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December 2014
2014 Christmas – New Year 2015
here are shelves on my wall displaying photographs of weddings and baptisms and
family occasions that people have sent over the years. Each one evokes a memory
of being with people celebrating a moment in their life when all was joy and
gladness. They image friendship, and love is very evident.
But in many, I see the faces of those who have since died. Accident, age or
disease has taken them from the company
they revelled in and I am grateful for the photo that
keeps them near.
The Christmas tableau of Mary, Joseph, Jesus, and
the others round the Stable, if not exactly a photograph,
is certainly a fount of memory. It expresses the “news of
great joy” in the wonder of new born life and points us to
the journey that was to follow for this Holy Family.
Like the photos that now include the dead, the
Nativity also contains the seeds for the sadness that
would grow along the way. Bethlehem, with its “no
room” rejection and the forced isolation from family
support, moves the scene into the shadow of Calvary and Love’s encounter with Death.
Christmas is a mixture of joy and sadness. We rejoice in a family atmosphere but there are
always some who cannot be present; happy occasions are invariably tempered by the awareness of less happy gatherings.
That’s what makes Christmas so life-like and not to be missed. No life is without
setbacks, disappointments or pain. Yet we can’t get enough of life! We love it!
The Christmas tableau remains our most hope-filled guide. It is a gift to our world, telling us
that no matter what life brings, being together with those you love – even just in memory –
makes everything worthwhile.
May this Christmas and the holiday season it brings bless the life you live. Enjoy the
company that surrounds you. Take lots of photos!
Fr James Lyons (Parish Priest)
Sacred Heart Cathedral parish is a partner in the Wellington Central Pastoral Area
with St Mary of the Angels (CBD), and the Catholic Parish of Otari (Wilton and Karori)
Above: The Baptisms of
cousins (l-r) Alexandra
Shima and Pippa Hewson
Above: Mulling wine for a
Parish social event
Left: Emma and Ron brought
their son Jesús Valentino CostillaGilkison to Mass on 2 November.
Born on 26 October with heart
outside his body, he lived for 15
days. His parents gave thanks for
the prayers and encouragement
of the Parish.
Birch, Year 8
student at
School, was
awarded the St
scholarship for
Left: Dan and
Rita Phelon at
Rita’s farewell
from her position
as Parish
Far left: Margot
and Peter
Gresham Benemerenti
Our Parish children told the story of the Nativity
Above: Grandparents’ Liturgy
Left: Blessing the children at Mass
Pupils from Sacred Heart
Above: The junior
syndicate of our
school delighted
parents, staff and
students with a
wonderful account of
the Christmas story.
Right: Frank Irinco,
Jarrad Lealofi and
Martin Irinco were
enrolled as
choristers in the
Cathedral choir.
