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Message from the Minister
Wait for the gift God has promised – Acts 1: 4
To wait seems to have become the hardest thing to do. It is almost a
platitude to say that we live in a hectic world; we have 24/7 news,
informing us that some celebrity has hurt her toe. We have 24 hour
shopping, can order our groceries at 3am in the morning and expect
them to be delivered the same day. Order a book, down load it on our
Kindle within seconds and read it straight away. There is no need to
wait – we don’t want to wait.
In a previous age there seemed have been more of a rhythm in life.
Farm workers had the seasons – waiting and observing is part of a
farmer’s job (this is a city dweller talking!). While craftsmen worked
long hours but Sunday was a day of rest. When I first became involved
in purchasing and supply, an order placed in Germany could take up to
three months to arrive. By the time I left we had developed a ‘roll on roll off’ system with goods arriving every day, if we didn’t need them we
would just send them back. No more waiting!
Some Christian traditions include ‘waiting’ as a discipline. Over the
years I have increasingly appreciated going on a silent retreat –
spending time waiting for God to speak. Lent can also be seen as a
time of waiting. During this waiting time, not an ‘empty time’, we talk
about Lent being a time of preparation for Good Friday and Easter
Strange things happen when we wait. First there is a growing
impatience – something ought to happen but nothing does. There is an
increase of ‘noise‘- “what are we having for tea?”, and “need to send my
shoes to be repaired”! Then after some time, a stillness settles on us
and there is a realisation that we don’t need to do anything, all that
takes time! It seems that in this stillness God’s still small voice can
speak more clearly. It is the moment when we realise we don’t need to
do anything, God starts doing the doing. I have not really understood all
this yet apart from appreciating the need for waiting, to be patient
(which is a gift of God’s Spirit after all). So when you see me doing
nothing – I might be waiting!
After Easter we will re-start our meditation sessions on a Thursday
evening – a great opportunity ‘To Wait’.
May God’s still small voice speak to you in this time of waiting for Easter
Holy Week Prayers
We shall be holding Prayers again through Holy Week 7.45am –
8.15am in the Meeting Room. This is a very good way to share the
Saviour’s journey in this most important week. If you have never come
and taken part please try this year. Different people will be leading the
mornings so feel free to come and join us.
Words of Inspiration
O Lord, you have searched me and you know me. You know when I sit
and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar. You discern my
going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways. Before a
word is on my tongue you know it completely, O Lord. You hem me in behind and before; you have laid your hand upon me. Such knowledge is
too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain. Where can I go from your
Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence? If I go up to the heavens,
you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there. If I rise on the
wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your
hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast.
Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious
thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the
way everlasting.
Verses from Psalm 139
March 2015
News of the Fellowship
We remember with thanksgiving Ernie Yeomans who died suddenly
on February 13th. We pray especially for Gwyneth and all the family as
they mourn Ernie, his funeral is on March 6th at 2.30 pm at LBC.
We also remember Nigel Lawson who died unexpectedly in February.
Nigel played drums in LBC band and will be sadly missed by his family
and friends.
Congratulations to Mary Coote on the birth of a great grandson, a son
for Mary’s granddaughter, Isobel and her husband.
We pray for those who aren’t well and others receiving treatment
especially Anne Addleton, Keith and Audrey Hall, Jill Lewis.
We remember our Guide and Rainbow groups and the work they do
amongst girls, both are low on members and are hoping to recruit new
girls to continue their groups.
40 years on – The Re-Decoration
As part of our preparations for the Anniversary celebration in early June,
arrangements have been made for the re-decoration of the Worship
Room. Scaffolding will be erected and much of the movable furniture
removed for the duration. There will be no access to the Worship Room
during this period.
The Worship Room will therefore be closed for the three Sundays,
8th, 15th and 22nd March.
During this period Sunday Morning worship will be in the Assembly Hall,
and Evening/Sunday at 4 will be in the Meeting Room.
Normal arrangements will re-commence on Sunday March 29th.
40th Anniversary Celebrations
Sunday 14th June 2015
A day of fellowship, worship, prayer, thanksgiving
and looking to the future
Plans are already moving forward; please speak to any of the people
named below if you have thoughts, material or can be involved in any
Michael Tebbatt and Lynne Atkin have prepared invitations to the day.
We hope to invite:
 Those who have or have had any connection with the church
 Past ministers and those who have worked within the church
 All those in any way connected with the church and its
 All those in Loughborough and its surroundings who may be
interested in who we are and what we do
Please ask Michael for invitations to give out or send out and give
positive replies to him
Michael and Lilian Limb have offered to host a get together for visitors
who may arrive on Saturday evening
Remember Loughborough
Veronica Roe is going to put information on Remember Loughborough.
