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2 012 - 2 013 S C H O O L Y E A R
dear friends
We feel very lucky here at P.S. ARTS. With the support of hundreds of people dedicated to
providing all students with access to a high-quality education, we have made great strides in
promoting educational equity in Los Angeles County and Central California. We want to thank all
of you for supporting this important work and for everything you do for the underserved students
in our community.
children’s lives
arts education
For 22 years, P.S. ARTS has worked hard to provide quality arts education in the schools we serve.
It is our firm belief that every student, despite economic status, intellectual ability, or sociocultural background, is entitled to study art as part of his or her overall educational experience.
So much has been accomplished in the field and in our programs, and yet there is still so much
to do.
We hope that through our annual report you will have a better idea of the work that goes
into building our programs. Every week, we see firsthand the capabilities children have
when provided the opportunity to express themselves through the arts. As we close another
year at P.S. ARTS, we are proud of and inspired by the work of our dedicated Teaching Artists,
hardworking staff, and most of all, the students we serve. We invite you to look back with us at
some of P.S. ARTS biggest achievements in the 2012-2013 school year.
Kristen Paglia
Executive Director, Education & Programs
Amy Shapiro
Executive Director, Advancement & Operations
about us
P.S. ARTS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children by providing arts
education to underserved public schools and communities.
P.S. ARTS was created in response to significant education budget cuts in the 1970s and 1980s,
which cut local tax revenues for public schools and resulted in the systematic reduction and
elimination of arts programs in California public schools.
In the Spring of 1991, Dr. Paul Cummins, renowned educator, author, and founder of Crossroads
School in Santa Monica, was on his way to the kitchen during a potluck dinner and literally
bumped into a man that he had never met but looked quite familiar – famed musician Herb
Alpert. They began a conversation, which has become P.S. ARTS folklore... Paul decried the lack
of arts education at a local school he had recently visited. Herb’s response was, “You mean the
arts are just gone from these public schools? What if I gave you a grant?” And thus, P.S. ARTS was
founded as an outreach project of the Crossroads Community Foundation. In 2003, P.S. ARTS
received its own non-profit 501 (c) 3 designation.
P.S. ARTS has grown from serving 285 students in one school, to more than 15,000 students in 35
underserved schools across Los Angeles County and California’s Central Valley, and an additional
1,000 students through after school and enrichment programs. For more than twenty years,
P.S. ARTS has provided nationally recognized arts instruction programs to tens of thousands of
students attending underserved public elementary and middle schools in our community.
Core Model
P.S. ARTS provides year-long arts education to every child in a school integrated into the regular
school day. Our organization hires and trains professional Teaching Artists to develop high-quality,
state standards-based curriculum in dance, music, theater, and visual arts in underserved public
P.S. ARTS is deeply committed to promoting the value of the arts in schools and strengthening
arts education in public education. In 2010, P.S. ARTS launched the innovative TakePART (Publicschool Arts Regional Team) initiative. Through strategic collaboration and resource sharing,
thousands of children from five Southern California school districts are receiving dance, music,
theater, and visual arts instruction during the school day. Additionally, P.S. ARTS is actively
represented at key arts education policy committees at the regional and national level. P.S.
ARTS is also honored to have participated in the President’s Committee on Arts and Humanities
summer institute exploring arts as strategies for school improvement, and as an active member
of the combined California Art Council and Department of Education initiative, CREATE CA.
Community Outreach
P.S. ARTS works closely with our partner schools to increase arts and cultural opportunities available
to the entire school communities. Our free Family Art Nights have served thousands of community
members and feature multi-generational art lessons and activities. At P.S. ARTS, we are especially
proud of the annual TakePART Arts Festival that brings children and families from five school
districts together to showcase the work of K-12th grade students. P.S. ARTS also connects with the
community through social media by regularly updating our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn,
Pinterest, and YouTube account with posts about our programs, fundraisers, and news in the field.
P.S. ARTS also keeps followers up-to-date by posting blogs once a week at psarts.org/blog.
