David Kau brings his `Blacks Only Comedy` back to

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‘Isidingo’ star headlines
Adam Small play
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David Kau brings his ‘Blacks Only
Comedy’ back to Cape Town
Will Ferrell & Kevin Hart
unites on screen
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Fleur du Cap winners bring
back ‘The Pervert Laura’
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30 APR-9 MAY
The Next 48hOURS • Socials
Russian Ballet celebrates Tchaikovsky’s 175th anniversary in SA
Capetonian ballet-lovers will experience the sheer beauty of Russian
Ballet when the internationally celebrated Crown of The Russian Ballet
Company is showcased on May 6, 7,
8 and 9 at the Baxter Theatre.
Specially prepared for South African
audiences by the artistic director
Anatoly Emelianov, the carefully selected line-up has been chosen with
the express aim to thrill classical ballet enthusiasts of all ages.
The programme opens with the world
premiere of Emelianov’s ‘Manfred’, a
one-act ballet choreographed to one
of Tchaikovsky’s undoubted masterpieces, the symphony ‘Manfred’. The
narrative for this work deals with
Riaan Manser
deep remorse and moral anguish,
coming from Lord Byron’s poem of
the same name. Manfred is a Romantic hero of epic and Faustian proportions. In his idealistic dilemma he is
doomed to destroy the very ones he
loves. Imbued with supernatural elements, the metaphysical torment of
Manfred is given the choreographic
stamp that audiences internationally
have come to associate with the work
of Emelianov.
The second half features the one-act
‘Romeo and Juliet’ and an excerpt
from ‘The Sleeping Beauty’. Danced
to Tchaikovsky’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’
overture and featuring choreography
by Emelianov, this work of burning
Final few days of Suidoosterfees at venues across city
The annual Suidoosterfees – now in
its 12th year – is winding down and
Capetonians can catch the tailend
of the festival over the weekend until Sunday, May 3.
From Artscape, to the Baxter and
Fugard, the Welgemeend Manor
and many more venues, audiences
The cast of ‘Vocal Mania’
are being treated to a mixture of
comedy, cabaret and classical productions.
‘Vocal Mania’
‘Vocal Mania’ combines rhythmic
and vocal harmonizing and uses
non-musical instruments and objects, the combination of which will
have you on your feet dancing. The
show features the talents of noted
Cape Town entertainers Terry Fortune, Waseef Piekaan, Monox Adams, Carlo Daniels, Jack Makhaya,
Robin P, Loukmaan Adams and Nur
Catch ‘Vocal Mania’ at the Garden
Court Theatre on Thursday, April 30,
to Sunday, May 3, at 7pm nightly.
‘The Medium’ (Opera)
Menotti’s ‘The Medium’ is a dark
and highly theatrical chamber opera. Acclaimed director Matthew
Wild brings this melodramatic tale
to life while Alex Fokkens conducts.
Madame Flora (Elizabeth Frandsen), is the drunken spiritualist who
uses her daughter, Monica (Amanda
Osorio) and a homeless deaf-mute,
Toby, to convince clients they are
communicating with their dead.
Madam Flora’s game soon turns
deadly when she feels ghosts choking her, becomes paranoid and loses
With the dramatic feel of a gothic
short story, an orchestra part influenced by jazz, and accessible format
(1 hour) it should appeal to a universal audience.
Catch ‘The Medium’ at the kykNet Theatre on Friday, May 1, at
* Tickets are affordably priced at
R150, R200, R250 and R280.
Book at Computicket.
Top Comedians and Illusionists
for Gala Show
The Artscape Theatre will be buzzing with prime South African comedic and magical talent as performers
Riaad Moosa, Conrad Koch, Chester
Missing, Stuart Taylor, Stuart Lightbody and more take to the stage for
* Tickets are available at www.computicket.com, or the newly opened
ticket office on the ground floor of
the Media24 building.
Visit www.suidoosterfees for more
the ‘Stars of Comedy and Magic’ gala
show on May 9 at 8pm.
Hosted by the College of Magic,
Cape Town’s only magical arts organisation, the show forms part of
the College’s 35th anniversary celebrations of training adults and children in the performance art of magic.
