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Senior News
The Senior Nutrition
Program is open to individuals 60 years of age or older
and their spouse for a small
donation of $2.50 per meal.
The Center is open Tuesday
through Friday from 9:00
Avenal Seniors invited to join Senior Meal Program
a.m. to 2:00 p.m., with
meals served at 12:00 p.m.,
and is located at 108 W.
Kings Street. If you plan to
come and enjoy one of the
delicious meals, the one
thing we ask is that you call
before 11 a.m. the previous
day to order a meal. Our
phone number is 386- 5861.
Menu for next week:
Tue., Dec. 30 - Spanish
rice, green beans, roll or
french bread and bread pud-
Speaking the Universal Language of Kindness
Donde hablamos el Idioma Universal de Amabilidad
All Ages/ Todos Edades
148 E. Kings Street
All Health Concerns/ Todos Prejuntas Medicas
(559) 386-9000
All Insurances/ Todos Aseguransas
Wed., Dec. 31 - Jack
Daniel sauce and chicken
breast, broccoli, grilled
spuds, roll and baked apple.
Thur., Jan. 1- Hoppin
Jack, corn bread, and
brownie; or for those who
don't want the regular menu
- Italian chicken & fettucini.
Fri., Jan. 2 - Pulled pork
& BBQ sauce, hard roll,
soup and banana bars.
These meals are not provided by KCCOA, they are
being prepared in house by
the Center's AARP worker
and must be reserved the
day before and since they
food is being paid from the
Center's food fund must be
paid for at the suggested
donation of $2.50 per meal.
Activities and membership
Along with the meal program, seniors meet Tuesday
through Friday from 9:00
a.m. to 2:00 p.m. to work
jigsaw puzzles and visit
before lunch and enjoy
Nickel Bingo for approximately one hour following
Also, individuals who eat
with the group at least once
a week are eligible to go on
various outings throughout
the year.
To become a member, an
individual is required to eat at
the Center at least one day a
week. The Seniors invite
anyone who is 60 years or
older or with a spouse at least
60 to come down and be a
part of our group.
The goal of the Senior
Center is to provide activities
of interest for improving both
mind and body. No senior
should be home alone when
the Center provides one good
meal a day, time to have fun
and a chance to visit with
their peers.
We are currently planning
a trip to Bravo Farms in
Kettleman City.
Library and jigsaw puzzles
- not just for Seniors
If you haven't visited the
Senior Center, you might be
surprised at the number of
books we have in our library.
Please feel free to come by
and help yourself to some
great reading material. Public
members are also invited to
partake of this library.
The Center also has a large
collection of jigsaw puzzles
that members are willing to
trade to those who are interested. Come by and check
out our collection.
Hours for Fitness Room
The fitness room at the
Senior Center is open for
public use from 9:00 a.m. to
1:30 p.m. Tuesday through
Friday. The closure at 1:30
is to allow time for staff and
volunteers to put things
away and clean up in order
to vacate the building by
2:00 p.m. We will also be
limiting the number of individuals in the room at any
one time to allow all the use
of the equipment.
Young children are not
allowed in the fitness room.
This is for their safety.
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