San Diego Creative Youth Development Summit Wednesday

San Diego Creative Youth Development Summit
Wednesday, February 4, 2015 from 10 AM - 1:30 PM
Featured Speakers
Bill Strickland – Founder of Pittsburgh’s Manchester Bidwell Corporation
and MacArthur Fellowship Winner
Denise Montgomery – Co-author of The Wallace Foundation’s Report
Something to Say: Success Principles for Afterschool Arts Programs from Urban
Youth and Other Experts
A Panel of Creative Youth Development Program Participants
Join local leaders dedicated to improving the success of youth in school and career
preparedness in an interactive exploration of creative youth development. Creative youth
development is an intentional process that combines skill-building in the arts with development
of life skills to support young people in participating successfully in adolescence and adult life.
National experts will outline the potential for community programs, after-school programs, and
workforce development to reach their goals through inclusion of arts and humanities. This
summit is for people involved in youth development, after-school and arts programs.
MacArthur Fellowship winner, author, and social entrepreneur Bill Strickland will speak on the
impact achieved through Pittsburgh’s Manchester Bidwell Corporation (MBC) and its
subsidiaries, which he founded in 1968. MBC is the premier national example of communitybased creative youth development and has inspired replication of its model in multiple cities.
The national influence of The Wallace Foundation’s report Something to Say: Success Principles
for Afterschool Arts Programs From Urban Youth and Other Experts has been growing since its
release in late 2013. The report takes the unique approach of examining tweens and teens as
consumers who make choices about their out-of-school free time. San Diego resident and
report researcher and lead author Denise Montgomery will outline the report’s findings,
including insights on tween engagement and ten principles for high-quality, out-of-school time
arts programs.
The Summit will also include a panel of local youth who participate in San Diego-based creative
youth development programs so they can comment on their own experience in relation to the
findings of the “Something to Say” report. A period of roundtable discussions will enable
attendees to explore how San Diego providers can infuse their work with creative youth
development principles and place creative youth development at the center of local efforts to
increase success opportunities for youth.
San Diego Creative Youth Development Summit
Fact Sheet
Wednesday, February 4, 2015
10:00 AM to 1:30 PM
San Diego Foundation, Liberty Station
Program Sequence:
Welcome and National Context
“Something to Say” Report Presentation by Denise Montgomery
Youth Speakers Panel
Breakout Roundtables on 10 Principles and Next Steps for San Diego
Boxed Lunches
Featured Speaker Bill Strickland
Community members involved in youth development, after-school and arts
Summit Planning Committee
Dalouge Smith, President & CEO, San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory
Matt D’Arrigo, CEO, ARTS (A Reason to Survive)
Jennifer Oliver, Interim Executive Director, Young Audiences
Cecelia Kouma, Executive Director, Playwrights Project
Amber Weber, former Chief Service Officer, City of Chula Vista – Office of Mayor Cheryl Cox
Denise Montgomery, Project Director, Next Level SMG and Principal, CultureThrive Consulting
Dennis Doyle, Executive Director, CoTA (Collaborations: Teachers and Artists)
Ryan Ginard, The San Diego Foundation
Host Committee
Ed Abeyta, UCSD Extension K-16 Program
Ian Gordon, San Diego Youth Development Office
Darcy Lomeli and Russ Sperling, San Diego County Office of Education
Veronica C. Ortega, Ph.D., San Diego City College
Tia Quinn, BOOST Collaborative
Kim Richards, STEAMConnect
Dana Springs, Executive Director, City of San Diego – Commission on Arts and Culture
Nancy Jamison, San Diego Grantmakers
National Creative Youth Development Resources