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Pound Cake Churros
Yield: 24 servings
Reorder No.Description
Pound Cake
GFS Large Eggs
3 ct.
4 ct.
RecipeCocoa Cinnamon Sugar
16 oz.
1 qt.
24 oz.
597767Chocolate Milk
3 qts.
587338Vanilla Ice Cream
48 oz.
GFS Baking Cocoa
⁄2 oz.
Preparation Instructions
Wash hands. Slice the cake while frozen in half widthwise. Slice the
halves lengthwise. Slice lengthwise again into quarters. Place side by
side between parchment paper layers in a covered storage container
and refrigerate until needed, up to 3 days. Each bread loaf yields 8,
1" x 5" pieces. There will be 4 pieces per serving.
enu a fresh take on a classic
Spanish snack. Buttery
pound cake sprinkled with cocoa and
cinnamon sugar is deep-fried and
served with a rich dipping sauce of
Churro Batter
Prepare as needed for service. Place the eggs in a stainless steel
mixing bowl, beat with wire whisk, and add water and cornstarch. Mix
thoroughly using wire whisk. Cover with film wrap and refrigerate
until needed. Place cocoa cinnamon sugar in a 4" stainless steel half
pan. Cover with film wrap until needed.
To prepare à la carte:
Dip 4 pieces of cake in churro batter. Shake off excess batter and
place in a 350°F deep fryer. Cook 21⁄2 to 31⁄2 minutes or until goldenbrown and heated through. Allow to drain, then place in cocoa
cinnamon-sugar and toss cakes to coat. Shake off excess sugar. Stack
churros on a warmed serving plate. Pour 4 flz. of chocolate milk in
a wide-mouth chilled glass and place a 2 oz. scoop of ice cream in
the milk. Dust the top of the ice cream with the cocoa. The chocolate
milk float is used as dipping sauce for the churros.
Cocoa Cinnamon Sugar
Yield: 4 pounds
Reorder No.Description
GFS Baking Cocoa
3 oz.
Trade East Ground Cinnamon
3 oz.
GFS Granulated Beet Sugar
4 lbs.
Preparation Instructions
Wash hands. Combine all ingredients in a stainless steel bowl. Mix
together until thoroughly blended. Transfer to a covered container,
label, date, and store in a covered storage container up to one week.
Selling Price
$5.99Cost per Portion
Food Cost
chocolate milk, cocoa-dusted vanilla
ice cream, and cinnamon sugar.
Available through LTO Direct™.
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