Fund Raising Dinner Dance 2015 - Silliman University and Friends

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SUAF 2015-2016 Officers
Dinah Penaflorida, MPH, MSN, RN
Maria Louella L. Dolar, PhD.
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Allen Garrido
Priscilla G. Madrid, BSN, RN
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Board of Director Chair
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Dear Friends and fellow Sillimanians,
On behalf of Silliman University Alumni & Friends @ San Diego
(SUAF), I would like to extend our invitation to you. Save the
date for our fund-raising Dinner Dance on September 26, 2015
at the
Miramar Officers’ Club
Building 4472 Anderson Avenue
Marine Corps Air Station Miramar
(Map can be found at
Entrance at Miramar Way Gate only, also known as the Main Gate.
Prepare to present at the gate, your car registration, car insurance
and driver’s license. In compliance to their security requirements,
we must submit the list of guests attending by September 01, 2015,
Tuesday. We appreciate your kind cooperation and generous
donation of $45.00, PREPAID per person on or before September
01, 2015.
Contact Persons:
Priscilla G. Madrid
Precila Garrido
SUAF Dinner Dance
SUAF Dinner Dance
[email protected]
[email protected]
Cell#: 619-672-9203
Cell#: 760-214-6261
SUAF had a long record of scholarships and disaster funds
to support Silliman University. Improvements to the Student
Center and the Amphitheater at the Silliman campus had been
undertaken in the past.
Please continue to support SUAF at San Diego. See you there!
Sincerely yours,
Isais Paniamogan 2007-2008
Miriam Tan-Cole 2009-2010
Laarni Catague-Gularek 2011-2012
Julia Jacinto 2012-2014
Dinah B. Penaflorida, MPH,MSN,RN
SUAF @ San Diego