There will be services at 10.45am and 3.30pm. These will be prepared
and led by our minister Rev Gert Glasius
The choir (David Gabe), the band and singing group (Pat Maisch) will
provide music and the children will sing two songs (Pauline Anderson).
Gillian Butcher is organising the decoration of the windows and Pat
Maisch will oversee the flowers in the church
During the day the Spiritual Development Group will give the
opportunity to share thoughts, prayers and extracts from the Bible.
The fellowship of food
 There will be a fruit punch served in the worship room after the
morning service
 A buffet lunch will be served (outside if the weather is suitable)
with time for talking and fellowship. Geraldine Gorse +help
 Katie Tebbatt is making a cake to celebrate our 40 years
 Victoria Edwards is organising a party for the children in the
millennium suite.
Six display boards around the church building displaying significant
memorabilia from our history:
The formation of the Loughborough Baptist Church,
The History Group
Elaine Grimley
1986 – 1995
Michael Tebbatt
1996 – 2005
Julia Perry
2006 – 2014
Sheena Mammon, Daphne Hall and the Tuesday
House Group
2015 and beyond Michael Limb, Pauline Anderson
Please offer to help or to give material to any of these groups.
Lilian Limb is willing to compile a booklet if people would like to send
her their thoughts/memories etc. She will also include any messages
from speakers
We are looking forward to a really enjoyable and memorable day.
Please pray for the occasion and involve yourself in other ways as you
feel able.
Margaret Thirlwell and Elaine Grimley
“Greening Over”!
“If winter comes, can Spring be far behind”?
Few signs of “greening over” yet among the trees but snowdrops and
crocuses are a welcome sight! The message, politically speaking, is
that “greening over” is happening as well, since the World Economic
Forum in Davos met in January this year. Now our present Coalition
Government has made a joint pact to end the increased and unabated
coal burning, chiefly responsible for recent climate changes. This will
make a great difference to capping and controlling present carbon CO2
emissions. Last year, 2014, was confirmed as the hottest year globally
since records began in 1880 and for almost 40 years consecutively
above the average! Both Scotland and Wales have so far blocked
`fracking’ until, they say, further consultation and research have taken
place. Other developing countries, Brazil, Russia, India and China have
all `accepted’ the need for a cap on emissions and an obligation put on
all 190 countries represented at Davos to produce their plans. For the
U.S., President Obama is thought to hope of making climate change
part of his final legacy.
“Hope for the Future” is an ecumenical UK wide campaign by Christian
Aid, Tearfund, and others to get realistic climate change policies into
the manifestos of the main political parties ahead of the next General
Election, May2015. It suggests three main things we can do: Firstly,
prayer is essential, praying for deep compassion for God’s earth and all
of those who depend upon it. Secondly, practical things we may
already do, such as recycling, home insulation, using renewable energy.
Finally, make sure our politicians know of our concerns. Pick up a
leaflet entitled` HOPE FOR THE FUTURE’ in the foyer for ideas on how
to do this.
Paris 2015 is the last best chance for a global agreement on cutting
carbon emissions, Let us pray that we can really make “Greening Over”
a certainty for us all in the future.
Hilary Cramer
Migrants and Asylum Seekers
What are your first thoughts when you think about immigration within
the UK? Is it that Britain is far too small to cope with many nationalities?
Is it about benefit tourism? Is it about taking jobs away from our own
workers. Is it about taking advantage of the NHS which is free at the
point of entry? Do you think that Britain needs to exercise control over
the number of immigrants entering the UK?
There are a good many half truths about the arguments against
allowing migrants to our country. But, for many who daily face the reality
of hunger, poverty, death or disruption of family life, there is much more
truth in their desire to escape and find peace and refuge.
As a Christian church and as members belonging to LBC, do you think
we should welcome strangers to our shores. Consider the following
1. All asylum seekers, refugees and migrants should be
treated with dignity and respect.
2. A fair and effective process to decide whether people need
protection should be in place.
3. No one should be locked up indefinitely.
4. No one should be left sick or destitute in our society.
5. We should welcome the stranger and help them to integrate.
These principles are outlined in detail in The Birmingham Declaration
made at a conference of about 400 people on 15 November 2014.
