Master Thesis Proposals Eric Jul, Professor II Bell Labs Ireland Fall 2014

Master Thesis Proposals
Eric Jul, Professor II
[email protected]
Bell Labs Ireland
Fall 2014
 Monthly face-to-face meeting in office at IFI
 1-3 Skype meetings as needed
 Document sharing, e.g., via Dropbox
Project areas:
 Design Patterns
 Distributed Objects
Design Patterns
Design Patterns for Mobile Devices
Design Patterns for Cloud Computing
A comparative study of either area.
Can be combined with the actual implementation of multiple design patterns
How languages affect design patterns
An analysis of how different language designs affect various design patterns, e.g.,
some languages have features that directly implement some design patterns, such as
iterator or singleton.
The analysis can be kept at a theoretical level or combined with experimentation, i.e.,
implementing some design patterns in a number of different languages.
Distributed Objects
Porting the Distributed Object Language Emerald to iPhone/iPad/iOS
– Live objects migrating between iPhones!
– A similar port to Android has been done before
Implementing the ACCEPT mechanism in Emerald
– ACCEPT is a proposed language construct that allows an object, A, to get to
know another object MERELY because it moves onto the same node that A
runs on.
– Combination of implementation (both compiler and runtime) and language level
usage of the concept.
An experimental analysis of the Near-Far Cloud concept using Emerald running on
– Planetlab is an experimental testbed consisting of about 1,200 computers
– Near-Far Cloud is about moving objects and computation closer to the edge –
OR further into the Cloud