Faculty Training
The P.S. ARTS faculty is highly trained both in the arts and in education. In addition to a
workshop professional development series, P.S. ARTS Teaching Artists are provided with frequent
individual coaching. The P.S. ARTS faculty training program focuses on topics relevant to students
attaining college and career success in the 21st century. In the summer of 2014, P.S. ARTS is
collaborating with the UCLA Visual and Performing Arts Education minor to provide a six-week
Teaching Artist training intensive.
Camino Nuevo Charter Academy
CNCA Burlington, 2000-01
CNCA Harvard, 2000-01
CNCA Castellanos, 2010-11
CNCA Eisner, 2012-13
CNCA Cisneros, 2012-13
Lawndale Elementary
Billy Mitchell Elementary, 2000-01
FDR Elementary, 2005-06
Kit Carson Elementary, 2005-07
Lucille J. Smith Elementary, 2006-07
Mark Twain Elementary, 2005-06
William Anderson Elementary, 2005-07
William Green Elementary, 2004-03
Lennox After School Program, 2011-12
Los Angeles Unified
Baldwin Hills Elementary, 1999-00
Beethoven Street Elementary, 1999-00
Coeur D’Alene Elementary, 1992-93
Grand View Elementary, 1994-95
Playa Del Rey Elementary, 1998-99
Walgrove Avenue Elementary, 1992-93
Reef-Sunset Unified
Avenal Elementary, 2003-04
Kettleman City, 2005-06
Reef-Sunset Middle, 2006-07
Tamarack Elementary, 2006-07
Santa Monica-Malibu Unified
Edison Language Learning Academy, 2004-05
Grant Elementary, 2013-14
John Muir Elementary, 2005-06
McKinley Elementary, 2001-02
Will Rogers Elementary, 2009-10
Wasco Union Elementary
John L. Prueitt Elementary, 2013-14
Karl F. Clemens, 2013-14
Palm Avenue Elementary, 2013-14
Teresa Burke Elementary, 2013-14
Thomas Jefferson Middle, 2013-14
Juan de Anza Elementary, 2012-13
Juan Cabrillo Elementary, 2012-13
Peter Burnett Elementary, 2012-13
Lost Hills Elementary
Lost Hills Elementary, 2012-13
A.M. Thomas Middle, 2012-13
A nonprofit sustainability analyst from Harvard Business School noted
P.S. ARTS’ long-term commitment to its partner schools was a major
strength of the organization.
teaching artists
P.S. ARTS Teaching Artists are the heart and soul
of our organization. Their dedication and passion
ensures that thousands of children receive the arts
education they deserve every year.
Kimberleigh Aarn, Theater, Discipline Specialist
Aiko Anglim, Music
Ann Barron, Visual Arts
Amber Carrol, Music
Michael Delgado, Visual Arts
June Edmonds, Visual Arts
Rachel Galper, Music
Hilary Hahn, Visual Arts
Donzell Lewis, Theater Arts
Heather Lowe, Visual Arts
Tammy Moran, Music
Juan Muratalla, Visual Arts
Matt Orduna, Theater
Leah Padow, Visual Arts, Discipline Specialist
David Partida, Visual Arts
Jennifer Pennington, Theater
Lissie Quishenberry, Music
Martha Ramirez, Theater
Pedro Rivas, Theater
Nathalie Sanchez, Visual Arts
Joanne Lubeck Esser, Theater
Richard Scher, Music, Discipline Specialist
Matt MacFarland, Visual Arts
Tamie Smith, Visual Arts
Johanna McKay, Theater
Benjamin Morales, Visual Arts
Steve Spataro, Music
Terence Williams, Theater
Sandy Yamashiro, Visual Arts
Total Students Served
2012-2013 Program
P.S. ARTS is featured in the PBS
documentary Arts & The Mind as a
national model arts education organization.
Dr. Kristen Paglia, Executive Director,
Education & Programs joins the CREATE
CA Research Committee to help facilitate
methods for measuring the impact of
creativity taught in the classroom.