The combined choirs of the Cathedral
Sacred Heart
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Sat 27th Dec: 8.30am
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Sundays in January: 5.30pm (Sat
Mon 29th and Tue 30th Dec:
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followed by Mass at 11.30pm
2nd February 2015
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Baptisms in 2014
Fletcher John Kahurangi
Ryan (20 Apr)
Marlon McGregor Sinnott (3 Jan)
Caitlin Mary Parker (20 Apr)
Isla Florence Davie (5 Jan)
Charles Joseph McDonald
Duke Edwyn Turner (10 Jan)
Whitaker (20 Apr)
Liam Novilla (11 Jan)
Lucas Santiago Lim (17 May)
Abigail Frances Robins (12 Jan)
Logan Prenderville (19 May)
Hannah Alexandra Chrystall (12 Jan)
James Liam Roxas (14 Jun)
George Patrick Counsell Stephens
Alagiyadurage Liam Binara
(26 Jan)
Fernando (18 Jun)
Eve Katherine McKeown (2 Feb)
Pippa Sophia Ivy Hewson (22 Jun)
Gabriel Jed Valenzuela (9 Feb)
Inigo Sebastian Bituin Esteban (23 Mar) Alexandra Elizabeth Shima (22 Jun)
Hunter Richard Komarkowski (6 Jul)
Kayla Grace Matuszewski (6 Apr)
Lily-Mae Elizabeth McLellan (12 Jul)
Christopher Samuel Chung (19 Apr)
Ferdia Jack Curtin (12 Jul)
Jin-Mo James Ku (19 Apr)
Sophia Maria Korban-Solomon
Liam McGarvey (19 Apr)
(20 Sept)
Alice Jain Ping Pan (19 Apr)
Grace Christine Smith (4 Oct)
Romana Anne Vella (19 Apr)
Georgia Anne Cameron (5 Oct)
Tracey Leeanne Wernicki (19 Apr)
Weddings in 2014
Ingrid Margaret Dainty and Bede
Phillip Busby (21 Feb)
Caroline Jean Meo and Blake Richard Grace Emma Keryn Simpson and
Gabriel Gregory Fletcher Garlick Grice
Irvins (10 Jan)
(28 Feb)
Sandra Catherine McIver and Delon
Genee Christina Trotman and Craig
Benitto Rayen (12 Jan)
John Mathews (8 Mar)
Nikola Ivana Kolich and Samuel
Amelia Holdsworth-Jurie and Mark
James O’Connor (18 Jan)
Vinson Houghton (26 Apr)
Lisa Aniela Jaques and Greg David
Janice Roberta Campbell and Colin
Horsman (19 Jan)
Andrew MacIntosh (02 May)
Jacinta Malar Williams and Ethan
Catherine Elizabeth Rousseau and
William Stewart (25 Jan)
Michelle Chee Hsin Ting and Gregory Hongda Zhu (24 May)
Therese Jordan and Matthew
Zhong Yang Gn (8 Feb)
Josephine Elizabeth Pryer and Ronshi Christopher O’Connor (18 Jul)
Anna Ursula Martin and Michael
Mario Jude Perera (08 Feb)
Funerals in 2014
Fr. Bryan John Montgomery S.M.
(6 Jan)
Fr. Brian Vincent O’Connell S.M.
(17 Jan)
Miriam Anne Menzies (19 Jan)
Veronica Mary Ronberg (21 Jan)
Graeme Augustine Dallow (24 Jan)
Ian Lloyd McKay (25 Feb)
Fr. Barry Joseph Lawrence Edwards
(03 Mar)
Richard John Morris (06 Mar)
Aileen Rona Gallagher (07 Mar)
Anne Elizabeth Riddell (15 May)
Maria Catherine McElroy (17 May)
Clara (Clare) Lily Gribble (14 Jun)
Joan Molloy (17 Jun)
Fr. William Grant Leeming S.M.
(25 Jun)
Alison Mary Hanton (02 Jul)
Fr. Dennis Basil Scully S.M. (05 Aug)
Ingeborg Hildegard Keith-Kirk
(30 Aug)
Claire Bourke (13 Oct)
Klara DuToit (16 Oct)
Jesús Valentino Costilla-Gilkison
(14 Nov)
Jesús Valentino Costilla-Gilkison
(26 Oct)
Enzo Jayr Britanico (05 Oct)
Thomas Jacob Seamer Meachen
(22 Nov)
Raphael Andreas Heuser (30 Nov)
Charlie Sadler (21 Dec)
Maria Sophia Chainey (23 Dec)
Frederick John Franklin (23 Dec)
Aimee Rozelle Strawbridge (23 Dec)
James Robinson (10 Oct)
Sophie Jayne Liddle and Michael
Philip Spence (25 Oct)
Kirsten Louise Cook and Andrew
Halket Miller (01 Nov)
Darlene Te Hira and Paul Robert
Paraha (20 Nov)
Rosalina Ioana Petelo and To’omaga
Alisa Saele Nanai (29 Nov)
David Anthony Waite (27 Nov)