Teleheath Services

Teleheath Services
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Telehealth may involve more general health services, like public health services, whereas
telemedicine is a specific kind of telehealth that involves a clinician providing some kind of
medical services including diagnosis and prescription.
For both telemedicine and telehealth, the use of secure video and audio connections makes
it possible for specialists to treat patients who reside in locations with limited access to care
or simply to help with convenience.
Telemedicine was created as a way to treat patients who were located in remote places, far
away from local health facilities or in areas of with shortages of medical professionals.
Today, it’s increasingly becoming a tool for convenient medical care. Patients wants to waste
less time in the waiting room at the doctor, and get immediate care for minor but urgent
conditions when they need it. This desire for more convenient care, combined with the
unavailability of many overburdened medical professionals have led to the creation of
telemedicine apps. Many telemedicine apps offer patients 24/7 access to medical care with
an on-call doctor in the local area.
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