Very many different organisations have pledged themselves to
supporting refugees and asylum seekers through welcoming them and
through practical help. These include churches and multi faith places of
worship. It is the intention of those who have signed up to the pledge to
seek to recruit as many others as possible, individuals and
organisations, to gain as many signatories as possible, before
approaching Members of Parliament before the General Election.
The Loughborough Town of Sanctuary is seeking to get as many
signatories (from individuals and organisations) as soon as possible.
When I last reported in the Church magazine in 2014 our group, the
Loughborough Town of Sanctuary, were meeting to plan and prepare
for meeting and greeting asylum seekers coming to the Loughborough
reporting centre (United Kingdom Border Agency) from various places
but mostly from Derby, Leicester and Nottingham. We have now
established ourselves as a group of about 15 volunteers who provide a
few sessions per week to meet and greet people as they arrive at the
Centre on the corner of South Street and Wood Gate. We are able to
provide them with handouts with a message and useful information
such as a map for sign posting buses etc. We give details of
organisations, who can offer advice and support, if they are not already
aware of them.We have started networking with these organisations
which is helpful to all concerned. They include the British Red Cross,
Refugee Forum and the Leicester Branch of the City of Sanctuary. We
also provide vouchers for free tea or coffee (paid for by fund raising) at
the community cafe in John Storer House. When the Bothy is able to
open this could well be another useful resource.
If our Church is willing to support
The Birmingham Declaration we
can find more information through
the following website with links:
I hope we can consider a proposal to pledge to support The
Birmingham Declaration.
Richard O'Connor
“Welcoming the Outsider”
How churches can help refugees and asylum seekers
Saturday 21st March 2015
9am – 2.30pm
Riverside Centre, Pride Park, Derby DE24 8HY
This nationally acclaimed conference will explore what you and your
church can do to help vulnerable asylum seekers and refugees. It will
give you a good understanding of the situation in Derby, the issues
people face and the services available to help them. Workshops and
seminars will equip you to understand how the asylum system works
and give practical ideas on ways to help people feel welcomed into our
churches and communities.
We will hear from people seeking sanctuary themselves.
Other contributors include Bishop Alastair, the Bishop of Derby,
Deirdre Sheahan (Paragon Law), Dave Smith (Boaz Trust) and
representatives from organisations supporting refugees and asylum
seekers in Derby
Refreshments included
Lunch: £5 waged or free for volunteers
TO BOOK register at
or phone 01332 332044
Quiet Reflections
Lord, re-create us fresh and new, so that we can look at life with continued
expectancy and an ever-renewed sense of wonder. Help us to cast off bad
habits and prejudices and allow pure thoughts and feelings to flow through
us. Amen
Family Worker News
Second Anniversary
Unbelievably I have been Family Worker at the church for two years
now and in a sense the time has flown by in a moment. At my party to
thank all the volunteers who have helped in this, a waitress asked if I
had been doing the job for 500 years. Well at times it feels like that too,
as so much seems to have happened. Then if one considers all the
work of Christians in their communities through the ages and our work a
continuation of this; obeying Jesus’ commandment to evangelize, then
yes it has been going on for 500 years and much more.
Some of our young people in the church, Billy, Eduarda, Connie, Lewis,
Rosie and Izzy, were splendid waiters and waitresses, making and
serving cocktails under the direction of Gert. They served the food to
the tables and made entertaining conversation with the guests.
A huge thank you to all who came to celebrate and for all who have
helped and supported me in this precious work during a second year.
Now the third year has started already!
Super Star members enjoyed the themes of Loaves and Fishes,
Valentines and Giants during February. Here are some of the children
with their crafts and cooking for Valentine’s Day.
More parents and children are joining us on a Monday afternoon at the
Little and Rising Star Groups manly due to advertising on the Netmums
site. There is nothing like a personal invitation though, so do advertise it
with friends and neighbours.
Our new course for parents of children from birth to early teens, giving
parents a chance to share their experiences, learn from each other and
explore some essential parenting values has started. Do talk to me if
you are interested in joining us. It runs every Wednesday morning, 10
until 12noon, in the Family Room. The cost is £10 for the whole course,
which includes crèche, course booklet, hot drinks and biscuits and
snacks for the children.
School Assemblies
Gert and I are on the rota for the Thursday Assemblies at the CofE
School in William Street. Sometimes we take an assembly together but
usually we take turns. In the autumn term I spoke about Harvest and
Gert, Faithfulness and then we did the Advent one together. A couple of
weeks ago my theme was Wise and Foolish and so I got children out to
act a story of King Solomon, the two women and a baby, and then
organised groups to act out the parable of the wise and foolish builders.
