to see if they can help pinpoint and solve the
 Be aware. Just like you shouldn’t operate heavy machinery unless at
your best, don’t use a male organ pump when you’ve been drinking,
taking substances, not getting enough sleep, or in some other situation
in which your judgment and/or reflexes may be impaired.
Even following this advice, some men using a male organ pump may end up
with a sore male organ. In addition to letting it rest, they should be sure to
regularly use a top-notch male organ health creme (health professionals
recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for
skin). Select a crème with a combination of soothing moisturizing elements,
such as shea butter and vitamin E. Keeping the member skin healthy will
also help alleviate soreness. Use a crème with alpha lipoic acid, a powerful
antioxidant that fights free radicals and the skin damage using the pumps can