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Element K
A Party Band That Offers More
by: Krista Doran
There are an abundance of party/
wedding bands out there in the tri-state
area and all are highly talented musicians
offering some of the best entertainment money can buy. But there is a
new band on the scene that has really
been making waves, not only for their
excellent musicianship, but also for their
refreshing approach towards providing
entertainment for any private function.
This band is Element K!
I spoke to guitarist Kevin Burns who
explained to me that Element K offers
more than most wedding bands and
we’ll get to that in a moment. First,
I would like to tell you all a little bit
about the band. Element K, who is
managed by The Shore Bets Agency, has
been together now for 2 years and has
been playing some great local venues
mainly in the NJ and DE areas. Since
the word is now out about this band,
they have been spreading their wings
and are now booking more and more
rooms all over the tri-state area and
even down into MD and VA. Element K
has a very strong presence onstage and
plays music from all genres. As Kevin
explained to me, “we tend to play a little
bit of everything. We mix things up to
keep everyone dancing and we never
go into a room with any type of preconceived idea of what we will play. We
have a set-list, but it always depends on
the crowd that is there because we like
to play to suit the taste of the people
in the room.” Believe me, Kevin and his
band mate & bass player, Chris Louie
As former members of the local band
Chorduroy, they made the decision to
leave in order to start a new project,
and are really happy with this new
line-up. The addition of their new
female vocalist,
Kortney Penta who
also plays keys, and
their hard-hitting
drummer Anthony Santiago, has
rounded out this
band and insured
that there is not
stopping them!
One thing that
sets Element K
apart from the rest
is the extremely
strong vocals from
their lead singer,
Kortney. This adorable little red-head
previously performed in her college A
Cappella group, called The Deltones.
Her high energy and great personality
has her pleasing crowds at every venue
they play. “Kortney has been such an
asset to this band. Since she has been
with us, we have been getting booked
so much easier and her vocals just kick
ass,” Kevin told me. They have been
playing some great rooms, too, like
Klondike Kate’s and Kildare’s in DE,
Harrah’s and the Hilton Beach Bar in Atlantic City, NJ and countless more places
coming in the Fall. Every Thursday, they
perform at The Lighthouse in Dewey
Beach, DE which has become one of
their most favorite places to play.
In addition to awesome musicianship,
a professional attitude and looking good,
Element K offers something that no
other cover bands offer for weddings
and private affairs. They are a “one-stopshop” and provide everything from live
music and DJ services to photography
and video services and will work with
you to create an event that your guests
will never forget. One service that I
personally thought would be a hoot at
any private party is live band karaoke.
If you have a crazy family and lots of
awesome friends like me, I am sure you
will like this service too. Just imagine
the fun you could have with this band
at your next party! Check out their
website at to
see a listing of all the great options that
Element K offers that will make your
wedding or private affair memorable!
No parties coming up? No problem!
You can always go see them live at any
of the great venues they play because
whenever Element K is there, IT IS A
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WITH “Wouldinit” (I’m A Star )
to the top of the BILLBOARD
CHART, once again, with her ir
(Issue Date: 09/25/2010). The
release marks the pop culture
icon’s 5th consecutive Billboard
Club Play chart-topper following
It’s the latest release from
ONO’s acclaimed remix series,
which has seen the avant-garde
visionary paired with an
impressive cast of, established
and emerging, contemporary
music innovators including
IN STEREO and Oscar winning
To date, the successful series
has spawned 2 successful remix
anthologies(YES, I’M A WITCH
and OPEN YOUR BOX) and 7 #1
dance singles including “EVERYMAN / EVERYWOMAN” and the
Originally appearing in 2 different settings, one on YOKO’s
and the other on her IMA collaboration RISING, the previously bluesy
has been retooled into
a surging
of vibrant reconstructions by
The song is easily one of the
enduring avant-garde visionary’s
most dynamic remix offerings to
date and it’s meteoric rise to the
top of the club charts has been
nothing short of amazing. The
the #24 power pick (Issue Date:
08/14/2010) before landing in the
Top Ten at #8* with a bullet (Issue Date: 09/04/2010).
Then, just three short weeks
later, “WOULDNIT’ (I’M A
STAR)” would seize the coveted
#1 spot!
Not only is this a testament to
the potency of ONO’s original
work, it’s also further evidence of
why she’s become embraced as
scene. It’s unbelievable that at
77 years young, the alt-rock matriarch continues to be a major
landscape. Nearly 5 decades since
ing art and music worlds with
her forward-thinking works,Yoko
continues to evolve and thrive
– both inside and outside the
margins – still dreaming, pushing
boundaries and challenging the
and uncompromising artistic
MIXES) are available now as digital green releases (no materials
used or abused) on MIND TRAIN
/ TWISTED Records at iTunes
and the TWISTED Records online
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Trump Marina Extends the Summer of 2010 THE STADIUMS RAISE OVER $2,500
to Help in the Fight Against Breast Cancer!
with Craft Beer Fest
by Mike Vagnoni / Photo by
and Lightning on the Water - Offshore Power Boat Races
Atlantic City, NJ – Beer lovers unite!
Raise your glasses and mark the calendar
for Sunday, September 19 from 2 pm to
7 pm, when The Deck at Trump Marina
hosts their Second Annual Craft Beer
For just $25 per person, attendees
will get a “passport” to sample a 5 oz.
sample of featured brews like Spaten
Hofbrau Oktoberfest, Long Trail Harvest
Jack’s Pumpkin Spice and Victory Fest
Bier, or Magic Hat #9 and Magic Hat Fall
Seasonal and so many others. Treat your
tastebuds to something new with the
likes of Flying Fish Octoberfest, Magner
Cider and others from a list of
over 30 micro-brews ranging
from ales to lagers, to stouts,
ciders and more.
“Last year’s inaugural Craft
Beer Fest was a great success
and we received a lot of positive
feedback from our guests,” noted
Mark Sachais, General Manager of
Trump Marina. “What better way
to spend a September afternoon than
outside on The Deck, sampling great
seasonal beer and live entertainment?”
Sachais added.
Bring a friend (or several) and take
advantage of the warm weather and
Lynn Ramage
Here is a photo of some
of the staff at the Stadiums
Bar & Grill at a recent Golf
against Cancer. The check
was for $2,500 made from
last week’s Golf Outing at
the Bensalem Country Club.
beautiful outdoor setting of The Deck to
The Staff and Managetry your favorite micro-brews and maybe
ment would like to thank
develop a taste for some new ones. A
selection of “Oktoberfest” type festival
all that contributed to help
fare such as pretzels, sausages and other
Foundation for Breast Cancer by
offerings will be available for purchase, in make this happen! This check was the bartending staff.
presented to the Susan Komen
addition to The Deck’s regular menu.
Enjoy live music and an afternoon of
outdoor fun overlooking the marina
that you won’t soon forget. Microbrewery representatives will be on
hand with information about their
products and to help you navigate the
different types of beers. Who knows?
You might learn to like something new!
Tickets are $25.00 and can be purchased at the Mariners Gift Shop, the
Docksider Gift Shop, at the door, or
see your favorite server on The Deck
at Trump Marina.
While you’re enjoying the Craft
Beerfest, you can also take part in the
Offshore Powerboat Race, entitled
“Lightning on the Water,” presented by
Trump Entertainment Resorts along
with Geico Racing. The event speeds
into town on Check out the watercraft
up close and personal on Saturday,
September 18 between 10 a.m. and 5
p.m. at the Dry Pits, located at Trump
Marina. See these powerful racing boats
up close and meet the racers. Then
get ready for blazing speeds on the
Atlantic Ocean on Sunday, September
19 beginning at noon. The race course
runs the length of Atlantic City and
can be viewed from the beaches and
Boardwalk. Both dry pits and race are
free and open to the public.