Moosa, Taylor, Koch and Lightbody, all graduates of the College,
will join forces with fellow South
African performers, international
guests, and a showcase of magical
talent for one night only to support
the organisation’s outreach initiatives. Other performers completing
the line-up include Andre the Hilarious Hypnotist, Louis Cason and Larry
Soffer, among others.
* For more information visit www.
collegeofmagic.com or call 021 683
Book at Computicket.
Larry Soffer
By RoxyK
The Esse range of products
lotions must contain the essential
nutrients to help restore the condition of the skin. For some people
winter brings an uncomfortable dryness and tightness to the skin, but
products with natural ingredients are
not harsh to the skin and can eliminate dryness, flakiness and itchiness.
Managing Editor: Naushad Khan
Production Editor: Peter Tromp
Editorial Assistant: Aisha Sieed
Senior Designer: Dane Torode
National Sales: Godfrey Lancellas
2 The Next 48hOURS
and with a reputation that precedes
them and still thriving, they have the
distinction of being one of Russia’s
most highly respected ballet companies. Their work includes classical masterpieces as well as modern
Crown of the Russian Ballet is presented by impresario Edouard Miasnikov, who delights in sharing
Russian culture with South African
audiences in the interests of widening cultural exchange and dialogue.
Health & Beauty
We have all heard of a facelift, but
why not do the same for your body
by giving it an instant glow and extra
protection with natural ingredients
found in Wema Bodycare products.
This is a luxurious body care range
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products are suitable for any skin
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Africa, including indigenous ones like
baobab, mafura, or mongogo, which
are known for their fantastic moisturizing and anti-oxidant qualities.
Winter skin needs extra nourishment so body butters, creams and
passion was inspired by Shakespeare’s
text and remains one of Tchaikovsky’s most popular compositions.
The emotions of love and loss were
sadly all too familiar to Tchaikovsky.
Significantly it was the ‘Romeo and
Juliet’ overture that was used extensively at memorial concerts held in
his honour after his untimely death.
Crown of the Russian Ballet was
founded in 1997 by choreographer
and principal dancer Emelianov.
Driven to explore and expand their
creative and professional horizons,
they set to work developing a new
ballet repertoire of innovative classical and unique modern and contemporary choreography. Years later,
Most body creams and lotions are
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Jenny Morris
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the information provided.
The Next 48hOURS will not be held
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expressed by writers and contributors.
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1 May - 7 May 2015
The Next 48hOURS • What’s Hot
Award winning ‘The Pervert Laura’ comes to the Fugard Theatre
LOUIS VILJOEN’S controversial,
award winning play ‘The Pervert Laura’ will be returning to Cape Town
stages in May for a run at The Fugard Theatre.
and the titular star of the show,
EMILY CHILD, both of whom were
crowned winners at the 50th Fleur
du Cap Theatre Awards ceremony in
To know one character, or person, as
well as we get to know Laura, but
shed light on what we didn’t know
about ourselves. That’s my considered, responsible answer. The more
instinctual answer is: I hope the play
knocks you down and manhandles
you until you relent and give in.
‘The Pervert Laura’ is a very dark
and disturbing work. What sparked
the premise for the play in your
mind and led you down that creative path?
I find it quite easy to access the
darker parts of myself. I believe we
all have such rich wells of abhorrent
thoughts, however we’re taught to
suppress it and pretend it doesn’t exist. But it does, and I suppose I trade
in it. I knew I wanted to write something with a female protagonist, or
the main protagonist, and the idea
seemed to suit that goal. If I trace
the origin of the whole thing, it’ll be
the desire to write something that
fully resembles a character study and
in the final moments becomes more
of a genre piece. In that way I believe it rewards an audience if they
re-watch it.
You’ve had a couple of plays in recent years where females didn’t
feature as much, or at all. Did you
feel pressure at all to address that
by writing a play with a female as
the chief protagonist?
Well, I’ve written more plays with female characters than without. ‘The
Verbalists’ and ‘The Kingmakers’ feature roles for women, and ‘Champ’
has an integral female role, but those
plays were admittedly masculine in
its approach. I didn’t feel pressure
to write one thing or another; it was
just the idea that suited a woman
better than a man.
