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Start-up Tour: Berlin
26/27 February 2015
26 February 2015: Dinner
Welcome: Max von Abendroth, Executive Director of the European Magazine Media Association
(EMMA) and Sebastian Markowski, Project Manager at VDZ Akademie.
Keynote: representative of Bundesverband Deutsche Startups e.V.
Start-up: Introduction of Laterpay, a payment system, by CEO and founder
Cosmin Ene.
Start-up: Introduction of NewsRepublic, a news app, by Country Director,
Germany and Spain Stefan Lange.
Start-up: Introduction of Sensorberg GmbH, the (i)Beacon infrastructure
provider by Founder and CEO Alexander Oelling.
Start-up: Introduction of Cloud World, a central and neutral B2B marketplace
for cloud products and services by Online Marketing Director Sven Soltau.
Get Together.
27 February 2015: Tour
Pick-up from hotel.
Station 1: Visit to Tame, a news selection tool which filters the most important
news from your networks.
Station 2: Visit to One to Smile, the specialists for personalized messages in
Station 3: Visit to ADSPERT, the software vendor for online advertising.
Lunch: Microsoft Venture Accelerator, with an introduction by Marius Sewing,
14:15 - 15:00h
Station 4: Visit to clipkit GmbH, the moving image marketer.
15:15 - 16:00h
Station 5: Visit to Blinkist, which compacts non-fiction into 15-minute reads.
16:15 - 17:00h
Station 6: Visit to the Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator.
Transfer to airport.
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Start-up Tour: Berlin
26/27 February 2015
The Start-ups
Next Generation Bidding
Adspert’s software sets the ideal bid at the right time for every Google ad you
are using to advertise online. Thereby, you spend less of your budget and
achieve more sales at the same time. Adspert works for an amazing group of
smart people at companies all over the world, like Plus Online GmbH – one of
the biggest German retailers.
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Solve Your Reading Problem
Blinkist is a mobile learning company that distills key insights from outstanding
nonfiction books into fifteen-minute, made-for-mobile reads. Our mission is to
make great knowledge engaging, inspiring, and accessible for the modern
reader. Based in Berlin, Blinkist has been serving curious minds since 2013
and is currently available for iPhone, iPad and web.
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Your Favorite Publications in One Place
News Republic is the disruptive global news syndicator with mobile apps for
smartphones (iPhone and Android), tablets and wearables (Samsung Galaxy
Gear, LG smart watch). The app has won many awards including Google’s
prestigious “Editor’s Choice.”
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Making People Smile!
One to Smile significantly increases response and conversion rates from your
customers and creates customer loyalty at the same time. This is proved by
up to 267% higher click rates, and up to 700% return on investment. How do
we do this? We integrate names and personalized messages into images. We
call it SMiP: Short Message in Picture. We “naturally” embedd the recipient’s
name into stunning visual motifs. The effect: significantly higher attention.
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The Evolution of Digital Video
clipkit is one of the largest and fastest growing independent online video
technology companies in Europe, with locations in Germany, Turkey and
Portugal. clipkit is a technology-driven specialist for online video marketing.
They connect video owners and publishers with video producers, website
editors, as well as advertisers.
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Use Now, Pay Later
LaterPay is a service-oriented application programming interface (API)
platform which enables content providers to sell digital content without
advance registration or advance payment. LaterPay reduces the customer’s
resistance to paying for content and simplifies micropayment for print, video,
audio, and gaming content on the Internet.
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Driving Innovation Across Europe
Launched in 2013, the Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator is a Berlin-based accelerator looking for trail-blazing digital entrepreneurs. We’re
more than just an accelerator: we provide global opportunities from day one,
through our international network in Europe and Silicon Valley.
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The Beacon Management Platform
Sensorberg as a (i)Beacon infrastructure provider enables any company
to convert their apps into iBeacon aware apps. Sensorberg’s solution and
services are based on the provision of the Proximity Interaction Platform,
which is composed of basic modules: the Sensorberg SDKs developed on
iOS and Android, a cloud-based content management system, the Beacon
hardware, a Beacon configuration app, an analytics tool and the technical
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Marketplace for Cloud-Based Software
cloud world is the central and neutral B2B marketplace for cloud products and
services on the German-speaking market. cloud world provides a directory
with SaaS-, IaaS and PaaS-products as well as cloudbased services.
Furthermore, cloud world informs about cloud topics with an info-center, a
blog, a newsletter and whitepapers.
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Organised by:
Tame the Noise & Get Insights
Tame is the first context search engine for the real-time web. The web-based
application delivers at a glance most shared links, most important topics and
most mentioned users from Twitter. Within seconds, journalists, PR- and
marketing experts find useful information and sources.
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