3 B: 7-6-8-4 C: 1-5-2 3 PYLTRÄYS owns good ability and is ou

Seinäjoki – Sunday January 25, 2015
Race 1
Volt 2100
A: 3 B: 7-6-8-4 C: 1-5-2
Race 6 – DD-1
3 PYLTRÄYS owns good ability and is our
winner. Last she won. 7 KIKAN SÄLLI is the
first challenger without mistake. 6 VINKEROOS
broke last in the start and in the last turn. He is
better than his table shows.
Race 2
she could beat these competitors. 2 POPPY TROT
made last a nice spurt from third over. 1 LIONA
can’t keep the lead. Anyway she is an early
Volt 2100
A: 7-10-1 B: 13-15-4-2 C: 6-3-9-11-12-8-5
A: 3 B: 5-9-1-8-7 C: 6-10-2-4
3 JUSSIN VEITIKKA met last harder opponents
as today and took a nice win from the lead. Also 5
SOPUN AINO met last very hard competitors in a
race for mares. She ran third and second over. 9
TESANTTI is possible despite his triple handicap.
He owns good strength.
Race 7 – DD-2
A tricky volt. 7 DON’T RUSH has a nice number
and today she has a good driver. She is better than
her last results show. 10 TARASS DREAM made
last a good result 18,3a so she is a possible
winner. 1 CALLELA SOULBEAT must be
considered early with this number.
Race 3
Volt 2100
A: 5 B: 10-7-2-1 C: 6-8-9-3
Monté. 5 STONE CAPES LORD has taken three
wins in 8 races in monté. He meets mediocre
competitors and is our favourite. 10 SANTANA
BORK could succeed despite his long handicap.
Also 7 TAKE THAT must be considered early.
Race 4
Volt 2100
A: 2-4-10 B: 15-6-7-8-11-9-1 C: 16-12-13-14-35
A tricky volt for cold blood horses. 2 HEVIMIES
broke last twice and took two wins before that. 4
POIKA VAURAUS is in a good shape. 10
VIULORI is strong and a possible winner without
mistake. 15 MANAGERI must be considered
early despite his double handicap.
Race 5
Volt 2100
Auto 2100
A: 4-9-2 B: 7-12-3-11 C: 1-6-8-10
4 STAR OF EVERWOOD has a nice number. He
took last year 10 wins. Last he rounded last to
outside of the leader 1000 m before the finish and
to the lead 500 m later. 9 LESTER made last a
nice spurt from third over and won. Also today he
is a possible winner. 2 CARDINAL GALAX got
stuck last and is our outsider.
Race 8
Auto 2600
A: 8-12-7 B: 6-9-11-1-3 C: 5-4-10
8 COUNTESS ANN is strong so this distance is
an advantage for her. Last she finished very well
after she got space too late from fourth inside. 12
LIKE A VITTORIA owns good ability and is the
first challenger despite her bad number. Two races
back she rounded finely after an early error. 7
FINN MCCOOL was not at his best last. Anyway
he could succeed in his comeback after a short
Auto 2100
A: 7 B: 4-8-2-3-1 C: 5-6-11-12-9-10
Auto 1600
A: 10-2-1 B: 5-7-6 C: 8-9-4-3
10 FELICIA FACTOR took last year 11 wins but
she has not been at her best in last races. Anyway
7 HAWKEYE SAVOY broke last in the start and
before that he won from the lead. He has a good
chance to get the lead and win again. 4 BWT
BURNLEY is a quick starter. She is an early
contender. 8 BEL ARI owns good strength.