75% of our students live in poverty.
More than 50% of our students are English learners.
More than 10% of our students have special needs.
More than
Caucasian: 10%
Black: 9%
Asian/Pacific Islander: 4%
Other: 4%
P.S. ARTS partners with the Tommy
Hilfiger Corporate Foundation to provide
a groundbreaking special education
inclusion program for the Los Angeles
Unified School District.
The 2nd Annual TakePART in Art Festival
in Hawthorne brings together families
from five different school districts in
the Centinela Valley for an afternoon
celebration of the arts and creativity in
the community.
More than 2,000 family members attend
Family Art Nights, an after school art event
led by a P.S. ARTS Teaching Artist that
encourages parents to take part in art with
their children.
P.S. ARTS launches a weekly blog to keep
supporters up-to-date on program news,
events, and advocacy efforts.
P.S. ARTS’ first iPad program is launched at
Camino Nuevo Charter Academy Harvard
for visual arts instruction.
P.S. ARTS receives a grant through UCLA’s
“Philanthropy & Civic Engagement”
course, a class where students have
the opportunity to award exemplary
organizations in the Los Angeles
community with funding provided by the
Once Upon A Time Foundation.
Actress Julie Bowen at LA
Modernism Opening Night
on April 25, 2013
Actress Courteney Cox at
LA Modernism Opening
Night on April 25, 2013
Every school year, P.S. ARTS hosts three signature events to raise money for our arts education
programs. These fundraisers include the family-friendly Express Yourself in the fall, the chic LA
Modernism Opening Night in the spring, and the fashionable luncheon Bag Lunch at the end of
the school year. Not only are these events another source of revenue for our programs, but they
help increase the awareness of our organization and bring influential members of the Los Angeles
community together for an important and compelling cause. We are pleased to announce that
we raised more than $800,000 to support our programs at our signature events this past year.
P.S. ARTS also partners with companies for smaller events to benefit our organization. In the
2012-2013 year, P.S. ARTS partnered with Angeleno magazine, Bloomingdale’s, Omaze, Tommy
Hilfiger, Chloe, and Burning Torch to help raise additional funds for our organization.
Actor Joel McHale and his
son at Express Yourself on
November 11, 2012
Actress Minnie Driver (L)
and Actress and Board
Member Lisa Kudrow (R) at
Bag Lunch on May 30, 2013
Actor Adam Scott (L) and
Board member Pam Bergman
(R) at Express Yourself on
November 11, 2012
Celebrity Stylists and Board Members
George Kotsiopoulos (L) and Elizabeth
Stewart (R) with Actress Kristin Davis
at Bag Lunch on May 30, 2013
P.S. ARTS extends its appreciation to all of the individuals,
corporations, and foundations that generously supported the
organization in the 2012-2013 school year (7/1/12-6/30/13).
$10,000 and up
Page and Lou Adler
The Ahmanson Foundation
The Herb Alpert Foundation
The Angell Foundation
John and Hilda Arnold Foundation
Maria and Bill Bell
Pam and Alan Bergman
Sharon and Dain E. Blair
Charles Block
Kimberly and Albert Brooks
The Brotman Foundation of California
California Arts Council
John W. Carson Foundation
Creative Artists Agency Foundation
The Eisner Foundation
Kelly Fisher Katz and Martin Katz
Laura Fox and Ben Van de Bunt
The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation
The Green Foundation
Hotchkis Foundation
Thelma Pearl Howard Foundation
Jo Mitchell Foundation
Marcy Kaplan-Gold and Eric Gold
Sarah H. Ketterer
Alicia Tranen and David Leyrer
Lisa Kudrow and Michel Stern
NBC Universal Media, LLC
OneWest Foundation
Paul Frank Industries
Brenda R. Potter
The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
Ilene Resnick and Daniel Weiss
Resnick Family Foundation
Reynolds Family Foundation
Rosenthal Family Foundation
The Rose Hills Foundation
Kim and Darryl Schall
Dwight Stuart Youth Fund
Kathy Taslitz
The UCLA Foundation
The Walt Disney Company
The Weingart Foundation
Windgate Foundation
Arie and Ida Crown Memorial
Bloomingdale’s, Inc.
