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B3-13 シンポジウム
Symposium Ⅰ
Innovative non-invasive face lifting with
‘curved cannula technique‘ with
PUF(Premium Uplift Fiber), a new type of cog thread
AN Kyung-chun, MD.【The Seroi Clinic】
During the last decade, many forms of cog threads have come into the market of non-invasive face lifting. Recently, a new
thread have been cut with wire with extra-fineness.
technique.’This technique enables the end of the cannula to reach near the edge of the nasolabial fold in parallel to the
type of cog thread with 300% bigger cog size with more number of cogs using PDO has been developed. The cogs of the
The author has developed two new techniques for inserting thread into the face. First is called‘Curved cannula
特別講演 シンポジウム 一般演題
surface of the face. Thus, helps to achieve insertion of the thread without any irregularities on the surface of the face.
Secondly,“temporal loop anchoring technique,”which simultaneously, with the use of 19㎝ size PUF thread, a loop is made
on the temporal area to make an anchorage for tight and firm lifting of the lower face. The thread is kept at the
subdermal level without hooking the temporal fascia for anchorage of the thread. Strong cogs enable the thread to be
kept in place at subdermal level. This technique reduces the post procedure headache which usually occurs on majority
of the patients with threads hooked at the subfascial level.