The children at this school listen very well, join in responsibly and sing
Visiting ministers are invited to Christian Question Time, after the
assembly they have led, when three children are chosen from each of
the years 3, 4, 5 and 6 to come and question the visitor about their faith.
This is a very special time to share personal faith and values. The
children are pleased to have been chosen and they ask quite searching
questions. This is almost the best part of the visit.
Film Club members have had a very busy time in February, not only
watching films and being waiters and waitresses (see photograph on
page 12), but also running a coffee morning on February 14th. This
raised £100 for church expenses. Many thanks to those who supported
3rd February 2015 Maleficent U (1914)
A vengeful fairy is driven to curse an infant princess, only to discover
that the child may be the one person who can restore peace to their
troubled land.
17th February2015 A Fault in our Stars 12 (2014) and Mission
without Permission’ PG (2004)
Two teenagers, who both have different cancer conditions, fall in love
after meeting at a cancer support group.
A girl and her two friends raid a bank, looking for the money needed for
financing the cure of her dying father.
We started this session with pancakes before splitting into two
groups to watch the above films. I was with the latter group and we
thoroughly enjoyed this action packed film. We like the way that it
all came together at the end and the way the community all came
together to raise the money to cure the girl’s father. I understand
the other group appreciated the film and a few tissues were
needed. So two happy films for Shrove Tuesday…
Requests for your prayers
 For all our volunteers that work with children and young people
at our church
 For the new families coming to our community every week and
joining our vast array of groups and worshipping with us
 For Film Club as the membership expands
 For our new PARENTALK Group. Please pray for the planning
and the participants, that we have a happy time meeting
together, rejoicing in the good times and helping each other
through the tough times.
 Pray for our church as we continue to journey through Lent,
learning more about nurturing a healthy church. May this impact
on our spiritual and religious life and bring us closer to God
Pauline <>
Jonah and the Whale was the topic for our February Messy Church.
The photographs inside the whale of most of those attending have been
posted in the foyer and will be ready for the children to take home in
March. The story is a good story and we wanted to concentrate on
Jonah’s relationship with God and learn that, in spite of being reluctant
at first, Jonah did what was right in the end –this is often the case with
us! We had a whale of a time doing the activities – making whales out
of play dough, pinning the tail on the whale and hooking a whale,
making whale biscuits, making whales using origami, clothes pegs,
Hamma beads and paper plates. We also wrote prayers about things
we should do but often didn’t want to do. In our worship we sang a song
about Jonah and looked at the things we had made. We had whale
fingers for tea!
We had five students helping with Messy Church organised through
Loughborough Students’ Union. We were very pleased to welcome
them and they made a valuable contribution to the session. They also
said that they enjoyed the meal which they shared with us! We hope
that they will be able to come and join us again.
In our Messy Church meeting we decided that we would like to give the
children who attend Messy Church a Bible in our session in July. If you
would like to enable us to do this then please put the money (about
£6.00 will buy a Bible, but any contribution will be very gratefully
received and used) in an envelope marked with MESSY CHURCH
BIBLE and hand to one of the Messy Church leaders.
We shall be looking at Zacchaeus on the first Wednesday in March.
Please remember us in your prayers and come along and have a look if
you would like to.
Messy Church Team
On Tuesday January 27 , Margaret gave us a word tour of Beaumanor
Hall. The hall has a very long history, the first house being built between
1842 – 1848 for William Perry Herrick. Notably from wherever he looked
out from the hall all the land he could see belonged to him. Very interesting
Margaret and thank you for arranging an actual tour for Thursday
September 3 .
On Tuesday February 20 Alan Speight gave us a lovely collection of
songs from all down the ages from his own Grandfather’s singing days (the
foot stamping sergeant), the lovely lyrics of Sea Fever and the wonderful
Danny Boy. The Speights have a family tradition of operatic and theatre
appearances. Today Alan’s two daughters are part of the town’s theatrical
entertainment. Thank you Alan, long may it continue.
Baptist Women’s Fellowship
When you read this contribution, two of the friends/speakers of BWF will be
far away, Jill Abell in the mountains of Peru and Colin Molyneaux in Kenya.
Our prayers and best wishes went with them.
Colin visited the meeting on January 20 ; Colin makes different models
of wheel chairs and takes them for trial in Kenya so that those that are most
useful can be copied in the Children’s Centre.
