Telemedicine Companies

Telemedicine Companies
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Telemedicine was created as a way to treat patients who were located in remote places, far away from
local health facilities or in areas of with shortages of medical professionals.
Today, it’s increasingly becoming a tool for convenient medical care. Patients wants to waste less time in
the waiting room at the doctor, and get immediate care for minor but urgent conditions when they need
Telemedicine is simply defined as, “the remote delivery of healthcare services“.
There are 3 common types of telemedicine:
Interactive Medicine – which allows patients and physicians to communicate in real-time while
maintaining HIPAA compliance, usually done through an app that allows for video chat.
Store and Forward – which permits providers to share patient information with a practitioner in another
Remote Patient Monitoring – which allows remote caregivers to monitor patients that reside at home by
using mobile medical devices to collect data (e.g. blood sugar or blood pressure).
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