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Intuitive monitoring
provides physicians
with the ultimate
clinical confidence
Ensures dependable bed-side
patient care allowing precise
evaluation of parameters
Dual operation system: Touch
screen and operation button
enhances user experience
12.1” inch screen with high-resolution:
Built-in lithium battery for 120
minutes of continuous monitoring
Multi-mount solution: Wall mounting,
Gold-plated module contacts,
automatic data exchange through IR
**Thermal printer
12.1” Display Monitor
** Optional Feature
Enables accurate measurement of
parameters, thus meeting the demands
of different application areas
Masimo SpO2 Sensor offers the best
performance, ease of use and most comfort
**PHASEIN ETCO2 Monitoring Technology
adds a further layer of protection
Multi-parameters Module
Multi-parameters module enables the efficient
measurement of various parameters and has maximum
8 connection sockets. It helps doctors make selections
easily and meet the user demands from different
Standard Parameters
Ensures increased clinical confidence in measuring
the vital parameters - ECG, HR, RESP, TEMP, SpO2, NiBP,
*Optional Feature
IBP (Invasive Blood Pressure) Module
By using US Abbott / Medex invasive blood pressure
attachment, it can monitor arterial pressure, pulmonary
arterial pressure, central venous pressure, and intracranial
pressure, etc.
CO (Invasive Cardiac Output) Module
BPL ExcelSign E12 comprises invasive cardiac output technique, but CO
measurements are conducted with conventional thermo dilution invasive
cardiac output and other hemodynamic parameters. The monitor can measure
‘blood temperature’, ‘calculating cardiac output’, ‘calculating hemodynamics’.
The cardiac output is measured with floating catheter led from vein to
pulmonary artery followed by injecting a certain amount of ice water at 00C
(injecta) such that the blood temperature will be varied after the injecta and
blood output from the heart are mixed together, thereby achieving cardiac
output by measuring blood temperature variation before and after injected in
accordance with the principle of heat balance
ICG (Non-invasive Blood Flow Dynamics) Module
Collaborated with US BIOZ®, an impedance ECG is adopted to realize non-invasive
blood flow dynamics monitoring, which is characterized by its non-invasive,
continuous and highly accurate and strong interference-resistant capability as well
as lower cost and easy operation. A disposable special electrode is used to transmit
a tiny electric signal through chest. The impedance of the electric signal can be
measured and displayed in an ICG waveform. As blood volume and blood flow rate
in the aorta vary along with each subsequent heartbeat, DISQ® (Digital Impedance
Signal Quantification) technology is used to cope with variation of impedance
signal. The impedance variation is used in non-invasive ZMARCTM algorithm (the
aorta compliance regulation) so as to obtain hemodynamics.
12 –lead ECG
ETCO2 Module
Small size, durable and lightweight, the mainstream sensor - RESPIRONICS
CO2 by US RESPIRONICS/Sweden PHASEIN provides accurate and reliable
CO2 monitoring of all intubated patients from new born child to adults. It
can be automatically corrected. A LoFlo side flow probe (without dewatering
bottle) is used to monitor non-intubated patients. The flexible and compact
CO2 sensor provides a continuous and reliable monitoring of adults, children
and neonates with a sampling rate (miniflow) of < 50mL/min.
qCON / BIS (Depth of Anaesthesia) Module
The qCON / BIS module has been designed to be used in the monitoring of
the level of consciousness of a person during the application of general
anaesthesia or in intensive care. This is accomplished by registering the
electroencephalographic signal (EEG) by means of surface electrodes, which
is then analyzed by a digital process. As a result of the applied calculation, an
index ‘qCON / BIS’ is obtained, which serves as guidance to experts who use it
to determine the level of consciousness of the patient during surgery
AG (Anaesthetics Gases) Module
With Sweden PHASEIN AG module, BPL ExcelSign E17 can monitor eight
different gases (O2, CO2, N2O, ENF, ISO, DES, SEV, HAL). It can automatically
identify what kind of anaesthetic gas is in use, characterized by its short
period of preheat time and long service life as well as MAC value provided
(Minimum Alveolar Concentration)
User Interface
Alarm System
Three level alarm system for 360 degree observation, easy
to see physiological and technical alarm; unique I-KLOK
intelligent alarm technology, which can identify alarm
grade automatically according to physiological parameters
change; in different three level of visual and audio alarm, to
help medical staff to make accurate judgment
HR Alarm Setup
60 ~ 100
Slight Abnormal 45 ~ 59 ; 101 ~ 119
Slight Urgent
31 ~ 44 ; 120 ~ 139
<30 ; >140
Seamless Networking
Strong network function supports wired, wireless and 3G
Unlimited Extension Module
Unlimited extension module with automatic software
detection and dynamic interface adjustment
Easy Interface Switching
Prompt module identification and interface switching
without flashing
100 120 140
30 45 60 80
Large font interface enables
monitoring from a long
distance, which is especially
suitable for ICU, CCU, OR, etc.