Nancy and Steve Carell
The Steven A. and Alexandra M. Cohen
Hadley Davis Rierson and Lee Rierson
Jeanne Dooley-Robinson
Shannon Factor
Cindy and Glenn Frey
The Hauptman Family
Natalya and Mark Hudis
Jena and Michael King
Kissick Family Foundation
Kiwi Crate, Inc.
Elizabeth and David Ondaatje
One Kings Lane
John Powell and Melinda Lerner
Bui and Herb Simon
Julia Sorkin
Suzy and Josh Tanzer
The Three Sisters Foundation
Robert Turner
Christine and Jeff Weller
Yurman Design
The 1878 Stationery Company
Andy Abowitz
Jonathan Aibel
Elizabeth Alter
Heather and Ben Arnold
Atelier A.M. Inc
Alyssa and Allen Ba
Georgina Bailes
Charmaine and Sean Bailey
Joe Baratta
Steve Bardwil
Elizabeth Barondes
Willow Bay and Robert Iger
Brighton Retail
The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation
Robert A. Bronstein
Kristen and Lindsey Buckingham
Michael Burke
Betsy Burnham
Center for Cultural Innovation
Judy Chang
Christine and Gabriel Chiu
Robin Cottle and Ron Radziner
Karen Cove
Shelley Curtis-Litvack
The Davidow Charitable Fund
Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles
Lorenzo di Bonaventura
Mary Dougherty
Elizabeth Dinkel Design
Mark L. Esses
Bryan Ezralow
Cece and William Feiler
Susanna Felleman and Erik Feig
Waldo Fernandez
Oliver M. Furth
Maryl Georgi
The Getty Foundation
Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School
Joshua Goldsmith
Grace Home Furnishings
Kristen Greer-Paglia and Jaime Paglia
Trip Haenisch & Associates
Penny and Travis Hansen
Barbara Herman
Tara Hirshberg
Tom Hoberman
Juliette Hohnen
Carolyn Hotchkis
Lee Hutter
Inner Gardens, Inc.
Is Or Isn’t Entertainment, LLC
Lorraine Jallacher
Kenneth Karmin
Tim Kilpin
Jerry and Terri Kohl
George Kotsiopoulos
Susie and Brad Krevoy
Ronald Kurstin
Malcolm Kutner
Deborah Lacusta and Daniel Castellaneta
Lasky Charitable Lead Trust
Martyn Lawrence-Bullard
Los Angeles County Arts Commission
Jeffrey A. Marks
Mary McDonald
Susanne Meline and John Francis
Gregory Milken
MLB Design
Molly Isaksen Interiors, Inc.
Nikki Entertainment
Partners Trust
Pearle & Pierce
Michele Pietra Cohen and Joel Cohen
Maya and Jeff Pinkner
Darcy and Jeff Pollack
Julia Post
Amy Rappeport andTom Teicholz
Bill Resnick
Chip Rosenbloom
Julie Rowen
Rae Sanchini and Bruce Tobey
Carla and Fred Sands
Jennifer and Michael Schiff
Marna and Rockwell Schnabel
Rona Sebastian
Joel Silver
Dana and Edward Slatkin
Stacey Snider
Squid & Squash Foundation
Thomas Staggs
Starz Entertainment
Maureen Stockton
Sutton and Christian Stracke
Madeline Stuart
Target La Cienega
Nathan Turner
Susan and Dirk Van De Bunt
Veronika Vandenberg
Alexandra Von Furstenberg
Sarah Watson and Hardy Ophuls
Mary Ann Weisberg
William Morris Endeavor
Jason Wolff
Brooke and Brett Wyard
Gillian Wynn
Gennifer and David Yoshimaru
Laurie Ziegler
Brenda Adderly
Scott Adelson
Epitacio Arganza
Paul Aronzon
Albert Baril