His latest, which he brought to the meeting, was converted from an old
wheelchair to meet the needs for a child’s off-road version. He named it the
‘born-again’ wheelchair. Colin and his friends were flying out on Feb 8 with
permission to take 4 different models. He told of children growing physically,
mentally and spiritually at the centre and of 2 children who are moving on
to higher education. If you have a wheel chair no longer needed, I know a
man who could use it! See me, Barbara.
January 27 Margaret Dumbleton, one of our members, showed pictures
and told stories of her recent holiday in Jordan. The group started in the
north of the country overlooking the Dead Sea, visiting the site of Herod’s
palace where John the Baptist was beheaded and Mount Nebo where
Moses viewed the Promised Land. They travelled by the River Jordan
visiting places connected with Jesus, Jacob and Esau, and then on to
Amman, a mixture of ancient and modern. As they followed the road south
they met Bedouins and took refreshment in their tents, finishing the journey
by the Red Sea and visiting Petra. A wonderful, unforgettable holiday
meeting very friendly people.
February 3 Andrew and Sue Smith visited us to tell of ‘Canal Ministries
– sharing God’s love on the waterways’ there are 7 boats engaged in this
mission. We heard the story of how Andrew and Sue became evangelists,
living on the boat, travelling round; talking to people they meet on and by
the canals. They also visit churches and schools to share their experiences
and their faith. They told stories of people they have met, been able to help
and seen changed lives. They are always ready to pray for and with others
and give away bibles/ new testaments as appropriate. Their faith and
dependence on God shone through the stories and we wished them well
for the future.
February 10 David Pearce’s bible reading was 1 Corinthians 13, he
spoke on verse 12, seeing a poor reflection in a mirror (M.DIV.). His
thoughts encompassed - paintings and photographs not showing people as
they are; airbrushing pictures of celebrities; not seeing ourselves as others
see us, only our reflections in mirrors; history being changed or
manipulated according to the recorders; looking at others and only
skimming the surface. Only God knows us through and through and sees
and knows the whole story.
You would be very welcome to join us on Tuesday afternoons at 2.30 pm.
Future Events
March 3
March 10
March 17
March 24
March 31
April 7
Annual general Meeting
Elizabeth Heath
David Hams
Pamela Bird
Rev David Butcher
Easter Holiday
Monday Nighters
Our programme for March is as follows :Monday 2nd March
"The World for a Shilling" David Jones
Monday 16th March
David and Valerie Green
Please note that we shall not meet on 6th April as this is a Bank Holiday.
Our Aim is Friendship
Holiday @ Home 2015
This will be held July 13th- 19th
There will be activities on Monday 13th, Wednesday 15th,
Friday 17th and Sunday 19th
Please book these dates now.
Further details will be available from May onwards
Rotas for March
Mar 1st Rhian Green
Joan Pennock
Diana Grant
Richard O’Connor
Maria & Nick’s wedding
Anne Speight, Shade Ojo,
Sarah Togerson
Brenda Newton, Margot Gabe
Pauline Anderson, Penny Griffin
Hoa Davies, Sheena Mammen
Hilary Cramer, Jillian Beresford
Mar 7th
Berhampur Hospital
Stan Cramer
Richard O’Connor
David Gabe
John Knights
Mar 1st Roy Davies, Peter Taylor, Anne Lockley
Sheena Mammen, Sarah Togerson, Shade Ojo
Aby Mammen. Sarah Togerson, Lililan Limb
Katie Tebbatt, Margot Gabe, Anne Speight
Evenings in March: Katie Tebbatt and Kathleen Marsh
Items for the March magazine should be handed into the office or sent to
[email protected] by NOON on Sunday March 22nd
Calendar for March
Sun 1st
Family Worship: Big Questions
‘Why is your religion better than
your neighbour?’
Evening Communion Service:
‘Our Father who is in heaven’
Matt 6: 9 - 14
Wed 4th
Fri 6th
Sat 7th
Messy Church
Luncheon Club
Link Up
Sun 8th
Family Worship: Gen 12: 1-9
‘The call of Abram’
Evening Worship: Matt 18:1 – 9
‘May your kingdom come’’
Sun 15th
Fri 20th
Sun 22nd
Sun 29th
March 30th
Mothering Sunday
Margaret Thirlwell
Sunday @ Four
Tony Hailey: Regional Minister
Luncheon Club
Family Worship : Pulpit
Exchange: Revd Roy Monks
Music for Passion Week
Joint Choir Service at Trinity
Palm Sunday Service
Matt 21: 1 - 17
Evening Worship: Matt 18: 21-35
‘Forgive us our debts’
Holy Week Prayers each morning
7.45 to 8.15 am