Make a weekend out of it! For
information about The Deck, including
a calendar listing of special events and
bands, or to make room reservations,
log on to
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by Rob Nagy
Once in a while a musician emerges from the depths of obscurity by
taking his talents to new heights while
raising the creative bar. For Texas
based guitarist Monte Montgomery
this could not be a truer statement.
With a dozen studio, live and DVD
releases under his belt, Montgomery
as a “musician’s musician”, gracing
concert stages throughout the U.S.
and abroad, earning critical acclaim
and public adulation along the way.
His awe-inspiring talent has won him
praise from an elite group of fellow
guitarists ranging from Steve Vai to
Eric Johnson. To hear Montgomery’s
stunning and electrifying guitar work
in the studio is one thing, to hear him
live is an event not to be missed. With
two years since his last studio release,
Montgomery is poised to take his
career to the next level as he strategically plans his future.
Montgomery’s humble beginnings
found him travelling the country with
his free-spirited mother. Dropping
out of school after the 7th grade, he
gravitated toward the guitar at an
early age. Through sheer effort and
determination, Montgomery persevered by honing his vocal abilities
along the way. “My childhood was
basically skipped”, says Montgomery.
“I literally used to sit around and play
for hours. I had the opportunity to
sit around and play guitar all the time.
There were all these guys that played
guitar. That’s how I learned, by watching and listening. “
By 1990 Montgomery made his
recording debut with a self-titled release. Over the next two decades he
released a collection of studio and live
albums, which included Lost & Found
(1993), 1st & Repair (1998), Mirror
(1999), Wishing Well (2001), The
Story Of Love
(2003), Architect
(2004), Monte
(2008), Live at the Caravan
of Dreams (2002) and New
& Approved (2003). A live
DVD entitled At WorkPlay
was released in 2005.
Like most great artists,
Montgomery painstakingly
built a following of fans of
all ages that were instantly
captivated by his abilities
on the guitar. There was no
play. “I never woke up and
said, what am I supposed to
be doing with my life?” says
Montgomery. “I always knew,
even before I played guitar,
that I was going to be doing
music, one way or another.”
6ingham, Eddie Van Halen,
and Michael Hedges,
Montgomery continues to
embrace any opportunity
to expand his artistry. “You
take a little bit from everybody”, says
Montgomery. “Everybody that I listen
some point. That’s what makes me the
player I am. I’m really an amalgamation
of everybody that has inspired me.
Early on I was pretty much obsessed
with Lindsey Buckingham and Fleetwood Mac”, added Montgomery. “I
learned a lot of stuff from that band
other than just guitar playing - like
dynamics, like how to bring songs
down to a whisper and how to drive
through a song.”
The turning point for Montgomery came in 1999 when, as a virtual unknown, he appeared on PBS’s
Austin City Limits. This proved to
be the boost he needed to take his
career to a wider audience. Montgomery recorded and performed with
abandon, staying focused on the task
at hand, “To be the best he could be
at his craft.” National media attention
took notice and in 2004 Guitar Player
Magazine’s listed Montgomery as one
of the “The Top 50 All-Time Greatest
Guitarists”. It didn’t hurt that he had
won the “Best Acoustic Guitar Player”
award at the SXSW Festival’s Austin
Music Awards seven years in a row
(1998-2004), a feat that has yet to be
In March 2009 Montgomery’s
personal life was shattered when his
twenty-one year old daughter was
tragically shot to death. In spite of
the overwhelming odds of success
and personal adversity, Montgomery
has never given up faith in his calling
and how he wants to be perceived.
“I’m not up on stage trying to convey
passion. It’s just what happens when
I put a guitar on”, says Montgomery.
“You don’t get listening to me on a
CD. It’s not like seeing me live. There’s
something about being in front of an
audience. That’s just what I do best. I
really enjoy what I do, and I am who I
am because of the way my life went.”
For more info on Monte Montgomery
go to
Martha Reeves and the Vandellas
to Perform at The Theatre at Trump Plaza,
Saturday, October 16
over twenty-six hits and recorded in the styles
of doo-wop, R&B, pop, blues, rock and soul. Ten
Vandellas songs reached the top ten of the
Billboard R&B singles chart, including two R&B
number ones.
In 2004, Rolling Stone ranked Martha and the
Vandellas #96 on their list of the 100 greatest
artists of all time.
Atlantic City, NJ – September 9, 2010: Martha
Reeves and the Vandellas will be performing in
the Theater at Trump Plaza on Saturday, October 16, 2010. Show time is 9:00 pm, doors will
open one hour.
Martha Reeves and the Vandellas were among
the most successful groups of the Motown
roster during the period 1963-1967. Martha
and the Vandellas were known for a harder, R&B
“Nowhere to Run,” “Jimmy Mack” and their
signature song, “Dancing in the Street.”
It’s hard to believe that it was nearly 50 years
with the bluesy, soulful “Come and Get These
Memories.” It is especially hard to believe that
much time has passed when Reeves hits the
stage. With the unmistakable voice that helped
and strutting with an incredible energy, Reeves
is a live wire. Martha Reeves and her sisters in
song (and in life) Lois and Delphine, continue to
heat up clubs, concert stages and music festivals
across the globe, thrilling audiences and always
leaving them dancing.
During their nine-year run on the charts from
1963 to 1972, Martha and the Vandellas charted
Tickets are $30 and can be purchased by calling
Ticketmaster at 1-800-736-1420, on line at or in person at Trump
information call (609) 441-6150.
Reale’s Sports
Bar & Grill
Photos by Mike Vagnoni
HOBBIES: Loves music all
over at Reale’s Sports Bar & Grill
. She is resident of Tacony and
can be found on friday and saturday afternoons, and on monday
nights doing her thing behind the
bar. Her loyal group of patrons
contacted OOT and suggested
that we do a feature on her since
she is one of the most liked bartenders in the area. For over 12
years she has been building up a
great fan base of loyal customers.
“ I really love all my customers
and they become my friends. We
also hang out together and there
is no better job in the world
then being behind the bar”, says
Collen. She is a personality bartender and just has fun when she
does her weekly shifts. Collen
stands in at 5’ 6’’ and has brown
hair and blue eyes.
ON RADIO: She likes to listen
to Ben 95.7 ( For the Variety of
music )
ON SPORTS: Loves all the
Philly teams. She is a football fan
and really likes the EAGLES and
also her biggest passion is to get
out each week and root for her
son who plays football for Father
Judge High School.
SERVE: Mango Martini’s
me a Miller Lite Girl. When it’s
time for me to unwind, I like to
have a Miller Lite”
Stop by and say hello to
Collen this week over at Reale’s
Sports Bar located at 7233
Frankford Ave in NE Philly. To
see more photos go to: www.
BAND TO WATCH : Bong Hits for Jesus
Hey everyone! It’s me Krista
Doran. I am usually writing about
coverbands for the “In The Spotlight” segment of the OOT, but on
occasion, I get to write about some
of the original bands that I like, too.
I wanted to let you know about this
awesome band I had the pleasure
of seeing recently called Bong Hits
for Jesus. I have been reading up
on these guys for a few months
now, ever since I heard their single,
“You Tried it Up The Street.” After
I heard it, I was hooked and have
been increasingly impressed each
time I hear their music. In fact, I
for blasting their songs at my
desk! If you like to check out local
original music, this is one band you
The name is based on a Supreme
Court Free Speech case, which
is apropos, considering the band
stands up for freedom of speech,
self-expression and simply having a
great time. Mixing reggae, funk and
rock this band will not disappoint.
