Carina Bengs
Wipe clean with a damp cloth
and mild detergent. Then dry
with a clean, dry cloth.
All our children’s products are
tested and subjected to a risk
analysis to ensure they comply
with the most rigorous criteria
in every country where IKEA
products are sold. This means,
for example, that the cribs meet
the following demands:
• Stable, durable construction
• The gap between the bars is
designed for optimum safety
(children can not get their head
stuck between the bars).
• Strong bed bases.
• Rounded edges and corners.
• No small components that can
be removed, or work loose to
eliminate the risk of choking.
• Ventilated bed base to avoid
fungal growth.
• Non-toxic materials and sur­
face treatment.
Children rarely do what you
expect them to do. They climb,
clamber and play with things in
ways that are often difficult to
foresee. For that reason, always
use the wall anchors supplied to
secure all storage furniture that
is more than 60 cm (23.6″) in
height safely to the wall.
Suits both small and big
HENSVIK is a shelf unit that you can quickly and easily convert into
a changing table. It has plenty of room for all your baby’s things and
also provides a practical place for nappy changes. When your baby
grows and you no longer need a changing table, it becomes a great
place for toys and books.
More room for play
HENSVIK is a real bed, that’s just a little smaller. Perfect if you want
to be sure there’s enough room for your child to play and have fun
in their bedroom. The bed is like your child’s own little world - a cosy
place to curl up in, surrounded by pillows and soft toys.
For your child’s safety; use the
same size on crib and mattress
to avoid gaps that the baby's
head could become trapped in.
All our changing tables fulfill
several safety demands in order
to minimize the risk of injuries to
your baby due to for example
falls. Never leave your baby
unattended on the changing
All the products (shown here) may not be available at the store. Please contact the staff
or look at www.ikea.ca for more information. For more detailed product information,
see the price tag and the internet. All units require assembly.
Design and Quality
IKEA of Sweden
The bed can be adjusted to prevent the child from injuries
resulting from the child trying to get in and out of the bed on
its own. The bed base can be place at two different heights, so
when the child starts to move around more you may lower the
bed base. When your child is big enough to climb in and out
of bed, con­vert the crib into a toddler bed, so your child can
reach the floor without risk of falling.
Conversion kit included.
Complies with the Canadian standard SOR/86-962.
All furniture more than 60 cm (23.6″) high should be anchored to the wall.
Bed frame and guard rail 70x160 cm (27½x63″).
Complete with SULTAN LADE slatted bed base
W77xL165xH63 cm (30⅜x65x24⅞″).
301.655.51 $134.99
Cabinet with shelf unit 75x161 cm (29½x63⅜″), depth
41 cm (16⅛″). Complete with changing table top.
Adjustable shelves; easy to adapt according to your
own needs.
500.772.47 $149.99
Crib, 70x132 cm (27½x52″). The bed base can be placed
at two different heights. Converts into a toddler bed.
Complies with the Canadian standard SOR/86-962.
600.773.55 $199.99
Storage cabinet 60x165 cm (23⅝x65″), depth 41 cm
(16⅛″). 2 adjustable shelves included; easy to adapt
according to your need.
100.747.07 $129.99
Changing table top 76x10 cm (30x4″), depth 49 cm
(19¼″) (mounted on cabinet, total depth 90cm (35⅜″)).
Use with HENSVIK cabinet with shelf. The changing table
can be converted back into a cabinet when not in use.
900.902.56 $39.99
Wall shelf 75x48 cm (29½x19″), depth 17 cm (6¾″). Can
be hung on a wall or place on e.g. a table
300.772.48 $49.99
Wardrobe 75x169 cm (29½x66½″), depth 48 cm (18⅞″).
Deep enough to hold adult hangers. Adjustable shelves;
easy to adapt according to your own needs.
NOGA storage box to crib 70x132 cm (27½x52”). Smart
storage utilizing the often unused space under the crib.
601.490.84 $79.99
Storage unit 75x96 cm (29½x37⅞″), depth 42 cm (16½″).
Practical extra storage for all kinds of toys.
700.772.46 $79.99
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