Kismet Chronicle Worldwide Block Party

Kismet Chronicle
Issue No. 5
March 2014
Worldwide Block Party
World’s Quilters Come Together in
Celebration of International Quilting Day
March 15th is Worldwide Quilting Day.
The Kismet crew would love to spend the
day quilting with all of you.
Sadly our store isn’t large
enough to host the party
so we’re doing it online.
We have chosen a
bright pattern designed by
Melissa Richie and hope
that you will join us for a
super-fun all day quiltalong.
Rain from Timeless
Treasures is our fabric
choice (kits will be available in the store). If you
New Arrivals
Bolts upon bolts of:
•Bella Solids from Moda
•Urban Flotology Flannels by Ann Kelle
for Robert Kaufman
•Botanics from Robert Kaufman
•Kona Solids
•Pre-cuts galore!
•Ophelia from Timeless Treasures, featured in the free pattern you can download:
We encourage you to stop in and check
out these luscious new fabrics. They will
knock you out!
Kismet Quilts
prefer to choose your own fabrics, you will
need one charm pack, one yard solid black
fabric, and four yards of
neutral background fabric,
preferably white.
Tune in to kismetquilts.
com/blog at 10:00 am (the
Quilting Hour) for your first
set of instructions.
In keeping with the block
party theme, invite your
friends, put the kettle on
and fire up your laptop!
There’s nothing more exciting than starting a new
project, especially if you’re
doing it with a million of
your closest friends.
We hope you will join us for this one.
When you need a break, stop in for a cup
of goodness me and a sweet treat to eat.
Stay tuned for your invitation to Kismet’s upcoming Gloat ‘n Tote party to
show off your quiltalong handiwork.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day
March 17th
The quilting shop down by the quay
Is the happiest you’ll ever see
We chat and we sew
And we laugh and we know
It’s where all of our friends like to be
We Love This
How many quilters have a sweet tooth? We
at Kismet certainly do and we have found
a way to satisfy that sweet craving without
adding calories. Pre-cuts are the answer.
We love pre-cuts! If you would rather
be sewing than cutting and haven’t already
tried making one of the great patterns
dedicated to pre-cuts then you might want
to give these yummy bundles a try. Or if
you are intimidated by colour selection.
The manufacturers have taken the guesswork out of it for you.
Or, if you just want to have a little piece
of every fabric in a collection, then this is
an easy and inexpensive way to do it.
5334 Argyle Street, Port Alberni, BC
At Kismet we carry a great selection
from Robert Kaufman, Moda, Timeless
Treasures, Hoffman, and Cantik.
250 723 6605
Issue No. 5
March 2014
Tip of the Month
Thread Heaven - I love the look of hand
quilting and truly admire those quilters
who have the patience and perseverance
to do it. I am not a hand quilter, however I
am forced to - at the very least - hand quilt
the binding on every quilt I create.
I am grateful to the creator of Thread
Heaven as it makes that task so much easier. It treats thread by conditioning it, which
prevents tangles and fraying. This eases
hand fatigue by reducing thread drag.
It also protects thread against mold,
mildew and UV rays; extends the lifetime
of the thread and finished product; will
not stain or mark fabric and is designed
for both machine and hand quilting.
Periodically your thread heaven may
become embedded with tiny fibres. If this
happens, take it out of the container, turn
it over, and it’s like new again.
when used with silk, rayon and metallic
BOBBIN METHOD (preferred):
Pinch off a piece of Thread Heaven and
hold it against one of the bobbin winding
Occasionally beading, macramé flytying
and other crafts require a “sticky” thread,
but you can still protect your thread
ensuring longer thread life if you coat your
thread with Thread Heaven first and then
apply the wax coating.
The same is true if you are using a prewaxed thread; a coating of Thread Heaven
will give your pre-waxed thread additional
protections from UV, mold, and mildew.
Thread Heaven can help prevent thread
breakage and skipped stitches, especially
March Classes
Quilt Husband
Woven Quilt Design
Monday Mar 1st • 1–4 pm • $25.00
People say to me, “Hey, Quilt Husband, do
you have any good relationship advice to
offer?” No, really. They say that.
And since the captain of the Titanic
used to give lectures on maritime safety,
I think I’m qualified to weigh in on this
rather delicate subject.
I have an acquaintance - let’s call him
Mr. Ninepatch - who was hoping to find
a potential mate. As I was obviously happily engaged at the time, he was curious to
know my secret.
He then proceeded to explain his very
lengthy and specific shopping list of characteristics he was insisting upon. His only
difficulty was actually finding some lucky
girl to see how she measured up.
I hadn’t realized that I had a secret, but I
did tell him this: Throw out the list.
Any meaningful connection between
people is founded on a commonality of
values. Beyond that, it’s chemistry.
Layer Cake Tossed Nine Patch
Saturday Mar 8th • 10 am–4 pm • $50.00
“Three Dudes” Jelly Roll Quilt
Tuesday Mar 11th • 10 am – 4 pm
FREE (with jelly roll purchase)
Saturday Mar 22nd • 10 am–4 pm • $50.00
Metro Waves
Thursday Mar 27th • 10 am–4 pm • $50.00
Tube Piecing
Friday Mar 28th • 10 am–4 pm • $50.00
Full Class Schedule available online
at /classes
Kismet Quilts
thread guides so that the thread is coated
as the bobbin is being wound.
OR, Lower threaded needle directly
into Thread Heaven. Pick up enough to fill
the needle eye; thread will be coated as it
passes through the needle. Repeat when
supply in needle eye has been used.
OR, pinch off a piece of Thread Heaven
and place it in one of the threading guides,
preferably after the tension mechanism.
5334 Argyle Street, Port Alberni, BC
If I had to give him specific direction,
I’d tell him to take up with a quilter. You’ll
get a girl who’s creative, patient, social,
cuddly and a bit wacky. Believe me, you’re
going to need those things.
The chemistry part is out of my hands,
but that’d be the best place to start.
Mr. Ninepatch? Last I heard he was
fine-tuning his list and still looking.
New class date for
16’s a Charm
Saturday March 15th
Sign up now!
Only two spots left!
250 723 6605