Karen Bell and Robert Cox
Rebecka and Arie Belldegrun
Jenny Belushi
Kimberly and Nicolo Bini
Julie and Stephen Block
Justine and Robert Bloomingdale
Dominie Brazzel
Seth Brufsky
Jennifer and Basil P. Caloyeras
Carrie and Adam Carr
Dianne Carr
Laurie and Mark Cohen
Sherri Cooper-Landsman
Brad Copeland
Courteney Cox
Karyn Craven
Anne Marie D’Agostino
Dart Group Foundation
Laurent Degryse
Mary Dougherty
Earl M. and Margery C. Chapman Foundation
Jill Eisfelder
Moise Emquies
Marc Ezralow
Sara Fitzmaurice and Perry Rubenstein
Darin Frank
Lori and Simon Furie
Gertler Family Foundation
Allison Gingold
William Glass
Bridget Gless Keller
MaryAnn and Irwin Gold
Adrienne Grant and Paul Jennings
Leana Greene
Paul C. Haas
Manuela Herzer
Lysa Heslov
Marilyn G. Heston
Linda Howard and Roger Howard
Margaret E. Hyde
Laura Innes and David Brisbin
Nicole Jaeger
Jonathan and Nancy Glaser Fund
Randall Kaplan
Kerry Kennedy and Brad Goldberg
Jonathan Kessler
Lynn Madell Kogan
Blair and David Kohan
Abby & David Kohl Charitable Foundation
Linda Konner
Kaye Kramer
Carrie Kreisberg
Kristen Langan and James Langan
Mary Leonard
Rachel Lipp
Jane Lipsitz
The Lisa P. Loeb Foundation
Crystal and Blaine Lourd
David Luwisch
Makoff Family Foundation
Catherine Mann and Sam Roseme
David E. Martin
Leslie McCaw
Wanda McDaniel
Leslie and Bill McMorrow
Cary Meadow
Marla and Brett Messing
Nick R. Meyer
Christopher Mizeski
Annabel Montgomery
Michelle Nader and Matt Drake
Network For Good
New Visions Foundation
Gary Newman
Kevin O’Malley
Off the Wall Antiques, Inc.
Dana Pachulski
Jaqueline Pack
Suzan Paek
Ellen Palevsky
Nicole Pantenburg
David Parsky
Frances Pennington and Curt Smith
Sean Perry
Glen Polson
Adnan Rawjee
Pattie Reed
Gerard Reform
Carolyn Richman
John Rocchio
Brigette and Mark Romanek
Mark A. Rosenthal
Jennifer Rush and Robert Morton
Saban Brands LLC
Cary Sacks
Amber Sakai
Jerry Sanders
Andrea Schroder
Steven Serber
Jonathan Sheinberg
Azadeh Shladovsky
Suzy Shuster-Eisen
James J. Sie and Douglas W. Wood
Sarah Silva
Scott Silveri
Jamie Simon and Christopher Simon
William J. Sind
Nicole Sinkys
Leslie Slatkin
Paulina Smith
Esther Song
Rachel and Eric Stern
Leslie Stern
Elizabeth Stewart
Selly Straight
Stephanie Stuart
Studio 101
Nicholas Styne
Wendy Sullivan
Matthew Tarses
Sara Tarses
Tania M. Tavangarian
Heather Taylor and Alex de Cordoba
Scott Taylor
Paula Thomas
Tim Barber, Ltd.
Paige Tolmach
Nico Vilgiate
Phuong Vuong and Chi-Chien Hou
Christopher Waterman
Natalie Grof Weiner and Josh Weiner
Leslie Weisberg and James Hyman
Russell Wolpert
A La Mod
Simone Adams
Karen Alberstone
Sarah Allyn
Sharona Alperin
The Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation
Carrie Baker
Betty Balian
Monique Barrons
Lainie Sorkin Becky
Colleen Bell
Esther Benton
Allison and Larry Berg
Monet Berger
Joanie G. Berkley
Beverly Hills Manners, Inc.
