Does Male Organ Size Really Matter - It Does in Some States!

Does Male Organ Size Really Matter? It
Does in Some States!
There are jokes to mask it and articles that say it’s no biggie, but men are
still obsessed with the age-old question: Does male organ size really matter?
It’s probably such a pervasive question because it really can’t be answered.
It’s probably because the question is unfinished. It completely depends on
what it matters for – making a baby, giving unknown pleasure, opening
doors a foot back – but that part of the equation is never stated. Instead, it
leaves a lot to be considered to fit all the possibilities.
That could be the reason why many men put so much emphasis on it, which
may be why many women don’t want to give an opinion. However, a man’s
male organ size has become a sort of perceived reflection of who he is. If he
is powerful. If he is virile. If he has the magic stick, as 50 Cent would say.
This preoccupation could be why a recent study ranked male organ size
state-by-state. Read on to find out a little more about this very interesting
study and what it could say about the male organ size debate.
The State-by-State Male Organ Size Survey
Bespoke Surgical conducted this unique survey by posing two direct
questions to 1,300 men throughout the United States. The first, “What is the
length of your member at full mass?” and the second, “What length do you
say your member is at full mass when asked by potential partners, dates, or
significant others?” The results of the survey are even more psychologically
interesting than they are biological or geographical. The responses by state
seemed to vary a good deal.
The First Male Organ Size Question
Well, there was an interesting set of averages, from the lowest at 5.22 inches
to an astounding 7.44 inches, making the survey male organ size average, in
total, 6.41 inches. This is nearly an inch and a half larger than the research
from the Journal of Urology, which reports the US average while completely
hard at 5.1 inches.
So, which states claim to be packing big guns? States with the five highest
reported male organ size averages were, in order, Alabama, Louisiana, West
Virginia, Vermont, and Utah. The lowest averages were, in order, Delaware,
New Mexico, Maryland, Georgia, and Rhode Island. Or maybe they are just
the most honest (spoiler: uh, no)? The lower states were most closely aligned
with the research-based national average.
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!
So, who are the self-admitted exaggerators? Louisiana, with its smooth
Southern vibe, admitted the biggest fish tale with an 8.07 average, nearly an
inch off what they publicly advertise. Delaware, on the other hand, had an
average exaggeration of 1.3 inches, which is very interesting since it had the
lowest number at a reported 5.22 inches. Twelve of the states reported the
same numbers, and four understated their numbers.
What does it all mean?
Honestly, male organ size is a very personal thing. Men and women surely
have their preferences, and those preferences change when they’re
comparing one-night stands to relationships. For most women surveyed,
male organ size isn’t the ultimate decider. Generosity, emotional connection,
confidence, skill, and communication often outrank size when they’re
looking for a relationship. There hasn’t been enough research in the
LGBTQ+ community to determine if that is the case for all humans who
intimately engage with men. But…it’s nice to hope so, right?
One of the best ways for a man to have confidence and remove inhibitions is
for him to feel good about the look and feel of his member. Adopting good
grooming and self-care practices like diligent washing and trimming are two
ways to make a man’s best friend confident and friendly.
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