Did you write the titular character
with Emily Child in mind?
Once I had the idea and I knew it
would be next thing I dedicated myself to, I knew I wanted to write it
for Emily. We’re friends and we’ve
worked together before, but I felt it
was time that both of us do something outside our comfort zones. I’ve
been a fan of hers for quite some
time and I wanted to see her in a role
that she could claim wholly as her
Emily Child and Guy de Lancey
in a scene from ‘The Pervert
own. She did and then some.
You must have felt tremendous
pride when Emily won the Best Actress prize at the Fleur du Caps.
What was coursing through your
mind as her name was read out?
“Holy f**k holy f**k holy f**k YES!!”
Nick Pauling and I were working out
the odds for weeks before the ceremony: If this one wins this award,
then it opens up Emily to win, or if
that play does well it means she’ll be
up against whomever, and so on and
so on, trying to figure the odds. But
when she won it made sense; it was
the truest performance in the group
and it was a tough group. I felt immense pride for my friend and I also
thought she looked fantastic in that
You yourself won the Rozalie van
der Gucht prize for New Director,
as well as the Best New Play award
for ‘The Kingmakers’. How does that
validation feel? Does it imbue in you
at all a renewed sense of confidence
going forward with future projects?
I’ve never needed validation when it
comes to my writing, as awful as that
sounds. I had to work for years without that validation and still attempt
a few plays a year. But when it comes
to the directing it feels great to be
recognized and it certainly gives me
confidence to direct more. Perhaps
even to try other people’s scripts.
What do you hope audiences walk
away with after having seen ‘The
Pervert Laura’?
I hope the effect of the play, the
shock of it, gets mixed in with the
raw honesty that we’re aiming for.
What is the biggest challenge for
you about being a “living playwright” in South Africa?
Honestly? Money. I won’t get rich
doing this, but if I can live and pay
rent each month, have a drink with
my friends and see my mom for
Christmas, then that’s a pretty good
life. Oh; and to keep being true to
myself and not resort to work that
others think I should be making. If
you try make something for everyone, you’ll end up making nothing
for no one.
What can we expect from you next?
I’m working on a few scripts at the
moment, which is to say that I’m
horribly blocked and I feel emptier
than a matinee for one of my shows.
My main goal is to get ‘Laura’ up and
running at The Fugard and to find
another life and run for ‘The Kingmakers’. More people need to see
actors like Pierre Malherbe, Rebecca
Makin-Taylor and Brendon Daniels and if someone else stages ‘The
Kingmakers’, you can see all three on
the same stage. That’s my pitch from
now on.
Is it fair to say the role of Laura
is the most challenging you’ve ever
The role I am playing at the time is
always the most challenging. The
more I perform, the more I realise
how much there is to learn. So yes,
Laura is my most challenging role to
date, but when I take on a new play,
that role will take its place.
Tell us about the process you underwent to “find” the character.
My starting point is always in the
text. Louis’ writing is incredibly detailed and deeply sophisticated. Every
pause or ellipsis means something
that is very specific to the character
and to the story. I spent (and am still
spending) a lot of time reading and
re-reading the play. His work forces
you to go down a sort of vortex. By
being sucked into it, the character
starts to become clear. That, and I
Emily Child and Louis Viljoen
at the Fleur du Cap Awards in
Googled images a lot…“ troubled
young women” was helpful. Also,“
love or hate therapy.” You would be
amazed by what comes up.
Leading from the above, how do you
go about getting yourself into the
mental state that is required to
portray the character truthfully on
performance nights?
I am a big believer in an old-school
physical warm up. I don’t think your
mind can engage honestly if your
body is still stuck with your personal
stress from the day. I role around and
hum a lot. I think the most important thing when trying to do anything truthfully is not to have your
head somewhere else. I’m not one
of those actors who sits in a dark
corner for hours “getting into it”. I
think the great challenge and thrill of
acting is learning how to “step into
it” and “be present”, as they say. I
do like to choose a specific “smell”
for each character I play though so
I always give myself a final spray of
something a minute or two before
the show starts.
