Eastern Queens Boxing Club

Eastern Queens
Boxing Club
All living organisms are naturally gifted with the combat skills, humans is
far more skillful than the other living creatures and gets into action ever
since they are in their mother’s womb, they start throwing punches and
kicks to mark their presence. These skills should be developed with
proper guidance and training in order to increase overall body strength,
hand-eye coordination, decrease the stress levels, improve body
composition and to increase overall athleticism.
There are a variety of combat sport in which people have been trained
since ancient times and boxing is one of them, it is not limited to
punching the opponent in the ring but also maintaining overall mental
and physical health, boxing increases your power, strength and
endurance along with a fair amount of speed and agility, this is the main
reason for selection boxing over other combat sports.
To get your hands-on boxing you need to train like a champion even if
you are not in the boxing profession. The boxing training under
experienced coaches can help you to achieve your goals. Once such
training Academy is at the Eastern Queens boxing club located in
Hempstead Ave which offers classes for every boxing level. Their
training includes kids boxing, children’s boxing, women’s boxing, youth
boxing, kids mixed martial arts, sports conditioning and functional
training. They have the best trainer in NYC and regular training sessions
where you can enroll yourself at a minimum cost and gift yourself a
lifetime support and training from the experienced professionals boxing
Even people in the boxing profession can get trained like a champion
from early intermediate level to advanced boxing training to more
advanced level such as fight techniques and sparring along with
increased endurance.
Eastern Queens boxing club has gained popularity because of the
quality of training they provide and guidance from well experienced
boxing coaches who know how to get the best out of you and put you at
a higher level of your performance. Affordable membership plans are
available at $79/month for entire year and 24X7 access and free
coaching is the major attraction of this club, they offer sanctioned fight
along with corner work, supplies and basic transportation which make it
more desirable. Moreover, they have special discounts for senior citizens
The boxing buds may last a career, this manly art challenges the
bravado of its boxers and boxing is definitely not a game of season,
dedication, discipline, training and consistency are the crucial elements
in making of the best boxers at the Eastern Queens boxing club.
Don’t wait, this is the perfect time for you to get started if you know the
basics of boxing or you are a newbie who is eager to try his hands on
boxing can be a part of this club because they believe in inspiring rather
than pressurizing to participate and their gym has boxing specific gym
equipments which can be accessed anytime once you get your
membership in the club.
Getting trained for boxing was never so easy but now it is possible
because of Eastern Queens boxing club, so why to wait, get your
membership today and avail special discounts on your membership
types and remember, boxer come with no ego at the Eastern Queens
boxing club.
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