Sensual Tips - Beyond the Male Organ

Sensual Tips: Beyond the Male Organ
When a man is feeling insecure about his performance – or his potential
performance – in bed, it’s not unusual to find him surreptitiously looking
online for some helpful sensual tips. Here he can find sites that can give
advice on maintaining male organ health or improving male organ
performance, both of which can be important. But sometimes a guy needs to
look for sensual tips that go beyond the manhood and look at more general
health issues that can impact male organ health.
And what might some of these sensual tips be? Read on.
 Cut out the late hours. It is so incredibly easy to find reasons to stay
up late. You have to finish binge watching that hot new show
everyone is talking about. There’s a deadline you can’t afford to miss.
The book you’re reading is so suspenseful it’s hard to put it down. But
consistently not getting enough sleep not only makes you drag at work
the next day – it makes you drag in bed. Sleep deprivation is a big
contributing factor to a lower sensual drive and also can diminish
male hormone levels.
 Cut out the late night snacks. Obesity is becoming more and more
of an issue in the United States (and in other parts of the world).
Eating too much, especially food that is not giving a lot of nutritional
bang for the buck, can make a man feel sluggish – and that can make
his male organ feel equally sluggish. But long-term bad nutrition can
have worse consequences, causing arteries to clog and making it
harder for them to admit the increased flow of blood to the member
during the tumescent state. Without that, the member will either not
get hard, not be as hard as it should be, or else the man won’t be able
to sustain it for as long as he might otherwise.
 Jump on the bike. Getting an appropriate amount of exercise is also
key to maintaining proper male organ function. For example, working
on exercises that improve the cardiovascular system means that the
heart will better be able to pump that blood down to the manhood as
needed. And exercising also helps to build a man’s stamina, so that he
can “go for the long haul” when needed. Plus, for the missionary and
similar positions, a guy needs to have some strength in those upper
 Keep track of those drinks. Sure, for most people a glass of wine or
two isn’t such a bad thing. But too much alcohol (no matter the
source) can have a negative impact (again) on manhood blood vessels,
increasing the likelihood of tumescence issues.
 And just stop smoking. Yes, quitting cigarettes can be enormously
challenging for some people – but it’s a challenge worth meeting. Not
only does quitting decrease the risk of lung cancer substantially, it
also has a positive male organ health benefit. Stopping smoking helps
preserve the lungs, which in turn can impact a guy’s stamina in bed.
These sensual tips, not directly involving the member, may require lifestyle
changes that should be discussed with a doctor, especially before
significantly altering the diet or one’s exercise routine.
At the end of our sensual tips is one that is directly related to the manhood:
regularly apply a first-class male organ health oil (health professionals
recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for
skin). The best oils will contain L-arginine, an amino acid that helps
produce nitric oxide, which in turn helps keep male organ blood vessels
healthy. The oil should also include vitamin A, the anti-bacterial properties
of which can be an aid in fighting unwanted and persistent male organ odor.