Everything a Man Needs to Know About Pearling

Everything a Man Needs to Know About
Who says men don’t like to accessorize? In the world of body modification,
there are plenty of ways to embellish what’s been naturally given. One way,
pearling, is a lesser-known but historical type of modification. While most
modification is visible when it comes to the member, such as piercings and
tattoos, this type really gets under a man’s skin…his midsection skin, that is.
Want to learn more? Here’s everything a man needs to know about pearling.
What Is Pearling?
Pearling is a type of body modification practice where pearls are inserted
under sensual organ skin for aesthetic appeal and to enhance sensual
pleasure. This is also known as beading.
How Is Pearling Done?
This is not for the faint of heart. A single object, a pearl or other roundish
implant, is embedded on the dorsal aspect (top side) of the shaft. They can
also be placed in rows or placed randomly around the circumference and
length of the shaft. Some men think the process is so simple that they do it
themselves, which is not recommended. After insertion, a man should expect
inflammation around the entry site as well as discomfort while the skin is
healing. In very rare cases, the pearls may be rejected by the body.
While the practice is thought to originate with pearls, in modern society an
entire range of implants are used, such as silicone, titanium, Teflon, and
stainless steel. The beads are said to create a ribbed effect that has been
known to enhance pleasure for partners. Some people also find it very
pleasant to look at.
A Historical Peak at Pearling or, Who Thought This Up?
Body modification is by no means a new practice. Pearling dates all the way
back to the 15th century and is recorded in Chinese texts of the time. It is
believed to be a practice brought to China from South-East Asia, specifically
from certain parts of the Philippines and Myanmar. A modern historian of
this part of Asia found that there were 30 different kinds of beading
available that catered to a woman’s choice, as ribbing has long been helpful
in stimulating a woman’s pleasure.
The best known, if curious, use of pearling is by the Japanese Yakuza.
According to records, the Yakuza would have one pearl implanted in their
member for every year spent in prison. It makes the mind wonder at what a
20-year sentence might bring – would there be enough room? However,
modern Yakuza, if one is to believe the stories, do it to enhance a woman’s
pleasure. It’s like gangsters with a heart of gold.
Pearling and Male Organ Health
As pearling gains popularity, more complications have come to light. They
include things like infection, bleeding, pearl migration, and scarring. These
complications can lead to things such as member dysfunction and Peyronie’s
disease. As with all body modification, there is not only a chance of the
occurrences aforementioned, but also a chance of permanently losing
sensation in the privates if things don’t go exactly according to plan.
Men who opt for body modifications down below need to be especially
cognizant of male organ health. Be sure to meticulously cleanse the
member daily, and after any sensual encounters, with warm water and a mild
cleanser. Rinse well and air dry. After washing the skin, use a specially
formulated male organ health creme (health professionals recommend
Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin)
on the member. By selecting a crème chock-full of vitamins and nutrients
that protect and rejuvenate the male organ (like vitamins A, B, C, and D),
the member is always strong and ready for action.