They have a refreshing sound that
heard. With a line-up of accomplished musicians, these guys kick
of your time. As a musician myself
and a lover of music in general, I
HIGHLY recommend them!
Their next show is on Saturday
9/18 at J.D. McGillicuddy’s in Philly
and then again at The Grape Room
in Manayunk on Saturday 10/9. You
can also check out their music right
now at –
go there NOW if you want to hear
something different for a change. I
really dig this band and I think you
will too!
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CHILDREN OF BODOM, the esteemed Finnish Heavy Metal band that
features frontman and modern day
guitar hero Alexi Laiho has announced
a two month-long North American
tour. The massive autumn trek is
set to kick off on September 22 in
Vancouver, BC and will run through
November 20 in San Francisco, CA.
enthralling mix of modern heavy
metal, melodic hooks and the guitar
critically acclaimed band as one of the
most revered hard rock acts in the
world and one of the leading voices of
metal’s new generation. The group’s
2008 studio album Blooddrunk
skyrocketed to #22 on Billboard’s

consecutive #1 debut in its native Finland and saw Laiho named “Best Metal
Guitarist” by the readers of Guitar
World, besting well known players
such as Kirk Hammett of Metallica
and Alex Skolnick of Testament to win
the coveted award. CHILDREN OF
BODOM has been called “technically
dazzling” by the New York Times and
“One of the most talented metal
bands of our time” by contemporary
media conglomerate VICE. Clearly,
are one of the leading “Metal done with theatricality, precision and an eye on the
voices of metal’s new arena” – THE LOS ANGELES TIMES
“Technically dazzling” - THE NEW YORK TIMES
“Thrashing, deathy, stadium-sized
power metallers”
melodic metal” –
“nitro-boosted melodic death
virtuosity and
over-the-top spectacle.” – GUITAR
BODOM tour dates: Check website for
ALL dates
October 5
Louisville, KY
Five / All Ages, $35 ADV - $37 DOS
October 7
Philadelphia, PA Electric
Factory / All Ages, $39.50 ADV - $43
October 8
Asbury Park, NJ
Convention Hall / All Ages, $37.50 ADV $45 DOS
October 9
Lewiston, ME
Colisee / All Ages, $31.50 ADV $34.50 DOS
October 10 Providence, RI
/ All Ages, $39.50 ADV - $45 DOS
October 12 Halifax, NS
Centre / All Ages, $49.50 ADV $54.50 DOS
October 14 Montreal, QC
Metropolis / All Ages, $43.50 ADV - $47 DOS
October 15 Toronto, ON
Academy / All Ages, $49.50 ADV - $55
October 16 Pittsburgh, PA
Total Media Amphitheater / All Ages,
$35 ADV - $40 DOS
October 17 Columbia, MD
Merriweather Post Pavillion / All Ages,
$40 ADV - $55 DOS
October 19 Boston, MA
House of
Blues / All Ages, $39.75 ADV - $43
New Album “Seconds Late For The Brighton Line”
will be released October 5 on CD, Digital & Double LP.
North American live dates start October 15. In Philadel-
phia, PA Monday Nov 1 @ M Room ... Unlike most acts
of their vintage the Legendary Pink Dots look forward.
After more than 30 years they continue to make compelling new music that is demanded by their dedicated fan
careers in motion. “...some of the most enigmatic &
challenging compositions in modern music.” - ROLLING
Led by singer / songwriter Edward Ka-Spel and keyboardist / songwriter Phil “The Silverman” Knight, LPD
continues to create their singular brand of modern psychedelia. Ka-Spel is well known for his intimate and dark
tales delivered with the whimsy & acid drenched tone of
Pink Floyd era Syd Barrett. The Sliverman and a changing
cast of players provide a rich sonic backdrop that touches
on classic psychedlia, electronica,
industrial, goth, psych-folk, post-punk
and experimental sounds. Over
nearly 40 albums the band has created a sprawling and important body
of work that rivals the greatest in
underground music.
Their new album “Seconds Late

band in familiar territory; pulsing
Kraut-rock, dark and sinister pop,
epic post-industrial soundscapes.
Edward Ka-Spel’s lyrics breathe with
a sagacity and cleverness found in
rock’s greatest writers. With the
departure of long-time members
Neils Van Hoorn & Martjn the band
operates as a foursome with added
guest players. Standout cuts include:
the driving “Russian Roulette” which
proves the band still can generate
the dark power and tension that
help build their world-wide following and the introspective and spare
“Hauptbanhnhof 20:10” for which
there is a beautiful music video. The
core members plus added guest
players will tour North America this
Bala Cynwyd, PA
(August 27, 2010):
Classic Rock 102.9 WMGK
is proud to announce Them
Bones as the winner of the
station’s 6th Annual House
Band Competition. The
WMGK House Band Competition Finals took place on
Thursday night August 26th
at a jam packed Cavanaugh’s
River Deck on Columbus Blvd.
Hopwood, Down With Cupid,
and All That Matters competed
in last night’s event. Them
Bones, a 5-piece from Atco,
NJ emerged with the highest
scores from the expert judges
the station assembled. The
band consists of Brian Mariano,
Chris Smith,Mike Hegeman,
Chris Vanzyl, John Carpenter.
In addition to being recog{
House Band, Them Bones has
won the following: they will
serve as the opening act for
WMGK’s 2011 Let Freedom
Rock Festival in front of 60,000
people, will play various paid
station events throughout the
year, will receive two days of
recording time at Philly Sound
for $1,000 from Sam Ash.
“We are absolutely thrilled
that we won. When Debbi
Calton announced us as the
winner it was almost surreal
and the highlight of our time
in this band. We would like to
thank Hopwood, All That Matters, and Down with Cupid for
kicking ass and setting the bar
high,” commented drummer
Chris Smith.
The band has a knack for us
to color the songs on their set
list. They play for the love of
playing and have only one goal
in mind when they take the
stage, “have fun”. Their fanbase
has continued to grow by leaps
together in 2008.
Hundreds of bands sent
one-song submissions into
the station in July in hopes
that they’d be selected as
one of the sixteen best.
The sixteen bands selected
competed in a series of four

night at Cavanaugh’s River
102.9 WMGK-FM is owned
by Greater Philadelphia Radio,
Inc., a subsidiary of Greater
Media, Inc., the parent
company of 23 AM and FM
radio stations in the Boston,
Charlotte, Detroit, New Jersey and Philadelphia markets.
Greater Media also owns a
group of weekly newspapers
in central New Jersey and
several telecommunications
towers located throughout
the United States.
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Labor Day Weekend in N.
NJby Dancin’ Dave ... Labor Day Weekend
in N. Wildwood was the place to be and we caught many friends and
folks from our area who made it down to end the summer in style.
From Keenans, Flip Flops, Westy’s and the Number 1 are
some photos of Labor Day Weekend summer fun. We caught up with:
Steamroller Picnic, Touche’, Dj Smilin Jerry and many good friends. Check
out more photos at:
Flip Flops
#1 Tavern
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Page 20
Coming on Sept 22nd - This is the Event of the Year!
by Mike Vagnoni
One of the hottest Gentlemens’s Clubs in the region is
Tattletales located at 6900
New Falls Road in Levittown,
PA. All year they hold special
promotions each and every
month. What we’re talking
about now is a cool night with
a twist that will take place on
Wednesday, September 22nd.
This is their annual Bartender’s
Dance Night. Here the tables
turn on this night because you
doing the dancing and with all
the regulars and friends looking
on. The bartenders do have
a loyal following. Come see
past employees and many of
the personality dancers from
the past and also today who
will all come out to show their
support for this event. This
is the night when the “Who’s
Who” in the business make it
a point to be seen and to party
with many of their friends. This
is one event you don’t want
to miss.