What went through your mind when
your name was called out to receive
the prize for Best Actress at this
year’s Fleur du Cap Awards?
“But it was supposed to be Sandra
Prinsloo!” I was very surprised and
happy. Awards are so helpful in marketing shows. It means a lot to be
celebrated by your colleagues and
Actors usually play coy when it
comes to awards, saying that in the
bigger scheme of things that they
don’t matter, or shouldn’t matter, at
the very least. Surely you felt some
form of validation after having
taken a risk with such a demanding role…
I agree that awards should never define an actor or their career, but who
am I kidding – it feels good to win
something! I think it’s human to
enjoy a pat on the back every now
and again, especially when it is for
something you really believe in. This
play is an ensemble piece so it also
felt like a high five for our team. It is
a great privilege to be working with
people like Guy, Nick, Sarah, Terry
and Louis.
How challenging was it dealing with
the nudity and sexual content in the
The first few rehearsals were a little
giggly, hot- flushed and sweaty, but
we all relaxed very quickly. The focus
shifts from being about the sexual
act, to what that act means in relation to Laura and her story. You forget that what you are doing might
seem shocking to an audience because you are focused on doing what
you are doing honestly.
Louis Viljoen has a very specific
rhythm with his prose that not all
actors can deal with. How challenging is it for you getting used to
those speech patterns?
It definitely takes a little bit of getting used to, but the trick seems to
be to say what the character says,
exactly as it is written. Actors often
enjoy adding pauses and paraphrasing for the sake of “emotion”. Louis’
writing has taught me to fight these
impulses and in doing so, experience
a freedom in his language.
Finally, what can we expect from
you next?
I will be performing in Barney Simon’s ‘Born in the RSA’, directed by
Thoko Ntshinga at the Grahamstown
Festival and at The Baxter Theatre
later this year. I’m really looking forward to that.
* ‘The Pervert Laura’ will be showing
at the Fugard Studio from May 6 to
23, with performances taking place
from Tuesdays to Saturdays, at 8pm
Shows at the Fugard are not affected
by load-shedding.
Book at Computicket.
National Call Centre: 0861 85 85 85 or order online at www.mrd.com
1 May - 7 May 2015
The Next 48hOURS 3
The Guide
The Next 48hOURS • Guide
Your guide to
the best of what
is happening
in and around
Cape Town.
To list your event,
[email protected]
Dance production charts mythical Theatre’s the ticket for ‘Isidingo’ star
journey of transformation
PETER TROMP chatted to well known
actor MAURICE PAIGE, who will
be starring in a new production of
Adam Small’s ‘Krismis Van Map Jacobs’, which will be showcased at the
Artscape Arena from Wednesday, May
6, to Saturday, May 16.
Set in the Cape Flats in the seventies,
during the forced removals, the play
tells the story of the gang leader Map
Jacobs (Paige) who comes out of jail
on parole, and the impact on the community to which he returns.
‘Cinnamon’ dancers
he Afrika Ablaze dance production ‘Cinnamon’ is currently being
showcased at the Baxter Theatre
until Saturday, May 2.
‘Cinnamon’ is an exotic tapestry of a
dance/drama that explores the sacredness
of joy along with loyalty and love against
a backdrop of greed, obsession and misguidance. The story of the young girl Cinnamon invites the audience to bear witness to her mythical journey from a world
she is familiar with, to a world she doesn’t
recognise. Compelled by tragedy, Cinnamon ventures from her ancestral home
amongst the wolves, to deliver an unforgettable message to mankind.
Director Glenda Jones as a choreographer has for the past 13 years transformed
many young lives through the influence of
dance and drama. Her 2013 production,
‘Raw Silk’, was well received when it was
showcased at the Baxter Theatre.
‘Cinnamon’ will be performed by a cast
of energetic and motivated dancers, lead
by Chelsea Jacobs, who will be making her
debut as lead dancer.
To enhance the authenticity of the
story, Jones has trained a group of mature women who portray the ancestral
tribe that Cinnamon hails from. Jones
believes that their dance performance is
a breakthrough in a world that can easily
confuse the higher purpose of dance with
age related bias and physical idolatry. UCT
Drama graduate Tasneem Jakoet will perform as the narrator.