Cassandra Bloore
Alison Blumenfeld
Sharian Bond Spencer
Lisa Boses
Caren Brooks
Nicholas Brown
Jordan Butterfield
Craig Cardon
Jay Carlile
Jennifer Carr
Century Guild
Joel Chen
Sara Christensen
Cline Fine Art
Jenna Cooper
Robert Cort
Tara Daley
Cecilia Dan
Celeste de Schultess Marin
Francesca Delbanco
Deutsche Bank
Didier Ltd.
Stanley Dorfman
Ellen Dougherty
Sarah and Christopher Dusseault
Kristen Dykstra
Scott Ehrlich
Lisa Eissenpresser
Rosemarie Fall and Andrew Milstein
Renee Field
Andrea Fiuczynski
John Fogarty
Forcum’s Rosebud Gallery
Liseanne and Peter Frankfurt
Gallery 925
Bill Gerber
Stephanie G. Germain Vinokour
Rosetta and Balthazar Getty
Daniel Giudat
Gary Glass
Elayne Glotzer
Amy Goddard Smith and John Zinman
Diedre Gordon
Jody Greenblatt
Eric Greenspan
Jackie Griffin
Randy Grimmett
Heidi and David Haddad
Laurie and Chris Harbert
Maria C. Harrison
Hayden and Fandetta Vintage Books
Patrick Herning
Teri and Ken Hertz
Christopher Hopkins
House of Blu Decor
Akieva and Martin Jacobs
David Jacobs
Austin Jacobson
Matt Jacobson
Jennings Family Foundation
Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles
Joannes Lucas
Mr. Aref Khosravi
Anne Marie Kortright
Richard Kraft
Samantha Kurtzman-Counter
Jenny Kwit
Stephanie and Bob Lakin
Jay Levitt
Heather Lieberman
Marianna Linfesty
Dan Livingston
Lauren Lohman
Mary Long
Los Angeles Modern Auctions
Mary Luby
Suyen Lusk
Wayne Marmorstein
James Marrin
Alex Mason
Kelly Sutherlin McLeod
Melanie Meltzer
Lindsay Meyer
Victoria Miller
Tyler Mitchell
Modern 2.0
Neal Moritz
April Mun
Cristi and Mark Murphy
Kristina Musailov
Eugene Nahemow
Native Foods
Spencer Neumann
Irene Neuwirth
Susan and Matthew O’Connor
Lynn Palmer
Papillon Gallery
Kevin Parker
Barbara Parsky
Beth Pasternak
Peggy Platner
Pranav Popat
Bill Pullman
Azzy Rabbie
Daniel Rappaport
Ian Reichbach
Sara Riff
Adam Rose
Melissa Rosenberg and Lev L. Spiro
Dale Rosembloom
Rothschild Family Foundation
Margaret Russell
Todd Sandler
Amanda and Andy Schuon
Dana Settle
Cameron Silver
Lindsey and Evan Simovich
Sabina Skulsky
Eva Sobesky
Jeet Sohal and Eric Andersen
Laurie Steichen
Jason Stein
Emily Sullivan
Suzanne Tennenbaum
Kate Thorson
Ambereen and Ramez Toubassy
Margaret Touborg Jebsen
Trina Turk
Patricia Vickers
Vintage European Posters
Thierry Vivier
Sarah Warda
Jody Weinberg
Benton and Darren Weinstock
Andrew L. Wing
Warren Wixen
Michael Ziering
A Place Called Home
Roberta Aaronson
Natalie Azer-Meskiel
John and Laura Babcock
Mory and Tal Barak
Gerald David Bauman
Dave A. Becky
Magda Berliner
Bon Melange Catering
Michael Bostick
Sarah Brown
Corey Carr
Blythe Danner
Karen Davis Hodges
Peter Dunham
Annette English
Edward Forcum
Natalie Gianne
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Corky Hale Stoller
David Hill
Joan Hill
Michael Horn
Kristin Jones
Melodye Kinkead
Kurtis Kishi
Michael Lebovich
Level Studios
Heather Lindsey
Los Angeles Alumni Mu Phi Epsilon
Steve Macdonald
David R. Madore
Fred Manaster
Leslie Margolis
Gina Mari
Dianne Markman
Kimberly Merlin
Kelly Merryman
Stephanie Meyer
Katharine Nartonis
Tori Nourafchan and David Rosenstein
John Penney
Pamela Posey
Gary M. Romoff
Adam Schneider
