Intertrigo Can Mean an Itchy Male Organ

Intertrigo Can Mean an Itchy Male
A guy may think that an itchy male organ is meant to be scratched, but most
women on a date with him would disagree – which is one reason why
keeping an itchy male organ away is crucial, along with the fact that
sometimes an itchy male organ indicates a male organ health problem. The
kinds of itchiness and the reasons for that itchiness can be many and varied;
one of the less common reasons is something called intertrigo. To learn more
about it, simply read on.
About intertrigo
Intertrigo is a kind of inflammatory rash (making it a form of dermatitis) that
is most often found in areas where skin rubs against other skin. Armpits are
a popular place for intertrigo, as are the neck, thighs and buttocks. The
manhood and sacks are also prime targets for intertrigo.
Basically, intertrigo occurs when bacteria or another agent, such as a fungus,
meets folds of skin that rub against each other. For example, men who are
overweight may find that the underside of their “spare tire” develops a rash
of intertrigo from rubbing against the pubic pad. Areas where skin folds in
on itself or meets other skin is ideal for intertrigo, because such areas tend to
be warm and moist, which is what the agents that cause intertrigo need to
develop and grow.
The rash that denotes intertrigo tends to be reddish, sometimes very bright,
looks quite raw, and can cover a fairly significant area of skin. It tends to be
sore and, as can be deduced for its role in creating an itchy male organ, often
wants to scratched. In some cases the irritation of the skin rubbing against
skin may cause the rash to ooze a liquid.
On the manhood, the intertrigo may come from the member rubbing against
the sacks, the thigh or other nearby parts; however, it is more often due to
male organ skin rubbing against itself when the manhood is a flaccid
“accordion” style stage. The presence of stray drops of urine on the member
often accounts for the bacteria that causes the condition.
Embarrassingly, intertrigo is known in children by the name diaper rash – a
name that adults may not care to have attached to their skin condition.
Most of the time, intertrigo responds to simple self-care treatments. These
 Washing the affected area with a mild soap and water.
 Patting the area dry and keeping it as dray as possible. Ideally, the
affected area needs to be exposed to the air, something that may be
difficult to do when it occurs on the member. “Airing out” by sleeping
naked may help, as can using absorbent powders to help keep the area
 Using zinc oxide over a hydrocortisone cream twice a day usually
helps speed recovery.
In some instances, intertrigo may be stubborn; if it persists for more than
two weeks or becomes especially irritated, it’s best to see a doctor, who will
likely prescribe steroids as a first step.
Although intertrigo can cause an itchy male organ, it is best to avoid
scratching if possible. The irritation from scratching simply delays the
healing process.
When a man has an itchy male organ, whether from intertrigo or not, it often
means the manhood skin is dry and could benefit from a regular regimen
that includes a top flight male organ health creme (health professionals
recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for
skin). Search the ingredients list and be sure the selected product includes
both a high end emollient (such as shea butter) and a natural hydrating agent
(such as vitamin E). The skin also can be protected if the crème contains a
potent antioxidant, such as alpha lipoic acid. This can help prevent damage
from oxidative stress from the presence of too many free radicals.