* Tickets are R100.
Book at Computicket.
visit www.facebook.com/afrikaablaze.
When did you discover your love of
performance, and how did you go
about carving out a career for yourself?
I was 15 years old when I discovered
that I’m a performer when I entered
the KKNK festival. I had a week to
prepare for a character and won that
year’s Best Supporting Actor award.
I’ve never looked back since.
Tell us about ‘Krismis Van Map Jacobs’ and what audiences can look
forward to.
The play is very close to my heart and
I’ve always wanted to do it. I’ve been
waiting 10 years to do this character,
so I’m very exciting, but at the same
time I’m also quite nervous because it’s
a very difficult part to play. The audiences can definitely expect a different,
vibrant “Map” from Maurice Paige.
What personally attracted you to become involved with the production?
The fact that I always wanted to do
this play is what attracted me to this
project. When I received the call from
director Andre Samuels, I immediately
said yes without hesitation (laughs).
Tel: 021 802 4848
E-mail: [email protected]
What is it about the theatre that
continues to attract you to it?
What excited me about theatre is that
its now, its live and you only have that
moment to make it work and believable to your audience. It’s that rush
and presence of 110 people or so’s attention that gives me that drive.
Tell us about your role and how you
have gone about inhabiting the character.
The role is a very hard, dramatic part,
but in order to give the audience a
different view of “Map” I’m playing
against the obvious and how others
have played it.
Audiences perhaps know you best
from television for the role you play
in ‘Isidingo’. What is it like transition-
* Performances will take place at
10.30am and 2pm daily.
Book at Computicket.
Woman with a Baby On Her
ing from a soap to acting live in front
of a theatre audience?
My first love is for the stage, so for me
to transform or switch my mind to a
live stage setting is real easy, because
I’ve never changed my mindset, or performance style, because TV will never
swallow me (laughs).
What can we look forward to you in
the future, and are there any roles
that you would especially love to
My future plans are big. I want to do
lots of movies. My first big lead movie
in a movie this year will be ‘Pop, Lock
‘n Roll’, which I’m shooting in September. I’m very exciting as it takes
me back to my dancing days. Then of
course there’s the stage. I try to do at
least one stage play a year to stay theatre fit.
advertise in
The Next
Maurice Paige
An adaptation of Athol Fugard’s riveting short story
‘To whom it must concern’ portraying the impact
a tragic event has on the life
and psyche of a Karoo train
28 April – 9 May
Alexander Bar, 76 Strand
Street, Cape Town, Tel:
(021) 300 1652
La Traviata
Verdi’s classic love story,
based on Alexandre Dumas’ story of the courtesan
with the heart of gold, is
presented by the HYPERLINK
Cape Town Opera and UCT
Opera School. Conducted
by Kamal Kahn and directed by Angelo Gobbato, with
choreography by Sean Bovim.
30 April - 9 May
R125 – R250
Artscape Opera House, Tel:
(021) 421 7839
An exploration of the American criminal justice system
via a combination of storytelling with Hip Hop and
Dramatic Performance Art.
1 & 2 May
R80 – R90
Alexander Bar, 76 Strand
Street, Cape Town, Tel:
(021) 300 1652
Chester Missing Live
Well-known ventriloquist,
Conrad Koch performs with
his puppet Chester as part
of the 2015
2 May
Artscape Theatre Centre,
Tel: (021) 410 9838
Big Girls
A musical comedy/cabaret
featuring Vanessa Harris,
Lucy Tops and Cassandra
5 – 31 May
Kalk Bay Theatre, 52 Main
Road, Kalk Bay, Tel: (021)
788 7257
Nothing But The Truth
A dramatic play about the
story of our recent past of
Apartheid & the struggle for
6 – 13 May
Artscape Theatre Centre,
Tel: (021) 421 7839
The Pervert Laura
The dark psycho-drama
written and directed by the
award-winning playwright
Louis Viljoen is back by
popular demand after its
highly acclaimed debut.