On Sept. 16th, look for a
special “Back To School Night
some hot school girls and
some hot teachers - well, that
will be the theme of the girls,
and one tip to keep in mind,
when Tattletales has a party - it
is one heck of a party!
Stats: Open 7 days a week
from noon to 2am with the
area’s top dancers. There is
never a cover charge and they
also have HDTVs for all sports.
We are now into the start of
the Football season, so here at
Tattletales you can cheer on
your favorite team and at the
same time see some of the
hottest looking gals in the land.
Baseball play-offs are coming and you can root for our
Phillies and watch all the MLB
Upcoming events: How about
the UFC Pay Per View event
along with the Coors Light
Amatuer Night? Here you can
see it for “FREE!” Check-out
the UFC on Saturday Sept 25th,
also see some new upcoming
Amatuers in the house where
one gal will walk away with
$500 in cash. This night look
for discounted Coors Light
Bottles for just $2 from 9pm
to 11pm.
For October you’ll have some
fun checking out their Trick or
Treat Pole Contest on October
6th and also a very sexy Halloween Bash on Oct 21st - this
night they want you to come
dressed in a costume.

amazing website at: www. or you
can give them a call anytime at:
out their schedule of events at: (*In the photo,
the Tattletales Bartending Staff gearing up for
Bartenders Dance Night!)
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Page 22
Upcoming Events at the Sun Center
Borgata Event Center
September 17, Philadelphia Passion vs. Baltimore Charm
- Atlantic City, NJ:
September 18, Rockin’ Brewfest
Oct 2, 8pm & 11pm: Jerry Seinfeld.
October 6, So You Think You Can Dance Tour
$155, 135, 95 (1st show SOLD
December 5, Disney Live! presents Mickey’s Magic Show
Oct 8, 9pm: An Evening with Mary J.
December 10, Philadelphia Passion vs. Orlando Fantasy
Blige. $125, 105, 85 SOLD OUT!
Oct 22, 9pm: Citizen Cope. $35
For all upcoming events visit
Oct 23, 7pm (doors): Thievery CorTo order tickets, call 800-298-4200 or
poration/Massive Attack. $39.50
Oct 29, 8pm: Harry Connick Jr. $150,
Nov 6, 9pm: The Dropout Boogie Tour: Black
125, 85
Mountain & The Black Angels. $15, 18*, 11.25
The Music Box at Borgata
(4-pack indiv)
- Atlantic City, NJ:
Nov 7, 8pm: NEEDTOBREATHE the “Young
Sep 17, 9pm: Slash featuring Myles Kennedy
and Far From Home” tour with special guests
with Taddy Porter. $45
The Daylights. $20, 23*, 15 (4-pack indiv)
Sep 25, 9pm: Elaine Paige. $65, 55
Nov 12, 9pm: XPN Welcomes Robert Randolph
Oct 2, 9pm: Howie Mandel. $75, 65
& The Family Band. $25, 28*
Oct 8, 9pm: Carlos Mencia. $65, 59
Nov 13 & 14, 6:30pm: The Harmony Tour:
Oct 9, 9pm: Bob Saget. $40, 35
Never Shout Never and The Maine w/ special
Oct 15, 9pm: Dennis Miller. $45
guests I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody’s BusiOct 16, 9pm: Rob Schneider. $29.50
ness and Carter Hulsey. $18.50, 20*
Oct 22, 9pm: Jeffrey Ross & JB Smoove. $29.50 Nov 17, 8pm: Filter Presents Kate Nash. $20,
Oct 29, 9pm & 11pm: Daniel Tosh. SOLD OUT! 23*
Oct 30, 9pm: The Black Crowes. $85
Nov 19, 9pm: The Frames. $25, 18.75 (4-pack
Nov 6, 9pm: Jim Breuer. $29.50

Nov 12, 9pm: Kris Kristofferson. $35, 29.50
Suburban Legends and Koo Koo Kanga Roo.
Susquehanna Bank Center- Camden, NJ:
$25, 28*
Sep 18, 7:30pm: Rascal Flatts with Kellie Pickler Nov 26, 7:30pm: Radio 104.5 Presents Circa
and Chris Young. $99, 73.25, 32.50 (lawn), 20.50 Survive with special guests Dredg, Codeseven
(4-pack lawn indiv)
and Animals As Leaders. $18.50, 21.50*
Sep 25, 7pm: Alice in Chains with Deftones and †
Mastodon. $65, 45, 25
Incite. $25, 28*, 18.75 (4-pack indiv)
Oct 6, 7:30pm: Godsmack with Five Finger
Dec 12 & 13, 7pm: This Is A Family Tour: Attack
Death Punch and Drowning Pool. $65, 55, 45
Attack! with Emmure, Pierce The Veil, Of Mice
Oct 10, 7:30pm: Gorillaz. $96.25, 71.25, 48.75
& Men and In Fear & Faith. $20, 23*, 37.50 (2show ticket)
Theater of the Living Arts:
Jan 1, 9pm: Drive-By Truckers. $25, 28*
Sep 16, 9pm: WMMR Presents Ed Kowalczyk of
Live with Thriving Ivory and Miggs. $19.33, 25* Tower Theater - Upper Darby, PA:
Sep 17, 7:30pm: Street Dogs with Devil’s
Sep 28, 7:30pm: WXPN Welcomes Sheryl Crow.
Brigade, Left Alone, Continental and Count to $66, 46, 36
Four. $16, 18*, 12 (4-pack indiv)
Oct 2, 7:30pm: Celtic Thunder. $60, 55, 45
Sep 24, 9pm: Dark Star Orchestra. $27.50,
Oct 8, 8pm: Primus: The Oddity Faire with
Mucca Pazza. $55, 45, 35
Sep 25, 9pm: WMMR’s Bam Bam Jam:Vince Neil Oct 9, 7:30pm: moe. $30
with Carte Blanche. $29.50, 32.50*
Oct 16, 7:30pm: Lady Antebellum with special
Sep 27, 7:30pm: AIM Presents Jason Derulo
guest David Nail. $49.50, 39.50
with Auburn (locally presented by Q102). $25, Oct 21, 7:30pm: Disturbed with Hail The Villain
and Art of Dying. $37.50, 40*
Sep 29, 8pm: Justin Nozuka with Alex Cuba and Oct 23, 8pm: Radio 104.5 Presents Phoenix
Ry Cuming. $16, 19*, 12 (4-pack indiv) (tix from with Wavves. $45, 29.50
8/20 show honored)
Oct 29, 8pm: WMMR Presents The Black
Sep 30, 8pm: Rogue Wave and Midlake with
Crowes. $55, 45, 35
Peter Wolf Crier. $16, 19*, 12 (4-pack indiv)
Nov 4, 8pm: Interpol with White Rabbits and
Oct 1, 9pm: The Gracious Few with American Dave P. $39.50, 35, 26.25 (4-pack reserved
Bang. $20, 23*, 15 (4-pack indiv)
Oct 2, 9pm: WXPN Welcomes The Tallest Man Nov 11, 7:30pm: The Allman Brothers Band.
on Earth with S. Carey (feat. Sean Carey from
$125, 95, 65, 49.50 SOLD OUT!
