In Bed with a Bent Male Organ - Sensual Positions

In Bed with a Bent Male Organ: Sensual
Many women (and some men) are surprised to discover that when the man
they have been dating makes the big reveal regarding his member, that he is
possessed of a rather bent male organ. Now, to be sure, some degree of
curvature in the manhood is not at all unusual, and many partners find a little
curve to be aesthetically pleasing. But when the curvature is severe so that
the bent male organ is painful and/or makes penetrative coupling difficult, it
becomes a male organ health issue. A man may wish to consult with a doctor
if he has a severely bent male organ and may also wish to consider which
sensual positions may be better suited to his curved member.
Peyronie’s disease
Often when a man has a severely bent male organ, he is said to suffer from
Peyronie’s disease. This condition is frequently caused by trauma to the
manhood, either a big one (like being hit in the member with a baseball) or
repeated small ones (such as rough handling on a repeated basis). When the
trauma heals, scar tissue forms, which is not as flexible and pliable as
unscarred skin. Thus when the member becomes tumescent, the scarred side
cannot stretch as far, causing the manhood to bend.
Sensual positions
So what are some of the sensual positions a man with a bent male organ
should try? First, it’s important to remember that every couple is different:
what works well for one couple may not for another. But in general, these
are considered good positions for couples utilizing a bent male organ to try.
 Missionary. For those with an upwardly bent male organ, missionary
is often the position of choice. Because the front wall of the female
organ is especially sensitive, the curvature may actually allow the
member to rub against it in a way that pleasures the female partner
 Upright straddle. Again, for an upwardly bent male organ, this
position is recommended. The male sits upright and the women
lowers herself on the manhood and straddles him. Depending upon the
severity of the curvature, this may be the best option for many
 Doggy. Does a guy’s organ curve downward instead of upward? Then
doggy-style may be just the ticket. The woman gets on all fours, with
the weight evenly distributed between her arms and her bent
legs/knees. The man enters from behind. The couple can make
alterations (she may want to lean her head and shoulders down on the
bed, he may want to raise himself up a bit, etc.) to find the angle at
which comfort is maximized.
 Sideways. Some guys have a member that curves to the left or to the
right instead of up or down. Often couples in this situation find that
having the female partner lie on her side, with knees bent up, and have
the man essentially take a missionary position over her, can provide
the best angle for the sideways-leaning bent male organ.
As previously stated, no one position works for every couple. And in some
cases, the curvature of the member may be so extreme that no position
allows for comfortable penetrative coupling. In such cases, a man should
consult with a doctor, if he has not done so already. There are a number of
treatment options for Peyronie’s disease, and discussing these with a doctor
can enable a man to determine the best course to take.
In addition to finding good sensual positions for a bent male organ, a man
should take steps to ensure general male organ health by regularly using a
first class male organ health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1
Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Seek out an
oil which contains vitamin D, the so-called “miracle vitamin,” which has
proven benefits in fighting diseases and supporting healthy cellular function.
The oil should also contain L-arginine, an amino acid which boosts nitric
oxide production which can then better enable manhood blood vessels to
accommodate increased blood flow.