6 – 23 May
Fugard Theatre, Corner
Caledon & Lower Buitenk-
The Next 48hOURS • Guide
ant Street, District Six, Tel:
(021) 461 4554
Little Shop of Horrors
A classic comedic horror musical comes to Cape Town,
directed by Steven Stead and
starring Alan Committie.
Until 6 June
R100 – R250
Theatre On The Bay, 1 Link
Street, Camps Bay, Cape
Town, Tel: (021) 438 3301
A dramatic and innovative
dance production about a
young girl’s mythical journey
into an unknown world. Directed by the acclaimed Glenda Jones.
Until 2 May
R70 – R100
Baxter Theatre,
Tel: (021) 685 7880
A Woman Alone
A drama written by Dario Fo &
Franca Rame, directed by Michael Kirch and performed by
Anna Kurgan.
Until 2 May
R80 – R90
Alexander Upstairs Theatre,
76 Strand Street,
Cape Town,
Tel: (021) 300 1652
One of Broadway’s greatest
musical productions, set in
brought to life by the team
that produced the smash hit
musical, The Rocky Horror
Until 28 June
R100 – R280
Fugard Theatre, Caledon
Street, District 6, Tel: (021)
461 4554
Orpheus in Africa
The return of the production
by popular demand, David
Kramer directs a new musical about Orpheus McAdoo
and the Virginia Jubilee Singers who came to South Africa
from the USA in 1890. Starring tenor Aubrey Poo and
soprano Lynelle Kenned.
Until 6 October
R110 – R220
The Fugard Theatre, Corner
Caledon & Lower Buitenkant
Cape Town,
Tel: (021) 461 4554
Kaapse Stories
This delightful musical revue
celebrates the joyful, resilient
spirit of the colourful people
who populate the city that lies
at the foot of Table Mountain.
Couched in the recent history
of the Cape, “Kaapse Stories”
deftly relates stories of Cape
Town and her people, their
struggles, victories and personalities, all with a hefty
dose of comedy.
Tuesday, Thursdays & Saturdays @ 7:30pm
R435pp (incl. Drink on arrival
& 4 course dinner)
Richards Supper Stage, 229a
Corner Main Road,
Corner Glengariff,
Tel: (021) 434 4497
1 May - 7 May 2015
Bit by Bit Mosaic
Full day workshops that are
perfect for beginners – ‘you
will be amazed at what you
can achieve after just one
day,’ says owner Kerry Atherstone. What a fantastic way to
spend the day; relax, learn an
amazing skill and you get to
take home your project.
R400 per person including
Observatory, Cape Town, Tel:
079 042 3908
Big Tree Mosaics
Join Michelle McConnell, who
started her journey into the art
of mosaics after an inspirational trip to Turkey, at her
home studio in Durbanville.
9:30am – 12:30pm & 6pm –
R60 – R90
42 Primula Crescent, Wellway
Park East, Durbanville, Tel:
073 653 2688
Fiddlewood Pottery Studios
Classes are small and intimate giving students ample
individual attention as they
learn the tricks of the trade.
Beginners are more than welcome to come and learn
about pottery basics such as;
glazing, firing, hand as well as
10am – 12:30pm, 7:30pm –
10pm & 5pm – 9:30pm
Fiddlewood Pottery Studio
88, 1st Avenue, Harfield Village, Claremont, Tel: (021)
671 2515
Good Night Market Launch
For the inaugural Night Market, a photographic exhibition
based on the theme of ‘Unordinary’ features large-scale
photographs by both established and emerging local
The monthly market brings
live music, food trucks, a
drinks bar and a central creative showcase to the Watershed.
29 April @ 10am – 9pm
Watershed, 17 Dock Road,
V&A Waterfront, Cape Town,
Tel: (021) 408 7840
Tokai Forest Market
This market has a little bit of
something for visitors of all
ages. It also provides an opportunity for some family
quality time and adventure.
There is a great deal of fun to
be had for each member of
the family, from activities for
the kids to shopping for the
teens as well as culinary highlights for the foodies.
