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Media Release March 20, 2015 Hemborg Ford 3WallBall Cup series heats up in Florida
The 2015 Hemborg Ford 3WallBall Cup championship series made its annual swing through Florida at the Ektelon Beach Bash. Locals Amy White and Roy Hernandez were the top scorers in the race for the Amateur Cup, teaming up to win the Mixed Elite Doubles. Amy outscored the other Women Amateurs when she added a semifinal finish in the Women A Doubles. Her fine performance moved her into third place in the overall Women Amateur standings behind Sonya Green and Emma Sanchez‐Jones, who are tied for first place. Roy was the player of the tournament as he also won the Men A Singles and made the finals with Jay Bingo in the Men Open Doubles. Roy is now the leader in the Men Amateur division. On the Pro side, Rhonda Rajsich looks like she’s ready to defend the title she won last year as she won the Women Pro Singles and the Women Pro Doubles with Michelle Key. She also added a quarterfinal finish in the Mixed Pro Doubles. Anita Maldonado also had a fine tournament with a semifinal finish in the Women Pro Singles, an appearance in the finals of the Women Pro Doubles, and winning the Mixed Pro Doubles with Nelson Deida, which left her just behind Rhonda in the overall standings. Robert Sostre was the leading scorer in the Men Pro division when he won the Pro Singles, was a finalist in the Mixed Pro with Aimee Ruiz, and was a semifinalist in the Pro Doubles. Robert was threatening to take the overall lead in the Men Pro divison but was thwarted by Rick “Soda Man” Koll, who teamed up with Richard Miller to win the CPRT Doubles. “Soda Man” established himself as the leader of the Men Pro at the King/Queen of the Beach and continues as the frontrunner. Thanks to Tournament Director, Vic Leibofsky, for running this event. Special thanks to Daryle Uhrich and Hemborg Ford for sponsoring the 2015 Hemborg Ford 3WallBall Cup championship series. Next up is the Final Battle VII on April 4‐5 and run by Tournament Director, Michelle Key. For current standings and additional information, go to www.3wallball.com Tournaments & Tournament Directors in 2015 Hemborg Ford 3WallBall Cup Series: Mar 7‐8 King and Queen of the Beach Jesus Ustarroz Mar 12‐15 Ektelon Beach Bash, presented by Splathead Vic Leibofsky Apr 4‐5 The Final Battle! #VII Michelle Key Jun 6‐7 WOR Warm Ups Greg Solis Jul 9‐12 WOR Championships Geoff Osberg Aug 15‐16 WOR Belle Isle Long Wall National Championships Darryl Hunter/Russell Baker Sep 24‐27 3WallBall World Championships Vic Leibofsky/Marcos Gravier