(IT) will play a critical role in supporting all areas of the Univ

University of Manitoba IT Governance
Information Technologies (IT) will play a critical role in supporting all areas of the University of Manitoba
as it fulfils its vision to take its place among leading universities. As outlined in the new strategic plan,
the University will "provide IT systems that support the needs of students, staff and faculty" to build a
community "that creates an outstanding learning and working environment."
To this end, I am pleased to announce the launch of a renewed University-wide IT Governance model.
The renewed model puts in place a more effective and accountable IT investment review and decisionmaking structure necessary to ensure innovative, reliable, and robust investments in alignment with the
University’s strategic goals.
University IT Advisory Council (UITAC)
The model is now led by the UITAC, chaired by Paul Kochan, Vice President Administration. This
committee replaces the previous PACITi body. Its members include senior faculty members and senior
administrators from across the University who will meet quarterly. UITAC is supported by several
advisory committees that meet regularly and provide input to the UITAC. These advisory committees
are organized around five thematic areas; Teaching & Learning, Student Experience, Research
Computing, Administrative Operations & Services, and IT Architecture.
The two key governance priorities that UITAC will oversee include:
1. An Enterprise IT Strategic Plan that can articulate the strategic direction and priorities for IT at
the university. (see University Strategic Plan)
2. An IT Investment Review Process whereby proposed investments in IT initiatives will be
submitted to UITAC to ensure alignment of IT spending with University strategic goals. For this
process, the definition of an IT Investment is any initiative that meets one or more of the
following conditions; (i) IT costs of $20,000 or greater, (ii) effort needed from IST is 20 person
days or greater, (iii) the proposed solution will require integration into the university’s core IT
infrastructure. This process will ensure all proposals are received, assessed, prioritized and
approved in a way that is rationalized to the university’s objectives on a university‐wide basis.
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What’s does this mean to you?
Going forward from this point, if you are proposing a new initiative for your faculty or unit and that
initiative likely meets one of the three conditions for an IT Investment identified earlier, you will need to
formally submit a proposal for this initiative into the IT Investment Review Process. The overview of
this process and the document required to make the submission can be found on the university website
at the following link:
Summary information on all proposals and the status of where each proposal is in the review process,
including where it has been approved by UITAC will be made available shortly to all faculty, staff and
What’s next?
Presentations have been occurring since December. Audiences to-date have included the members and
chairs of UITAC and the five supporting committees, The President’s Executive Team (PET), Executive
Council, Provost Council, the IST Directors and front line managers. Further overviews are planned for
Senior Finance Managers, IT representatives with the faculties, UMSU, and the GSA. If you are
interested in a more detailed overview of the renewed IT Governance model, please contact Mike
Langedock by email or by calling ext. 8147.
This new IT Governance model will evolve and continuously improve. Its approach and responsibilities
are new to the University and as such, it will need some time to develop, adapt and appropriately fit into
the current operations of the faculties and units. The CIO’s office welcomes constructive feedback
regarding your interaction with the IT Governance structure.
Who to call
If you have questions regarding strategy of the IT Governance model, please call or email Mike
Langedock at 204-474-8147.
If you have questions regarding submitting a proposal for an IT Investment or how the IT Investment
process functions, please call or email Les Howard at 204-474-8132.
Mike Langedock
University of Manitoba
UofM IT Governance Announcement
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