Class – IV Session: 2015-16

Class – IV
Session: 2015-16
Class - IV
1) Read any English newspaper regularly and pick
any two new words daily and
find out their meanings with proper usage.
2) Write one self –composed poem based on the
topic “Trees”.
3) Write a short paragraph on any one of the
following festivals that you are going to
celebrate during your winter vacation.
a) Republic Day
b) Lohri
c) Christmas
4) Identify your strengths and weaknesses. How
can you resolve your weaknesses?
Write few points.
1) Name 5 large cities in India. Find their
population and perform the following
operations on them.
 Write that in words.
 Write the numbers in expanded form
 Write the place values of different digits.
2) Write and learn tables from 2 to 15.
1) List out the plants growing in and around your
locality. Classify them as trees,
shrubs, herbs, creepers and climbers.
2) Use your imagination and creativity to make a
structure of leaf by using different
1) Collect the information and pictures for the
following states regarding dress,
script, language, food, crops, industries and
 Himachal Pradesh
 Jammu and Kashmir
3) Use your imagination and creativity to make a
poster on value of sports, games
and physical fitness.
Note: Do all the work in a scrap book.
May the New Year bring you success
happiness and prosperity.
Have a Happy New Year
May each and every day of the New Year
brings you lot of happiness and love
Date of Submission : 02-03-2015