Bon Iver). $15, 18*
Dec 10, 8pm: Joe Satriani. $49.50, 39.50 (in asOct 6, 7pm: Presents Mike Pos- sociation with BRE Presents)
ner with Far East Movement, Stephen Jerzak,
2AM Club, Bad Rabbits and XV. $25, 30*, 18.75 Wells Fargo Center
(4-pack indiv)
(formerly the Wachovia Center):
Oct 8, 9pm: K’naan with Paper Tongues. $25,
Oct 22, 6pm: Powerhouse 2010 ft. Drake, Ne28*
Yo, Rick Ross, Meek Millz, Jazmine Sullivan and
Oct 9, 9pm: Presents The Slack- more. $150.99, 99.99, 69.99, 59.99, 49.99, 29.99,
ers. $15, 18*, 11.25 (4-pack indiv)
Oct 10, 8pm: Pepper with Brother Ali and Pour Nov 8, 9 & 11, 8pm: Roger Waters: The Wall
Habit. $25, 28*
Oct 15, 9pm: The Sword with Karma To Burn
and Mount Carmel. $15, 18*, 11.25 (4-pack
Nov 20, 3pm & 8pm: Trans-Siberian Orchestra
– Winter Tour 2010. $59, 47.50, 36.50, 25 (plus
Oct 17, 8pm: Dead Kennedys with Dirty Tactics. applicable fees)
$15, 18*, 11.25 (4-pack indiv)
Lincoln Financial Field:
Oct 19, 8pm: The Dirty Heads. $17.50, 20*
Jul 14, 2011 – 7pm: U2 360° Tour. (new date;
Oct 20, 6pm: Presents
tickets from original date honored.)
Mayday Parade with Breathe Carolina, Every
Avenue, Go Radio, Artist vs. Poet and Victorious Academy of Music:
Secrets. $17, 20*
Nov 10, 8pm: Sufjan Stevens. $35, 30
Oct 21, 9pm: Duck Down Music Presents Duck
Down 15-Year Anniversary Tour: Pharoahe
Boardwalk Hall – Atlantic City, NJ:
Monch, Boot Camp Clik ft. Buckshot, Sean Price Oct 29, 30 & 31, 7:30pm: Phish. $60
& Smif ‘N’ Wessun plus Skyzoo. $20, 23*, 15
Feb 19, 8pm:Virgin Mobile Presents The
(4-pack indiv)
Monster Ball Tour starring Lady Gaga. $192.50,
Oct 22, 9pm: Jim Florentine. $20, 23* (seated
93.50, 54.50
Oct 23, 9pm: Martin Sexton. $27, 30*, 20.50
Verizon Hall at Kimmel Center:
(4-pack indiv)
Nov 15, 8pm: Garrison Keillor. $45, 65
Oct 28, 8pm: XPN Welcomes Potter & The
Mark G. Etess Arena – Trump Taj Mahal
Nocturnals. $20, 23*
(Atlantic City):
Oct 29, 8pm: Radio 104.5 Presents Anberlin
Sep 18, 8pm: Shakira. $150.50, 115.50, 85.50
with Crash Kings and Civil Twilight. $18, 21*,
Oct 1, 8pm: Marc Anthony. $125, 95, 65
13.50 (4-pack indiv)
Nov 13, 8pm: The Allman Brothers Band.
Oct 31, 8pm: Miller Lite Presents Cypress Hill. $69.50, 49.50
$29.50, 32.50*
Dec 4, 7:30pm: Celtic Thunder. $65, 55, 45
Nov 4, 8pm: XPN Welcomes Dawes with Vetiver. $15, 18*, 11.25 (4-pack indiv)
Key: [* = Day of Show Price]
Page 23
Blues Legend Steve Guyger
Rare Montgomery County Show
Ask many top harmonica players whom they
consider one of the best harpists in the world
and chances are Steve Guyger’s name will
come up.
Amongst Steve’s honors are the WC Handy
2009 award nominee (the Grammy’s of the
Blues world), “Real Blues” Best Modern Harmonica Player award in 2000 and several other
acolytes by music industry peers and fans alike.
Steve Guyger brings his full band the Excellos
to The Hollywood Tavern on Saturday September 25th for a show full of what makes this
one-of a- kind singer, band leader and musician
such a special treat to enjoy. “We are happy to
be host to this world renowned performer,”
states Hollywood’s owner Bernadette Braman.
“Featuring the caliber of performer Steve
to the local community to have top notch
entertainment and to support the music”, commented Braman.
While Steve Guyger performs at national festivals in the United States as well as extensive
it very special to play in his home town, at a
local venue. From a phone interview while on a
recent tour in and recording session in Finland,
Guyger noted: “I haven’t played in Montgomery
very excited to be playing in our home town
It is well documented that if you are ever
within 100 miles of a Steve Guyger and the
Excellos show, you need to make it a point to
get there.
This September 25th the Hollywood tavern
on Huntingdon Pike in Rockledge, Montgomery
County is making it easy with no cover and
way closer than 100 miles!
For further information
Slim Bob
Talent Buyer
Hollywood Tavern
[email protected]
10:00 PM and tickets are $10.00 in advance.
holiday music entitled, The Christmas Gift. The
seven song disc will include two Miller-penned
tracks: “The Kingdom Has Come” and “Yes,
Virginia” as well as John Prine’s “Christmas In
Prison”, Roger Miller’s “Old Toy Trains” and
Neil Young’s “Star of Bethlehem”. The EP will
be available in November.
Miller is also busy writing songs for a followup to his critically acclaimed 2009 self-released
LP, For Crying Out Loud. The yet-to-be-titled
album is set for release early next year.
For more information, please contact Sue
Stillwagon, BandWagon Media, 845-641-0313
Knoxville’s favorite son, Scott Miller, will return or [email protected].
to World Cafe Live on Tuesday, September
Scott Miller,
21. Miller is making up for the show that was
canceled in February due to the storm that
World Cafe Live, 3025 Walnut, Philadelphia
blanketed the Northeast with snow and ice. : 215-222-1400
This will be a solo performance. Show time is ž

Brian Baldinger
Exclusively Featured on 97.5
The Fanatic this Football Season
Philadelphia, PA (September 10, 2010): 97.5
The Fanatic is excited to announce that former
Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman and current NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger will
be exclusively featured throughout the football
“Baldy” will be a weekly guest on the Mike
Missanelli Show (Thursday’s at 4:30 p.m.)
and the Tony Bruno and Harry Mayes Show
(Tuesday’s at 12:45 p.m.). Brian will also cohost “Inside the Birds” with Dan Schwartzman
every Wednesday night from 7pm to 10pm.
Brian Baldinger played for three NFL teams
in his 13-year career including the Philadelphia
Eagles. After his playing career, Baldinger went
on become a highly respected NFL analyst
for Fox Sports and the NFL Network. He is
considered as one of the hardest working and
well-prepared commentators in the business.
“Brian’s energy, passion, and NFL knowledge
is truly second to none,” said 97.5 The Fanatic
Program Director Matt Nahigian. “We are
thrilled to have him join The Fanatic on a regular basis and bring some great football talk to
the Delaware Valley.”
WPEN – 97.5 The Fanatic and 950 ESPN are
owned by Greater Philadelphia Radio, Inc., a
subsidiary of Greater Media, Inc., the parent
company of 23 AM and FM radio stations in
the Boston, Charlotte, Detroit, New Jersey and
Philadelphia markets. Greater Media also owns
a group of weekly newspapers in central New
Jersey as well as several telecommunications
towers located throughout the United States.
Page 24
Resorts Casino
“La Rumba Latin Nights”
at Boogie Nights,
live on La Fiesta 1490 am
Thursday nights
September 16-October 14
Resorts Casino to celebrate Hispanic
Heritage Month with high energy
parties at its
award winning dance
Atlantic City, NJ- SEPTEMBER 1, 2010- Resorts Casino
Hotel, in partnership with La
Fiesta 1490AM, will present
“La Rumba Latin Nights,” at
its award-winning dance club,
Boogie Nights. “La Rumba
Latin Nights” is a special party
every Thursday night during
Hispanic Heritage month –
which is recognized nationally
from September 15 through
October 15. Admission will be
free for all employees of the
Atlantic City casino industry.
