Low Cost Health Insurance

Low Cost Health Insurance
600 W 252nd St
Bronx, NY 10471
(347) 470-2897
24 h
All credit card, Cash, Check
Whether you are just looking for a consultation or a full procedure, our flexible payment plan structure
can help you secure unlimited access to the treatment you need for less than you would pay through a
traditional health insurance provider. Take a look at the different plans we offer and the services
WeHealth Standard Plan – $25/month
 Speak to us for as long as you need, face to face via videochat, with no time limits.
 Connect with experienced ER clinicians based in US for diagnosis and treatment of a cold or flu,
vomiting or diarrhea, UTI or a sports injury, and other ailments!
 Have prescriptions written and sent seamlessly to your local pharmacy.
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