NAG Social Committee Meeting – 4 October 2012 Attendees: Apologies:

NAG Social Committee Meeting – 4th October 2012
Chris, Sarah, James, Emma and James
Pete, Sam, Trevor, Holly, Paul
Next Meeting:
25th October 2012 8pm – Location TBC
Discussed minutes from the last meeting
Children’s Christmas Crafts
Sarah, Emma and Sara Appleton to meet to discuss plans
Confirmed it will be in memory of Sandra, Nicky would like to dress up
Joint fireworks and Christmas craft flyers to be finalised and distributed before school half
term. James Smith to print.
Pete to speak to Fireworks Company, confirm attendance etc await feedback ASAP
Advert went into the October Village Advertiser, £30 for Novembers issue to be dispatched
end of October. Agreed Chris would go ahead with this.
Town & Country post advert, deadline looming, Sarah to look into.
Banners – Follow up with Pete
Holly has done parking signs as previously discussed.
Chris has ordered the wristbands – 3500 costing £170. Wristbands in advance will be on sale
at Pet’s Pantry.
Kent Fire & Rescue will be in attendance on the night and would like a pitch of 8’x6’ most
likely at top of meadow would be best.
Pete to contact someone in Greenland’s to discuss use of transport up and down to the
Ladies in fruit and veg shop are wanting to do toffee apples
Jimmy – Burger van contacted since last meeting, confirmed he was available but not
contactable on number given. Very reliable, assume attendance as per previous years.
James’ friend Simon has offered to provide 2 speaker stacks, towers and the crew to set up
and put away. Free of charge.
Agreed there will not be any live music this year.
Sick Promotions confirmed at cost of £150 cash/cheque on the night. Holly and James are
sorting out music. Pete to confirm with fireworks company how far away people full of
paraffin need to be. Aim to have sick promotions going up and down behind the roped off
Chris to check with John Gorton about compare
Chris to sort out insurance prior to fireworks night
Julia to contact previous volunteers, Chris to dig out list of contacts and forward to Julia
Emma has purchased 3 gazebos at £17.99 each total = £53.97 to be reimbursed once
cheques sorted with bank
James has found a land rover for hire at £97 plus a £500 deposit (he is happy to use his own
credit card to secure this), needs to look into the excess etc
Chris to email the Woodlands group re: pumpkins
Sarah to speak to Trevor about funding the flashy things
Emma ordered a sample of flashy things – cost £12.50 (unable to source any free of charge).
Agreed to order: - 200 6” lanyards, 400 necklaces and 200 whistles. Pricing to be confirmed,
provisional prices are - necklaces at £1 each, whistles at £2 and lanyards at £2. Emma to
provide details of flashy things for Trevor to order.
Village Day
Date confirmed as Saturday 6th July on NAG sports field
Plan for AGM to take place in the New Year if possible, once fireworks night and children’s
Christmas craft have passed.
Financial report from Pete Green
Bank account signatures in the process of being changed over.
As of 3rd October 2012 the current balance is
General Fund = £1995.69
Finances: Peter Green, 123 Millfield, New Ash Green, Longfield, Kent DA3 8HW Tel: 01474 879667