David Schwartz
Wendy and Ronald S. Schwartz
Amy Shapiro
Jon Shapiro
Whitney Showler
Dawn Siciliani
Michael Sikowitz
Kayla Silber
Adam Stern
Nancy and Larry Strawther
Donna and Roger Weaver
Ian R. Weingarten
Amanda and Jeff Welch
Michelle Whitten
Greg Wooten
Delta Wright
Tom Wudl
Harriet Zeitlin
Annette English and Associates
DeeDee Baldwin
Dena Bloom and Robert Klyman
Kate Bresnahan
Ann Jurden Camacho and Don Luis
Lisa Campbell
Marty Cohen
Jan Turner Colburn
John Cotter
Jane Garratt
Linda and Gattis
Jane Gering
Bernd S. Givon
Michelle Good
Thomas C. Gossett
Sarah and Daniel Holden
Gary N. Jacobs
Juri Koll
Lesher Entertainment
Joseph Lorigo
Heather Lowe
Janell M. Martin
Matthew Martin
Stephen McCray
Wesley Moore
John E. Musker
James Nakatsuka
Colleen Newcomb
Hollie Overton
Sandra Ruch
Allison Rymer
Lisa Schahet
Andrea Schall-Hammer and Victor Hammer
Marie Schley and Nick Morton
Naomi and Adam Scott
Susan Sie
Eileen Tomson
Pamela Weisberg
Neyat Yohannes
Summary Financial Information
Board of Trustees
Statement of Activities
Special Events, Net of Costs
In-kind Contributions
School Programs
Investment Income
Total Revenue
FY 12/13
FY 11/12
Program Services
General and Administrative
Total Expenses
Net Assets, End of Year
Statement of Financial Position
Current Assets
Cash and Cash Equivalents
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Endowment Pledges Receivable, Net
Inventory, Net
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Total Assets
Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses
Total Liabilties
Net Assets
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Permanently Restricted
Total Net Assets
Total Liabilities and Net Assets
Joshua Tanzer
Christine Weller
Laura Fox
Co-Vice Chairperson
Roger Weaver
Crossroads Representative
Gennifer Yoshimaru
Co-Vice Chairperson
Maria Bell
Chi-Chien Hou
Pam Bergman
Immediate Past Chairperson
Sharon Blair
Charles Block
Kimberly Brooks
Carleen Cappelletti
Kelly Fisher Katz
Patrick Herning
Carolyn Hotchkis
Natalya Hudis
George Kotsiopoulos
Susie Krevoy
Lisa Kudrow
David Leyrer
Steve McCray
Liz Ondaatje
Pamela Posey
Ilene Resnick
Rona Sebastian
Julia Sorkin
Elizabeth Stewart
Sutton Stracke
Kathy Taslitz
Michael Thornton
Sarah Watson
Leadership Council
Board Emeritus
Stephanie Ejabat
Ari & Sarah Emanuel
Cece Feiler
Gale Goldring
Nora Halpern
Travis Hansson
Robin McMonnigle
Darcy Pollack
Paul Cummins, Founder
Laurie David
Carolyn Powers
Amy Rappeport
Brigette Romanek
Kim Schall
Jennifer Schiff
Stephanie Stuart
Candie Weitz
Ari Wiseman
Administrative Staff
Dr. Kristen Paglia
Executive Director
Education & Programs
Amy Shapiro
Executive Director
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Senior Education & Programs Associate
Matthew Martin
Finance Manager
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Education & Programs Assistant
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Senior Education & Programs Manager
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Development Officer
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Advancement & Operations Assisant
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