Low Cost Health Insurance

Low Cost Health Insurance
Address: 1131 46th Rd Long Island City, NY 11101
Phone: 347-603-8773
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About US
With 127 years of combined Clinical experience working and operating
Urgent Care Clinics throughout New York City. We have seen everything and know
how to take care of most Medical Issues.
Try our services. We are more than sure that you will be satisfied.
WeHealth was initially born from this desire, as a simple mobile extension of our in-house
clinic. We wanted to provide a simpler way for our patients to get in touch with our
physicians even when they were not able to travel to our Urgent Care center in person.
Our patients quickly began to tout the WeHealth experience, telling us repeatedly that it
provided a level of convenience and comfort they had never before seen. We decided then
that we needed to bring WeHealth to the world.
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Hours : 24 h
Payment : All credit card, Cash, Check
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