TOC - Journal of the American Society of Nephrology

December 2014
Vol. 25
No. 12
Journal of the American Society of Nephrology
This Month’s Highlights
2717 .MicroRNA-24 Antagonism Prevents
Renal Ischemia Reperfusion Injury
Johan M. Lorenzen, Tamas Kaucsar, Celina Schauerte,
Roland Schmitt, Song Rong, Anika H€
ubner, Kristian
Scherf, Jan Fiedler, Filippo Martino, Regalla
Kumarswamy, Malte Kölling, Inga Sörensen, Hebke
Hinz, Joerg Heineke, Eva van Rooij, Hermann Haller,
and Thomas Thum
Renal Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme
Upregulation: A Prerequisite for Nitric Oxide
Synthase Inhibition–Induced Hypertension?
Lodi C.W. Roksnoer, Ewout J. Hoorn, and A.H. Jan Danser
See related article by Giani et al. (pp. 2752–2763).
See related article by Hanatani et al. (pp. 2800–2811).
Asking Dialysis Patients About What They Were
Told: A New Strategy for Improving Access to
Kidney Transplantation?
Improving Mutation Screening in Familial
Hematuric Nephropathies through Next
Generation Sequencing
Vincent Morinière, Karin Dahan, Pascale Hilbert,
Marieline Lison, Said Lebbah, Alexandra Topa,
Christine Bole-Feysot, Solenn Pruvost, Patrick
Nitschke, Emmanuelle Plaisier, Bertrand
Knebelmann, Marie-Alice Macher, Laure-Hélène
Noel, Marie-Claire Gubler, Corinne Antignac, and
Laurence Heidet
Mark Unruh and Mary Amanda Dew
The Human Response to Acute Enteral and
Parenteral Phosphate Loads
Roberto Scanni, Matthias vonRotz, Sigrid Jehle,
Henry N. Hulter, and Reto Krapf
Can Muscle-Kidney Crosstalk Slow Progression
of CKD?
Helbert Rondon-Berrios, Yanlin Wang, and William
E. Mitch
See related article by Salter et al. (pp. 2871–2877).
A Nomogram for the Prediction of Kidney
Stone Recurrence
Brian H. Eisner and David S. Goldfarb
See related article by Rule et al. (pp. 2878–2886).
Brief Review
Regulated Cell Death in AKI
Andreas Linkermann, Guochun Chen, Guie Dong,
Ulrich Kunzendorf, Stefan Krautwald, and Zheng Dong
Jorge F. Giani, Tea Janjulia, Nikhil Kamat,
Dale M. Seth, Wendell-Lamar B. Blackwell, Kandarp
H. Shah, Xiao Z. Shen, Sebastien Fuchs, Eric
Delpire, Jorge E. Toblli, Kenneth E. Bernstein,
Alicia A. McDonough, and Romer A. GonzalezVillalobos
Pathophysiology of the Renal Biopsy
Renal ApoA-1 Amyloidosis with Glu34Lys
Mutation and Intra-amyloid Lipid Accumulation
Nicole K. Andeen, Daniel Y. Lam, Ian H. de Boer,
and Roberto F. Nicosia
Targeted Deletion of p53 in the Proximal Tubule
Prevents Ischemic Renal Injury
Yuan Ying, Jinu Kim, Sherry N. Westphal,
Kelly E. Long, and Babu J. Padanilam
Red star . indicates articles that are features in This Month’s Highlights.
Renal Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme
Is Essential for the Hypertension
Induced by Nitric Oxide Synthesis
See related editorial by Roksnoer et al.
(pp. 2679–2681).
Lmx1b and FoxC Combinatorially
Regulate Podocin Expression in Podocytes
Bing He, Lwaki Ebarasi, Zhe Zhao, Jing Guo,
Juha R.M. Ojala, Kjell Hultenby, Sarah De Val,
Christer Betsholtz, and Karl Tryggvason
Dynamic O-Linked N-Acetylglucosamine
Modification of Proteins Affects Stress Responses
and Survival of Mesothelial Cells Exposed to
Peritoneal Dialysis Fluids
Rebecca Herzog, Thorsten O. Bender, Andreas Vychytil,
Katarzyna Bialas, Christoph Aufricht, and Klaus Kratochwill
P. Kimberly, Barry I. Freedman, Robert R. Graham, and
Carl D. Langefeld for the International Consortium for
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Genetics
2789 .Aberrant Glycosylation and Localization of
Polycystin-1 Cause Polycystic Kidney in an AQP11
Knockout Model
Megan L. Salter, Babak Orandi, Mara A. McAdamsDeMarco, Andrew Law, Lucy A. Meoni, Bernard G. Jaar,
Stephen M. Sozio, Wen Hong Linda Kao, Rulan S. Parekh,
and Dorry L. Segev
Yuichi Inoue, Eisei Sohara, Katsuki Kobayashi, Motoko
Chiga, Tatemitsu Rai, Kenichi Ishibashi, Shigeo Horie,
Xuefeng Su, Jing Zhou, Sei Sasaki, and Shinichi Uchida
Akt1-Mediated Fast/Glycolytic Skeletal Muscle
Growth Attenuates Renal Damage in
Experimental Kidney Disease
Robert A. Fenton, Fiona Murray, Jessica A.