Doors for La Rumba Latin
Nights at Boogie Nights will
open at 10pm. Boogie Nights
is located on the Dining Level
between The Ballroom and
Capriccio. Table reservations,
VIP seating and bottle service
will be available. To reserve a
VIP table, guests can call the
Boogie Nights Hotline at
“The concept behind La
Rumba Latin Nights was simple
– we wanted to throw a party
to celebrate the contributions
Community. There’s no better
place in Atlantic City to party
than Boogie Nights,” said Kathleen McSweeney, Senior Vice
President of Marketing for Resorts Casino Hotel. “We have
partnered with South Jersey’s
only Spanish Tropical radio
station La Fiesta to ensure the
authenticity of the music, drink
selections, and vibe of the club.
We’re promising a true Latin
club experience.”
“La Fiesta in its true meaning stands for PARTY, and that
is what we are throwing on
Thursdays during Hispanic
Heritage month at Boogie
Nights,” said Vic Latino, vice
president of JVC Media LLC
(Parent company of La Fiesta).
“Salsa, Merengue, Bachata,
Reggaeton - that’s the vibe of
La Fiesta and La Rumba Latin
Hispanic Heritage Month
is the period to recognize
the contributions of Hispanic Americans to the United
States and to celebrate Hispanic heritage and culture. The
observation started in 1968 as
Hispanic Heritage Week was
approved by President Lyndon
Johnson and was expanded by
President Ronald Reagan in
1988 to cover a 30-day period
starting on September 15 and
ending on October 15. It was
enacted into law on August 17,
September 15 was chosen
as the starting point for the
celebration because it is the
anniversary of independence
tries: Costa Rica, El Salvador,
Guatemala, Honduras and
Nicaragua. They all declared
independence in 1821. In addition, Mexico, Chile and Belize
celebrate their independence
days on September 16, September 18 and September 21,
The Acoustic Strawbs – Thurs,
Sept 16 8:00PM $25/$40
The Machine: Pink Floyd Unplugged – Fri, Sept 17 8:00PM
Speace – Sat, Sept 18 8:00PM
Chad & Jeremy – Sun, Sept 19
7:30PM $33/$45
Sharon Little – Wed, Sept 22
8:00PM $19.50/$30
Average White Band – Fri, Sept
24 8:00PM $35/$50
Celtic Fiddle Festival: Kevin
Burke, Christian Lemaitre &
Andre Brunet – Sat, Sept 25
8:00PM $25/$39.50
Patty Loveless – Sun, Sept 26
3:00PM & 7:30PM - $45/$59.50
Maria Muldaur – Wed, Sept 29
8:00PM $21.50/$33
Jason & the Scorchers with
Sarah Borges & the Broken Singles – Thurs, Sept 30
8:00PM $21.50/$33
STARZwith Jim George - Fri
Oct 1 8:00PM – $19.50 & $30
Blue Wild Gypsy: Tribute to Jimi
Hendrix - Sat, Oct 2 8:00PM
Indigenous with Deb Callahan
Band - Sun Oct 3 7:30PM –
$21.50 & $33
Acoustic Alchemy with Krista
Parish - Wed, Oct 6 8:00PM
Luka Bloom - Thurs, Oct 7
8:00PM $21.50/$33
Leon Redbone - Fri, Oct 8 –
8:00PM $35/$50
Don McLean - Sat, Oct 9 3:00
& 8:00PM - $49.50/$60
Herman’s Hermits starring
Peter Noone - Sun, Oct 10
3:00PM & 7:30PM - $45/$60
Brandi Carlile with Katie
Herzig – Mon, Oct 11 8:00PM
Fountains of Wayne with Fleeting Ends - Tues, Oct 12 8:00PM
$33/$45 SOLD-OUT!
Masters of the Celtic Harp:
Gráinne Hambly & William
Jackson - Thurs, Oct 14 8:00PM
Igor & The Red Elvises with
Brooke Shive & the 45s - Fri,
Oct 5 8:00PM $21.50
Four Bitchin’ Babes: Diva Nation - Sat, Oct 16 3:00PM &
8:00PM $29.50/$45
COMEDY: Jeff Daniels - Sun,
Oct 17 7:30PM $33 & $45
Keller’s summer was packed with well–received live
shows, including many with husband and wife duo,
The Keels. Fitting and timely, as Larry and Jenny were
Keller’s partners-in-crime on his recent all-covers collection, Thief (May 2010 / SCI Fidelity Records). The
album has been hailed as “impressive.... a great effort
that’s bound to bring in a few more fans” (Blurt) and
as “One helluva good time. One helluva good record”
(My Old Kentucky Blog).
Thief includes songs originally written and recorded
by as wildly diverse an assemblage as anyone’s ever
likely to dream up. Thief offers up Keller-versions of
songs by an [almost] unthinkable collection of artists:
from Amy Winehouse (“Rehab”) to the Grateful Dead
(“Mountains of the Moon”), the Butthole Surfers
(“Pepper”) to Kris Kristofferson (“Don’t Cuss That
Fiddle,” which opens the album, and “The Year 2003

out with tunes by Ryan Adams, the Presidents of
the United States of
America, the Raconteurs, Patterson Hood,
Danny Barnes, Cracker,
the Yonder Mountain
String Band and Marcy
Playground. All over the
place, indeed, but that’s
the way Williams likes it. And in his hands it all makes
sense—like everything he’s ever touched, whether
from his own pen or someone else’s, it all becomes
Keller Williams’ music.
Thursday, October 21 @ 8:00pm/Drs 7pm
Sellersville Theater
24 West Temple Avenue Sellerville, PA
Tickets Adv $30.50; Day $42.50 / All Ages Welcome
For more information, please contact 215-257-5808
or visit
Philadelphia, Pa. – September 9, 2010 – Individual game tickets for the 2010-11 Eastern Conference Champion Philadelphia Flyers season will
go on sale on Friday, September 10 at 10 a.m.
exclusively through ComcastTIX at philadel
The Flyers will unveil their Eastern Conference Championship banner at the newly
renamed Wells Fargo Center (formerly the
Wachovia Center) prior to face-off of the regular season home debut when the Flyers host
the Colorado Avalanche on Monday, October
11 at 7 p.m. All fans in attendance that night will
receive a replica of the banner.
Throughout the season, the Flyers will honor
their four retired numbers with a special
pregame ceremony and give-a-way on four
separate nights. Bernie Parent, Bobby Clarke,
and Bill Barber will appear on ice prior to the
start of the game in which they will be honored.
Donna Ashbee will appear on ice prior to the
start of the game featuring her late husband,
Barry. The Flyers will distribute a replica banner
of each retired number to all fans attending that
particular game.
