Take admission in Top Merchant Navy Colleges in India and make a successful career

Take admission in Top Merchant Navy Colleges in India and
make a successful career
If you want to travel the world, have good problem solving skills and enjoy a challenge,
consider a career as a Merchant Marine officer, which you can get by doing Merchant Navy
Courses After 12th.
The Merchant Marine is the collective name of the commercial transport industry in the
India. However, it is actually made up of individual companies that are responsible for their
own recruitment and training.
As a Merchant Marine officer, you will work on the many types of vessels that make up the
Indian commercial shipping industry. These include:
Ferries and cruises
cargo container ship
tankers, and chemists and other bulk cargo carriers
Specialized supply, support and rescue vessels, including support for the offshore oil
and gas industry.
Officers generally work on the deck or in the engineering department and their role will be
primarily as a leader and manager, although they are still expected to perform practical tasks
with their colleagues. The larger the ship, the more managerial its role will be.
As a navigation / deck officer, you will need:
 check the weather and navigation reports and take appropriate action
 coordinate the loading, storage and safe unloading of the cargo
manage the care and safety of passengers (if you are working on a ferry / cruise ship)
supervise the operation and maintenance of deck machinery, p. winches and cranes
manage ship communication systems
supervise and maintain safety, fire fighting and lifeguard equipment
supervise the ship to ensure that the highest levels of health and safety are maintained
Maintain legal and operational records such as ship registration
Keep up with developments in legal, commercial and political maritime matters.
As an engineering officer, you will need:
 operate and maintain mechanical and electrical equipment on board
 Manage power generation and distribution systems, as well as refrigeration plants,
ventilation and pumping systems.
 monitor, repair and update systems and equipment, p. air compressors, pumps and
sewage plants
 implement regular inspections of equipment and maintenance programs
 Keep up with developments in the field of marine engineering.
Qualification for Merchant Navy career
To work as a Merchant Marine officer, you must complete a basic degree in nautical studies
(professional diploma in Scotland), HNC / HND or an honorary degree from a maritime
college or university. Merchant Navy career after 12th is best option to have a Merchant
Navy career. The courses from Top Merchant Navy Colleges in India last between three
and four years and the content depend on whether you decide to continue the training of
navigation (deck), engineering or electro technical officers.
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