Module MAP Diagram
Module MAP diagram
displays operating status of
Enhanced Touch Operation
Complete touch operation
provides a whole new touch
experience to the user
Trend Interface
Trend review for 120 hours
can be selected. It captures
different scopes of data
according to clinical demand
8 Channel of Waveform
At most 8 channel of
waveform display;
waveforms of various
parameters can be combined
and switched freely
according to the user’s need
Easy Viewing and Analysis
ECG waveform review
display enables ECG
waveform review, important
waveform segments
withdraw for clinical
judgment, analysis of
important information
Enhanced Lead Acquisition
7-lead /12-lead ECG
waveforms displayed in one
screen : lead acquisition and
amplification. Rhythm lead
calculation can be selected
randomly and synchronous
display on the screen
Efficient Analysis
Enables efficient ST
analysis, arrhythmia
analysis, drug dose
calculation, titration form
and CIS electronic medical
Calculation Interface
It includes calculation
of drug, oxygenation,
ventilation and renal
function (The system can
store the records of the last
10 calculations)
List Interface
Helps to record NiBP,
HR, PR and pulse
oxygen respiration for
clinical comparison and
Efficient Data Storage
New data storage mode
without compression and
waveform distortion. With
data power failure storage
function, it can store up to
1,200 hours trend diagram
and chart, and also stores
5,000 groups NiBP list and
60 minutes waveform review
Respiration Oxygenation
It consist of HR, SpO2 and
PR trend or compressed
respiration wave. 4 trend
periods such as 1 minute,
2 minutes and 4 minutes
are selectable. Compressed
respiration wave or dynamic
trend diagram of PR also can
be selected.
Optional Transportation Monitor
**Transportation monitor equipped
with independent operating system can
be used for BPL ExcelSign E12 plug-in
module. When used together with BPL
ExcelSign E12, it enables the display of
double screens simultaneously. Patients
data can be swapped between the
transportation monitor and BPL ExcelSign
E12. It enables the data transfer and
sharing of the data with BPL ExcelSign
E12. The built-in 2600mAh lithium cell
can support hot swap with power on,
ensuring that the patient’s information is
monitored without any obstacle
Arrived at spot
Lifted onto stretcher
Put on to ambulance
Sent to Emergency Room
After the ambulance transport
monitor is connected to BPL
ExcelSign E12 modular monitor,
the patient would be fully
monitored with BPL ExcelSign
E12. BPL ExcelSign E12 will
take over to monitor and start
Enables round-the-clock monitoring of
a patient from the first-aid spot to the
complete recovery
Transferred from
emergency room to an
operating room
Transferred from
the operating
room to ICU
Transferred to General Ward
Patients will be transferred
to general ward once their
condition improve and
become stable. The patient’s
information accumulated in
the operating room and ICU
unit will be transferred through
a small host transportation
monitor to a large frame BPL
ExcelSign E12 modular monitor
to ensure the continuity and
real-time updating for patient’s
Treated in the Operating Room
BPL ExcelSign E12 modular monitor
will carry out all-round monitoring
and diagnosing of patient’s
condition in the operating room,
thereby displaying **12-channel
ECG on the screen simultaneously.
The accurate ECG measurements
will help doctors to make good
diagnosis thereby, allowing smooth
operations. Combination of an
anaesthesia machine, respirator and
BPL ExcelSign E17 will help doctors
to control operation time more
ICU ward
BPL ExcelSign E12 modular monitor
has taken an important position
in ICU ward. As a device to directly
display the patient’s condition
after operation, it allows doctors to
control the condition at any time
in ICU, and it will give an alarm
under abnormal condition to remind
medical stuff so that they can keep
an effective check on the patient
The patient is discharged from
hospital and the patient’s
records are filed.
**Optional Features
Designed for
Ease of Use
12.1 inch bright LED backlit display,
low power consumption, efficient; touch
screen and button operation, dual
Modular mechanical structure design, easy
disassembly and maintenance, with a high
degree of reliability and stability
Fanless design preventing recontamination
Aluminum – Magnesium alloy stent design,
lighter, more stable with better heat
Large-capacity lithium battery with intelligent
control chip, power control accuracy of up to
1%, > 4 hours working time on single charge
effectively extending the battery life
Data transfer from different parameter module
is through infrared transmission mode to
prevent electromagnetic interference
Highly integrated modular
mechanical structure, easy
to remove and maintain with
high degree of reliability
designed handle for
comfortable use
DVI-D interface, support digital
high definition video signal
output. Has USB ports, supports
plug in keyboard, mouse
operation, USB data transfer,
Software upgrades, etc.
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