D2L Brightspace Consolidation

D2L Brightspace Consolidation
Summer 2015 Academic Courses in D2L Brightspace
Summer 2015 courses on the Marietta campus will be housed in the existing SPSU D2L environment.
Fall 2015 Academic Courses in D2L Brightspace
Beginning in Fall 2015, all courses will take place in the consolidated KSU D2L Brightspace environment.
 Marietta campus faculty will receive access to the KSU D2L Brightspace environment by March 31, 2015, using
their KSU NetIDs.
 Fall 2015 course shells will be open to faculty on both campuses by March 31, 2015.
Migrated Content for Past SPSU Courses
The following previous semester courses will be available in KSU D2L Brightspace by March 31:
 Spring 2013
 Summer 2013
 Fall 2013
 Spring 2014
 Summer 2014
 Fall 2014
 Non-Banner Courses (e.g., sandboxes)
The course content was migrated into KSU D2L Brightspace for instructors, so that instructors can copy course content
into future courses. The migrated courses do not include any student data or student work.
Future Content Migrations
Spring 2015 course content will be migrated into KSU D2L in May 2015.
Additional non-Banner courses (sandboxes created since previous migration in Oct. 2014) will be migrated into
KSU D2L in May 2015.
Summer 2015 course content will be migrated into KSU D2L in August 2015.
Additional Migration Details
Courses from Spring 2013 through Summer 2015, including student work and grades, will remain available in SPSU D2L
until August 1, 2016.
Spring 2013 through Summer 2014 semesters, plus non-Banner courses, were migrated into KSU D2L in October 2014.
Fall 2014 courses were migrated in January 2015. Any changes to these courses made after they were migrated will not
be reflected in KSU D2L. However, instructors can use the Export/Import feature in D2L to move content at any time.
For additional help or installation issues, please contact:
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