Itchy Male Organ - 5 Reasons a Man May Suffer from Member itching

Itchy Male Organ: 5 Reasons a Man May
Suffer from Member itching
It starts out as a tickle and quickly rages into a scratch fest. However,
member itching doesn’t help, and actually, makes an itchy male organ
worse. In order to give a big adios to the itch, a man first has to get to the
bottom of what’s causing it. Let’s talk about five reasons that could cause
itchy male organ and how to treat them.
Itchy Male Organ Cause #1: Contact Dermatitis
What it is: Contact dermatitis is a fancy way of saying the skin does not like
something. This super itchy, red, bumpy rash on a man’s member can be
caused by contact with an allergen. Sometimes it can also ooze a clear or
yellowish fluid caused by dermal disruption.
How it’s caught: Been camping lately? Using a new body wash or laundry
detergent? Even something as simple as getting some new towels or a new
bed can cause contact dermatitis. Latex latex barrier allergies are also known
to cause this. If a man starts to see a reaction within a few hours or days of
adding something new to his life, his itchy male organ may be due to contact
How to treat it: Identify the trigger and stop using it or manage it in another
way. While it will often go away in a short time, keeping the area as clean as
possible is the best way to soothe the irritation. OTC hydrocortisone creams
and oral antihistamines are also helpful.
Itchy Male Organ Cause #2: Chafing
What it is: Friction disturbs the skin barrier which then causes itty bitty
cracks and tears in the skin which get inflamed. Skin gets red and irritated
but can also get scaly. Score one for House Targaryen.
How it’s caught: When skin rubs repeatedly, usually in the crotchal region,
it created friction. This can cause an especially fiery and uncomfortable road
rash on or near the member. PS – Runners experience this a lot.
How to treat it: Treatment is two-fold: prevent additional rubbing and
protect the irritated skin. Using a thick, very natural cream is recommended.
It should be free of dyes, perfume, and anything else that can irritate already
inflamed skin. Also, “airing out” is also recommended whenever possible.
Yes, that means pulling a Donald Duck.
Itchy Male Organ Cause #3: Fungal Infections
What it is: It can be red, shiny, and moist. If it’s a yeast infection, a man
will additionally notice some white discharge. Jock itch will also be moist.
However, some other fungal infections present in a dry and flaky and usually
start on the thighs.
How it’s caught: It can be caused by an overgrowth of yeast, too much
moisture in a dark crevice (aka the junk), or in the case of jock itch,
transmitted by contact with a person with it or their towels, etc.
How to treat it: Get a topical antifungal cream and slather it on until the
groin is a mushroom-free zone. Be sure to keep the area as dry and possible
and use cotton or moisture wicking underwear.
Itchy Male Organ Cause #4: Intertrigo
What it is: If the rash is deep, red, and raw, it could be Intertrigo. This is a
(dark) magical concoction of bacteria and fungus. Symptoms can also
include stinging as well as member itching.
How it’s caught: In places that collect the most sweat, folds of the skin like
the groin and spare-tire under folds, an overgrowth of bacteria and fungus.
How to treat it: Layer creams. Use an antibacterial like Neosporin and an
antifungal like Lotrimin to defeat the bacteria and fungus. Using a zinc
cream, like Destin or Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, protects the skin from
additional rubbing.
Itchy Male Organ Cause #5: Pubic lice
What it is: It’s creepy and crawly and not what anyone wants to bring home
from a beach vacation. Intense member itching, irritation, and tiny whitegrey or yellow specks in the pubic hair mean pubic lice and they indeed look
like microscopic crabs wandering around a man’s downstairs.
How it’s caught: They can be caught during amorous advances, sharing
swimsuits, or any other garment that goes member to member like towels or
How to treat it: See a doc for a medicated shampoo or lotion to wash those
lice right out of that pubic hair.
Looking to protect delicate member skin and avoid rashes? A great way to
keep genital skin clear and calm is to use a genital health creme (health
professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically
proven safe and mild for skin) on a daily basis. Crèmes like these can
strengthen the skin while protecting it from bacteria and irritation. This is
also an especially important part of self-care a man can give himself not only
feels good but is good for him.