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The Children’s Hour
SYNOPSIS: Karen and Martha own and operate a boarding school in upstate
New York in the 1930’s. Mary Tilford, a disaffected student, lies and bullies
the other girls. In order to get out of school for good, Mary concocts a lie
that Karen and Martha are lovers, which she tells to her
grandmother/guardian. This erupts into a far-reaching scandal. By the time
the lie is revealed as false, it is too late and lives have been ruined.
Character Descriptions
YOUTHS (to be played as 12-14 year olds)
MARY TILFORD – Smart, spoiled. Bullies the other girls. Not overtly
malicious; rather, will use anyone or anything to get her way, no matter who
gets hurt.
PEGGY ROGERS – Mary’s friend and roommate. Doesn’t really trust Mary,
but wants to impress her.
EVELYN MUNN – Mary’s friend and roommate. Like Peggy, doesn’t really
trust Mary, but wants to impress. Is written with a lisp which we may or
may not use.
ROSALIE WELLS – Would be able to stand up to Mary. However, Mary has a
secret on Rosalie, and Rosalie is terrified that it would be revealed.
HELEN BURTON – stickler for the rules
LOIS FISHER – Slow student
CATHERINE – Know it all.
KAREN WRIGHT – 20’s – 30’s. Competent, intelligent, gentle but firm when
MARTHA DOBIE – 20’s – 30’s. Somewhat high-strung, but not overboard.
Tends to see the glass half-empty.
LILLY MORTAR – 40’s – 50’s. Martha’s aunt. A faded actress. Resents that
she is dependent on Martha, and compensates by being somewhat theatrical.
MRS. AMELIA TILFORD – 60’s. Mary’s grandmother. Wealthy, self-assured –
but at the end very vulnerable.
AGATHA – any age. Mrs. Tilford’s maid. Not taken in by Mary’s shenanigans.
DR. JOSEPH CARDIN – 30’s. Karen’s fiancé. Also gentle but firm. A good