A complete list of all Flyers 2010-11 regular
season home games is below:
Colorado Avalanche
Tampa Bay Lightning
Pittsburgh Penguins
Anaheim Ducks
Toronto Maple Leafs
Buffalo Sabres
New York Islanders
Carolina Hurricanes
New York Rangers
Florida Panthers
Ottawa Senators
Tampa Bay Lightning
Montreal Canadiens
Calgary Flames
Boston Bruins
New Jersey Devils
San Jose Sharks
Pittsburgh Penguins
New York Rangers
Florida Panthers
New Jersey Devils
Washington Capitals
Ottawa Senators
New Jersey Devils
Montreal Canadiens
Nashville Predators
Dallas Stars
Carolina Hurricanes
Los Angeles Kings
Tue. Feb. 22 vs. Phoenix Coyotes
Thu. Feb. 24 vs. New York Islanders
Thu. Mar. 03 vs. Toronto Maple Leafs
Sat. Mar. 05 vs. Buffalo Sabres
Tue. Mar. 08 vs. Edmonton Oilers
Sat. Mar. 12 vs. Atlanta Thrashers
Tue. Mar. 22 vs. Washington
Thu. Mar. 24 vs. Pittsburgh Penguins
Sun. Mar. 27 vs. Boston Bruins
Thu. Mar. 31 vs. Atlanta Thrashers
Sun. Apr. 03 vs. New York Rangers
Sat. Apr. 09 vs. NY Islanders
Oct. 11: Eastern Conference Banner replica
Toyota schedule magnet
Oct. 14: Dietz & Watson $1 Dog Night
Oct. 26: Barry Ashbee replica banner
Nov. 18: Dietz & Watson $1 Dog Night
Nov. 22: SUPERPRETZEL $1 Pretzel Night
Dec. 08: Bernie Parent replica banner
Dec. 18: Kids Day Presented by Doc Bresler’s
Cavity Busters
Feb. 03: Bobby Clarke replica banner
Feb. 10: SUPERPRETZEL $1 Pretzel Night
Mar. 08: Dietz & Watson $1 Dog Night
Mar. 12: Fan Appreciation Night
Mar. 24: Bill Barber replica banner giveaway
The Flyers will play exciting match-ups against
the Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday, October 16, the New York Rangers on Thursday,
November 4, the Boston Bruins on Wednesday,
December 1, the New Jersey Devils on Saturday, January 8 and the Washington Capitals on
Tuesday, January 18.
Fan favorite All You Can Eat packages including hot dogs, popcorn, chips with salsa and/or
cheese, ice cream, soda (or water) will also be
available exclusively through ComcastTIX at
4200 or in person at the Wells Fargo Center
team web site,
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Page 28
Chef Terence Feury, of Old City’s
acclaimed Fork (306 Market Street,
215-625-9425), is proud to announce
the restaurant’s new policy of serving
only sustainable seafood. Working col
McCarthy, Chef Feury sources the most
only those that are caught and shipped
with respect for the environment.
“Throughout my career, I have always
enjoyed preparing the best that the
ocean has to offer,” says Chef Feury, who
was recently named “Best Chef, 2010”
by Philadelphia magazine. “I hope that
choosing to source our products from
eries will help to reduce the impact of
allowing us to serve delicious seafood at
Fork for many years to come.”
To celebrate Fork’s commitment to
will host a Sustainable Seafood Dinner
on Wednesday, September 29, featuring
The New York Times’ Paul Greenberg,
author of Four Fish: The Future of the
Last Wild Food (Penguin, July 2010).
Chef Feury and fellow Le Bernardin
alum and recent Top Chef contestant
Jennifer Carroll of 10Arts restaurant
will collaborate to prepare and serve a
four-course tasting menu for $75 per
person, excluding beverages, tax and
Proceeds from the dinner will ben
leader in conservation research whose
seafood choices is widely considered
the industry standard, and The Wetlands Institute in Stone Harbor, NJ, a local organization dedicated to fostering
a lifelong understanding and stewardship of the coastal environment.
Signed copies of Greenberg’s book
will be available for purchase during
the dinner. Publisher’s Weekly wrote
that “in this unusually entertaining
and nuanced investigation into global
challenging us to reevaluate whether
food or wildlife desperately in need of
our compassion.” The New York Times
restaurant critic Sam Sifton called Four
Fish “a necessary book for anyone truly
interested in what we take from the
sea to eat, and how, and why. [Greenberg] posits the sense of privilege we
or seafood caught or farmed with
consideration for the long-term viability of individual marine species and
for the ocean’s ecological balance as a
whole. Fork’s current menu includes
such sustainable seafood choices as
New Zealand king salmon, West Coast
halibut, black sea bass, line-caught
expect their offerings to change fre
the availability of certain species.
Owned by Ellen Yin and Roberto
City for 13 years and has been featured
in USA Today, The New York Times,
Travel and Leisure, Gourmet, Food &
publications. Philadelphia Magazine
has recognized Fork with 13 “Best of
Philly” awards, including: “Best Wine
List with Real World Prices,” “Best
Brunch Spot,” “Best Lunch Spot,” “Best
Late Night Dining,” “Best Chef (Terence
Feury)” and “Best Charcuterie.”
In their “Three Bell: Excellent” review,

restaurants in town right now can match
Chef Feury and his team “deliver vividly
Fork and Fork:etc., the adjacent
gourmet take-out and casual dining cafe,
are located in Philadelphia’s bustling Old
City, the region’s most eclectic mix of
one-of-a-kind retailers, restaurants and
centers for the arts. Its village-like vibe
makes any stroll more than a shopping
trip; no wonder National Geographic
Traveler recently referred to Old City as
“arguably the liveliest urban neighborhood between SoHo and South Beach.”
For more information about the Sustainable Seafood Dinner or Chef Feury’s
tices, please call Fork at (215) 625-9425
or visit
Photos: Trevor Dixon
Maggie’s Waterfront Cafe - On Oct
2nd look for their 2nd Annual F.O.P.
By Helene
Maggie’s Waterfront Café is
located at 9242 N. Delaware
Ave, just north of Linden Ave.,
on the river-Where everyday is
YOUR LUCKY DAY! They are not
kidding-this place is just wonderful!
The view, the food, the drinks, the
service, the entertainment! All in
one and Maggie’s is for everyone!
Another great thing about Maggie’s
is how the owners are always
to their community and to their
loyal customers. On October 2nd,
from 3-7pm, they are holding their
2nd Annual F.O.P. Police Survivors
entertained by LeCompt, BlackThorn, No Irish Need Apply, and
Saturn, Draft Beer and food are all
In pursuit of completing my
headed over for Maggie’s Summer
Sundays with Stems and Seeds and
special guest, Angel Casiano, (from
4-8pm), outside on their newly
expanded patio! It’s 60 feet by 60
feet with tables and benches for
seating up to 100 people or more,
an outside bar, an area for bands or
duos to perform and a huge area
to dance! Met up with some old
friends and made some new ones,
ate some fantastic seafood and had
a couple of cool ones! They had
some great specials $3.50 Corona
and Corona Lights! It was a beautiful day out too…there is nothing
like sitting under the huge canvas
tents, feeling the summer breeze,
listening to good music and eating
the best seafood around! What a
wonderful atmosphere! Plans are
to keep it going all the way up to
December, as weather permits!
They will be putting up sides to
enclose this area and will add por-
table heaters …..this party
will never stop!
Every Friday-Happy
Hour with Mike LeCompt,
from 4-8 pm! And for just
$2.00 you get “64” MGD
all day/nite! Later that night
DJ music and $4 U-Call-It
Bombs from 10-midnite!
Every Saturday is live
entertainment from 4-8pm
with some of the best duos/
bands in the area! And
still there is more! Every Monday
try their 2/$20 dinners from 5:30
to 9:30pm, or try their delicious
Snow Crab Legs, All-U-Can-Eat for
just $20.00, from 8-10pm. $2.00
Yuengling Bottles and Light Bottles
all day! Every Tuesday ½ price appetizers from 7-10pm and Karaoke
from 9pm until 1am. $2.00 Coors
Lite all day long! Every Wednesday from 8-10pm is Quizzo with
great prizes and 35 cent wings
from 7-10pm $3 Twisted Teas and
Smirnoff Ice! Every Thursday is
Pick & Peel Shrimp for $6.99 1/2lb
and Dungeness Crabs for $10.99
lb. from 7-10pm; Enjoy Samuel
Adams Seasonals for for $3.50 all
day long! And now you can order
up a great breakfast special for just
$1.99 every Saturday and Sunday!