Dominguez Rieg, Tong Tang, Moshe Levi, and Timo Rieg
2896 .Sequencing of LRP2 Reveals Multiple Rare
Variants Associated with Urinary Trefoil Factor-3
Autophagy Regulates TGF-b Expression and
Suppresses Kidney Fibrosis Induced by Unilateral
Ureteral Obstruction
Gearoid M. McMahon, Matthias Olden, Maija Garnaas,
Qiong Yang, Xuan Liu, Shih-Jen Hwang, Martin G.
Larson, CKDGen Consortium, Wolfram Goessling,
and Caroline S. Fox
Lineage Tracing Reveals Distinctive Fates for
Mesothelial Cells and Submesothelial Fibroblasts
during Peritoneal Injury
Yi-Ting Chen, Yu-Ting Chang, Szu-Yu Pan, Yu-Hsiang
Chou, Fan-Chi Chang, Pei-Ying Yeh, Yuan-Hung Liu,
Wen-Chih Chiang, Yung-Ming Chen, Kwan-Dun Wu,
Tun-Jun Tsai, Jeremy S. Duffield, and Shuei-Liong Lin
An Economic Evaluation of rt-PA Locking Solution
in Dialysis Catheters
Braden J. Manns, Nairne Scott-Douglas, Marcello
Tonelli, Pietro Ravani, Martine LeBlanc, Marc Dorval,
Rachel Holden, Louise Moist, Charmaine Lok, Deborah
Zimmerman, Flora Au, and Brenda R. Hemmelgarn
Renal Phosphate Wasting in the Absence of
Adenylyl Cyclase 6
Yan Ding, Sung ll Kim, So-Young Lee, Ja Kun Koo,
Zhibo Wang, and Mary E. Choi
See related editorial by Eisner and Goldfarb
(pp. 2685–2687).
Chia-Hsiang Hsueh, Neal X. Chen, Shien-Fong Lin,
Peng-Sheng Chen, Vincent H. Gattone II, Matthew R.
Allen, Michael C. Fishbein, and Sharon M. Moe
The ROKS Nomogram for Predicting a Second
Symptomatic Stone Episode
See related editorial by Rondon-Berrios et al.
(pp. 2681–2683).
2812 .Pathogenesis of Arrhythmias in a Model of CKD
See related editorial by Unruh and Dew (pp. 2683–2685).
Andrew D. Rule, John C. Lieske, Xujian Li, L. Joseph
Melton III, Amy E. Krambeck, and Eric J. Bergstralh
Shinsuke Hanatani, Yasuhiro Izumiya, Satoshi Araki, Taku
Rokutanda, Yuichi Kimura, Kenneth Walsh, and Hisao Ogawa
Patient- and Provider-Reported Information about
Transplantation and Subsequent Waitlisting
2906 .Apolipoprotein B Attenuates AlbuminuriaAssociated Cardiovascular Disease in Prevention
of Renal and Vascular Endstage Disease
(PREVEND) Participants
James P. Corsetti, Ron T. Gansevoort, Stephan J.L. Bakker,
Charles E. Sparks, Priya Vart, and Robin P.F. Dullaart
2916 .Improved Glycemic Control and Risk of ESRD in
Patients with Type 1 Diabetes and Proteinuria
Jan Skupien, James H. Warram, Adam Smiles, Andrzej
Galecki, Robert C. Stanton, and Andrzej S. Krolewski
Lupus Nephritis Susceptibility Loci in Women
with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Sharon A. Chung, Elizabeth E. Brown, Adrienne H. Williams,
Alarcon-Riquelme, Timothy W. Behrens, Lindsey A. Criswell,
Edberg, Patrick M. Gaffney, John B. Harley, Chaim O. Jacob,
M. Ilyas Kamboh, Jennifer A. Kelly, Susan Manzi, Kathy L.
Moser-Sivils, Laurie P. Russell, Michelle Petri, Betty P. Tsao,
Tim J. Vyse, Raphael Zidovetzki, Matthias Kretzler, Robert
Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis on Management
of Hemodialysis Catheter-Related Bacteremia
Saima Aslam, Florin Vaida, Michele Ritter, and Ravindra
L. Mehta