Urgent Care No Insurance

Urgent Care No Insurance
Address: 25 King St, New York, NY 10014
Phone: 347-589-8775
About US
We Health is the product of intense collaboration and analysis by a group of
clinical professionals paired with world-class technologists. Together, we have
built the first ever truly interactive mobile urgent care app.
Learn more about We Health and the team behind this industry-shifting
We Health was initially born from this desire, as a simple mobile extension of our
in-house clinic. We wanted to provide a simpler way for our patients to get in
touch with our physicians even when they were not able to travel to our clinics in
Our patients quickly began to tout the We Health experience, telling us
repeatedly that it provided a level of convenience and comfort they had never
before seen. We decided then that we needed to bring We Health to the world.
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Additional Details
Hours: 24 h
Payment: All credit card, Cash, Check
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