Need a place to grab a bite for
lunch? Every day from 11am-3pm
their lunch specials includes any
sandwich or wrap, fries, soup or
salad and a soda for just $7.77!
Looking for a place to have your
next private party? Maggies also
caters for any occasion, including
holiday parties! They are open 7
days a week from 11am until 2am!
Their kitchen is open until midnite
weekly and until 1am on the
weekends. For more information
on upcoming events or to reserve
for your next private party please
check out their website at www.
com or
give them
a call at
215-6376716. See
you all
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Paid To Live Clothing Catches Hollywood’s Eye
Model Cindy Margolis and Jersey Shore cast among
New Jersey may prove to be the
home of the best kept secret in
the world of fashion. Designers
and entrepreneurs Michael Migioia, Jordan Escourt and Vincent
Field have come up with a line of
clothing that has caught the attention of some of Hollywood’s most
famous reality TV stars.
Cindy Margolis, Survivor winner
Jenna Morasca and Jersey Shore
cast members Angelina and Mike
“The Situation” sampled Paid
To Live custom T Shirts and as
Margolis remarked, “Paid To Live
is an amazing line. I can’t wait until
we have them sold here on the
West Coast.”
Co founder Jordan Escourt says,
“Paid To Live isn’t just a clothing
line, it’s a lifestyle. It’s the intention of the Paid to Live brand to
spread that you should be paid to media interviews contact Neil
do what you love to do. Basically, Cirucci at [email protected]
that’s how the world’s top reality
stars live their lives.”
Neil Cirucci PR is a national
public relations company. For
With Hollywood taking notice
more information contact us at
it’s just a matter of time before
609-513-1689 or www.neilcirucPaid To Live clothing blows up
For more information go to www. and for
like they used to? 7. All of us could take a lesson from
the weather. It pays no attention at all to criticism 8.
In the 60’s people took acid to make the world weird.
Now the world is weird and people take prozac to
make it normal 9. How is it that one careless match
Ground Zero
near Ground Zero is
of Alphabet Soup? 11. Does pushing the elevator
to promote tolerance, I
button more than once make it arrive faster? 12. Why
like to suggest that a gay
nightclub be opened next doesn’t glue stick to the inside of the bottle?
In Memory of Frank

Old man Frank was sunbathing naked at the beach.
names that I think would
work for the club are “The Turban Cowboy” and “You For the sake of civility, and to keep it from getting
Mecca me Hot”. I think a life size statue of Mohamed sunburned, he had a hat over his privates. A woman
will be prominently displayed in front of the bar. On walks past and says, snickering, “If you were a gentle
man you’d lift your hat.” Frank, lifted that eyebrow
be opened specializing in the sale of pork, and across of his and replied, “If you weren’t so ugly, it would lift
the street a store should be opened that sells ladies itself.”
The Slicks go Banking
lingerie and bikinis complete with live models. After
An armed hooded robber bursts into the Bank of
all - This IS America isn’t it?
Rockledge and forces the tellers to load a sack full
Reunion Time
Lynn, Phyllis and Mary haven’t seen each other since of cash. On his way out the door with the loot, one
brave customer grabs the hood and pulls it off revealHigh School. They re-discover each other via a
ing the robber’s face. The robber shoots the guy in
reunion website and arrange to meet for lunch at 3
the head without hesitation! He then looks around
the bank to see if anyone else has seen him. One of
She orders a bottle of Pinot Grigio. Phyllis arrives
the tellers is looking straight at him and the robber
shortly afterward, in gray Channel and joins Lynn in
walks over and calmly shoots him in the head also.
a glass of wine. Then Mary walks in, wearing a faded
Everyone by now is very scared and looking down at
old tee-shirt, blue jeans and boots. She too shares
the wine. Lynn explains that after leaving high school Q†
and graduating from Princeton, she met and married ber. There are a few moments silence. Then Aj Slick,
online, with whom she has a beautiful daughter. Her looking down, tentatively raises his hand and says,
“Yo dude ... I’m pretty sure my wife Eileen may have
husband is a partner in one of New York ‘s leading

Q & A’s
where her daughter attends drama school. They have
Q. What can a goose do, a duck can’t do, and a lawyer
a second home in Phoenix. Phyllis relates that she
do? A. Stick his bill up his ass.
graduated from Harvard Medical School and became
Q. What did Spock discover in the toilet on the Stara surgeon. Her husband Jeff is a leading Wall Street
A. The Captain’s Log
investment banker. They live in Southampton on Long
Q. What do they give lesbians when they are deIsland and have a second home in Naples, Florida.
Mary explains that she left school at 17 and ran off
First off, I would like to extend my condolences and
with her boyfriend, Fred, a biker. They run a tropical
bird park in California and grow their own vegetables. mourn the passing of two well respected individu%

Torresdsale Country Club, who was also a celebrity
Halfway down the third bottle of wine and several
bartender and a regular at 3 Monkeys. Christmas at
hours later, Lynn blurts out that her husband, in
3M was AWESOME that year with Frank and Chuck
all honesty, is a cashier at Wal-Mart. They live in a
small apartment in Brooklyn and have a travel trailer behind the bar. Some might even say it was the best
party yet! The second is Bobby Sheetz of Wissanomparked at a nearby storage facility. Phyllis, chastised
and encouraged by her old friend’s honesty, explains ing, a larger than life man who was loved by all and
didn’t have a bad or negative bone in his body. Rest
that she and Jeff are both nurses’ aides in a retirement home. They live in Jersey City and take vacation in Peace guys ... you’re both sorely missed by all and
camping trips to Alabama. Mary also decides to come are in my prayers. On another note ... Boxing classes
are re-starting on the 29th. Shoot me an email to get
onboard. Thanks to all who participated in the shows,
stand on one leg.
and especially to those who ran the Pennypack MusicTwelve Ponderisms
festivals this year. Every single show was well run and

and the dead 2. Life is sexually transmitted 3. Being were well attended. Big time PROPS gang ... Thank
You for an awesome 2010 season!! Already looking
healthy is merely the slowest possible rate at which
one can die 4. The only difference between a rut and forward to 2011. Halloween parties are coming, as
well as the Mayfair Thanksgivng Day Parade ... Fall is on
a grave is the depth 5. Health nuts are going to feel
its way ... stay tuned!
stupid someday lying in a hospital dying of nothing
6. Have you noticed that since everyone has a camera As always, keep sending your jokes, pics, cool and
weird shit to [email protected]
on their cell phone no one talks about seeing UFO’s
Donny’s Joke Corner
DJ Gusto
Our DJ of the month
comes to us from lower Bucks
County. DJ Gusto has been a
DJ for the last 10 years. He
started out by working at a
club on his college campus and
what was just a past time, has
turned out to be one of the
main loves of his life. He spins
old school to hip hop and also
adds in the classic rock sounds
and he can hit you with today’s
top 40. DJ Gusto knows this
music industry and can read
a crowd. “I can get the music
out to so many and know what
to play by the kind of crowd I
have in front of me”, he says.
This is a sign of a good DJ. IT
takes experience to be able to
do that.
DJ Gusto can also host Karaoke shows and he does this
also each week. “ I enjoy singing
being a
DJ and
gets me
in front
of many
week - I
like the
interaction with
being a
host when doing the karaoke”
You can see DJ Gusto each
week at:> fridays with his back
in the day jam at the Edgely
Inn and on saturdays at Dean
Casmirri’s Old Colonial Inn.
DJ Gusto is also available to
host your next party ...
He has a saying and we like it ...
GUSTO” that is original ...
Check out this personality and
DJ/Karaoke host when you can:
For Bookings call:
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