The NECEA News

The NECEA News
February 2014
New England Claim Executives Association, Est. 1930
Issue # 81 FEB 2015
NECEA was founded in 1930 to promote professionalism among claims people in the New England Region.
Officers Roster 2014-2015
Vincent Farricielli - Treasurer
[email protected] 203 985 8000
Robert Asci - Treasurer
[email protected] 617 921 1139
Joyce Recchia –Steward
[email protected] 860 480 8604
Frank Puopolo - Webmaster
[email protected]
978 646 9600
Bob Partridge - Golf Chairman
[email protected]
860 951 6387
Lisa’s husband, NECEA Past President Bill
Mullen, spoke of the connection he and Lisa
had to the Connecticut insurance industry
through their associations with the NECEA and
Blue Goose. Bill led us in a toast to her
President Farricielli announced that the
NECEA was making a donation to “A Day For
Dez” in honor of Lisa.
The evening’s guest speaker was NECEA
member Tom Mierzwa, PE of LWG Consulting
and his topic was “Weather related damage to
roofing systems’.
Paula Pelletier – Scholarships & Charity
He reviewed
some of the
most common
roofing systems,
ranging from the
high slope
systems (asphalt
shingles, metal,
wood, tile) to the
low slope
systems such as
the single ply
roofs (EPDM,
TPO, PVC) and
low slope
asphalt systems
(Built Up and
[email protected]
Dan Rich – Communication Chairman
[email protected]
860 841 7833
February Meeting Recap
Last night’s NECEA meeting drew 30 members
and guests to Costa Del Sol.
President Vince
Farricielli called
the meeting to
order and asked
the crowd to
NECEA member
Lisa Mullen who
passed away on
January 18th.
He related these systems to how they are
damaged by hail or tornados, and how various
installation defects may contribute to the failure
of the roofing systems.
, 2015 when our guest speakers will be Randall
Hayes and Joe Andriola of O'Connell, Attmore
His wide ranging and very informative
presentation also mentioned roof ballast,
insulation boards, building codes, flashings,
vents, ice/water shield, roofing installation
methods, and ice dams.
He ended his presentation with some
interesting case studies of Low Slope Roofing
failures he has consulted on.
President Faricielli thanked Tom for his
excellent presentation and also thanked
member John Mastroianni for delivering the
toys collected at our Christmas Party.
Next Month’s Meeting
The NECEA’s next meeting will feature a
presentation on one of the “hot button” issues
facing the insurance community – Cyber
Liability. The meeting will be on March 10
when our guest speakers will be Randall
Hayes and Joe Andriola of O'Connell, Attmore
& Morris, LLC.
NECEA 2014-15 Schedule
March 10, 2015
Dinner Meeting
Speakers Randall Hayes and Joe Andriola
O'Connell, Attmore & Morris, LLC
Topic: Cyber Liability
Costa Del Sol
April 8, 2015
All Industry Night Charity Benefit
Aquaturf Club
May 19, 2015
NECEA Golf & Annual Meeting
Glastonbury Hills
NECEA Membership Application
When completed forward to President of NECEA
[ ] Regular Membership
[ ] Associate Membership
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Name: _____________________________________
Company: __________________________________
Title: ______________________________________
Years in Claims: _______
Address: ___________________________________
Telephone __________________________________
E-mail: _____________________________________
All new members must be sponsored by two regular members.
Sponsor Name: _____________________________
Sponsor Name: _____________________________
All new membership applications are subject to review and approval by the
NECEA Membership Committee, Executive Officers & General Membership
Signature of Applicant _____________________
Date of Application________________________
Questions? Contact Vincent Farricielli 203 985 8000 [email protected]