Let’s Talk About Male Organ Sensitivity - How to Keep It, That Is

Let’s Talk About Male Organ Sensitivity—
How to Keep It, That Is
A sensitive member is a man’s number one priority. Why? It’s what ensures
that a man continues to produce and maintain hardness well into his Social
Security–collecting years. Many things over time, most controllable but
some unavoidable, can rob a man of his male organ sensitivity. But have no
fear! There are plenty of ways to preserve a sensitive member and increase
male organ sensitivity for those who find it depleting over time.
What Is Male Organ Sensitivity and Why Is It Important?
Male organ sensitivity is the ability for the member to feel stimulation. The
amount of male organ sensitivity a man has is gauged by different ways the
member can be stimulated, something called “sensory threshold.”
As men age, starting as early as age 25, male organ sensitivity declines. Men
may not notice the decline for some time. According to researchers, the
sharpest decline is observed to be between age 65 and 75, and that is when it
is largely most noticed by men. Otherwise, it’s not really noticed unless it’s
so intense that it has led to male organ dysfunction (MOD) or the inability to
Having sensitive member is desirable because it is more likely to get and
maintain hardness to completion. It also can result in more control of release
and higher levels of pleasure. Some men, however, have overly sensitive
members, which can lead to early seed release, but other than in the teenage
years, it affects a small segment of men.
How to Increase Male Organ Sensitivity: Do’s and Don’ts
Here are a few guidelines of things to avoid in order to preserve male organ
sensitivity and a few others to maintain or increase it. After all, a sensitive
member is a very happy member.
1. Exercise Some Moderation. Too much intimacy or self-pleasure in
close time frames can cause nerve damage due to overuse. Also,
compression from death-grip when self-pleasuring or getting a
“handy” from an aggressively tightfisted partner can not only cause
immediate trauma to the member but over time can lead to the buildup
of scar tissue, which robs a member of its sensitivity and can lead to
MOD and Peyronie’s disease.
2. Toss the Tighty Whities and Nut-Huggers. It’s time to Kondo the
closet and drawers of underwear and bottoms that put the squeeze on
the family jewels. Too much compression from clothing can rub
against the member constantly, resulting in a less-sensitive member.
Switch to something (on the regular – tight is okay now and then) that
gives the one-eyed trouser snake some room to wiggle and breathe.
3. Get Rid of Smoking, Alcoholism, and Substance Abuse. Smoking
shrinks the blood vessels, and substance and alcohol abuse can numb
the member, stealing its ability to get or stay hard. If cold turkey isn’t
an option, get help from a professional.
1. Ditch Dad Bod. All men need to, but men of a certain age (those over
40) need to give extra attention to diet, fitness, and stress as they age.
All have an effect on male organ sensitivity.
2. Don’t Go Dry. For solo play, creme is the norm. However, partner
play evolves through the years, especially if one’s partner is over 40
as well. As women enter pre-menopause, they can sometimes produce
less lubricant for intimacy (this is not all women). Bedroom athletics
that were once like a slip-n-slide can evolve into a less-wet
experience. Be sure to use creme whenever needed to reduce friction
that can cause nerve damage. Also, it just feels better!
3. Explore More. Sometimes bedroom shenanigans can seem, well, a
little robotic. Switch up Monday Missionary with some new positions,
toys, scenarios, and skill sets to excite the mind and body. Not only
will it result in a more sensitive member, but it can also reinvigorate a
long-term committed partnership and keep the intimacy intact and the
attraction hot and heavy.
In addition to the tips above, think about adding something new to the daily
hygiene regimen. Applying a specially formulated male organ health creme
(health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been
clinically proven safe and mild for skin) can be really helpful in increasing
male organ sensitivity. Look for crèmes with special ingredients like Lcarnitine, which protects the member from peripheral nerve damage. Also,
be sure that the selected crème has vitamin C for blood flow and elasticity.
Adding this small step daily can help preserve a sensitive member.