Every Saturday @ 9am – 2pm
Tokai Forest, Orpen Road/
Spaanchemat River Road,
Fashion in the Village Market
The monthly market is the
passion project of Cape Town
local and fashion guru Kim
Speer, who also runs the
weekly Friday night Blue Bird
Garage Food and Goods
Market out of the same space
(an old converted postal
plane hangar in the heart of
the suburb). While she gives
much of her attention to the
regular evening event, she
launched the vibey daytime
clothing and design fair in an
effort to find expression for
her long-time love of beautiful
Every 1st Saturday of the
month @ 11am – 4pm
Blue Bird Garage, Muizenberg, Tel: 082 3312471
Durbanville Saturday Market
With over 200 stalls you will
find everything from crafts,
food and plants. Bring the
kids and enjoy the market under the ancient oak trees
while listening to soulful music play in the background.
Every 1st Saturday of every
month @ 8:30am – 2pm
Gardens of Rust en Vrede Estate, Wellington Rd, Durbanville, Tel: 072 173 1040
Milnerton Flea Market
Cape Town’s most diverse
outdoor market and famous
landmark for bargain hunters!
Enjoy endless variety of used
items ranging from household
goods and bric-a-brac, to collectables and antiques at bargain prices.
Open weather permitting from
8am Saturdays, Sundays &
Public Holidays
Ample free parking
Marine Drive (R27), Metro Industrial
For further info visit www.milnertonfleamarket.co.za
City Bowl Market on Hope
Pull in and get your fill of exotic eats and wholesome
treats. Along with Food from
around the world - breakfast
and lunch Smoothies, gourmet coffee, delicious desserts, beer, wine, ginger beer,
live music, beautiful clothing
& jewellery, and more.
Every Thursday & Saturday
14 Hope Street, Gardens, Tel:
073 2708043
The Palms Market brings Die
Platteland to City Tables
“Here we laugh, make music,
and exchange hugs and chats
with familiar faces. We sell
food from the heart and it’s
like meeting up with old
friends on the village square
every Saturday: shopping,
eating and drinking – as likeminded people have done for
EVERY Saturday @ 9am 2pm
FREE parking
The Palms, 145 Sir Lowry Rd,
Woodstock, (021) 462 0394
[email protected]
Alphen Antiques and Collectables Markets
A variety of items will be on
sale. Entry is free, there is
ample parking and refreshments are available.
2nd & 4th Sunday of every
month @ 10am – 4pm
Alphen Community Centre
Music Exchange
Laying down our stories
By Martin Myers
had the chance to attend an
amazing talk last week at the
school Christel House in Ottery
by Trevor Jones and he spoke
at length to the learners about
mentors, reading and learning
from one’s peers.
Is enough of this being done
and are the artists who have stories
to tell, telling their stories?
In 2004 Hugh Masekela published his compelling autobiography, ‘Still Grazing: The Musical
Journey of Hugh Masekela’ (coauthored with D. Michael Cheers),
which Vanity Fair described as follows: “you’ll be in awe of the many
lives packed into one.” (Try find it
in a bookshop now in South Africa.) Last year we had PJ Powers
releasing her book entitled ‘Here I
am’, which was a sweet read, but
nothing of real substance except
an opportunity for PJ to tell her
story. Call it a vanity project if you
will .My point is a book should
have something to say. Even the
Sachin Tendulkar cricket book was
a bland read and just went over the
facts, which you had read in previous press articles.
The reason I talk about books
this week is I saw on Facebook that
Cindy Alter’s much anticipated autobiography ‘No Substitute’ will be
on book shelves on May 25.
Alter is an internationally successful, award winning, chart topping, multi-million album selling
singer songwriter from South Africa. As front lady of bands including Clout, Zia and Alter Irving, her
four decade music career has delivered no fewer than 13 albums
and has taken her to all corners of
the globe including Germany, Holland, England and America. Alter
is also a published poet and spent
fifteen years living and working on
the music scene in Los Angeles.
She returned to South Africa after
Hall, Constantia Main Road,
Opposite Constantia Village,
Tel: 084 6267499
Bay Harbour Market (Hout Bay)
An inspiring destination for
breakfast, lunch and dinner,
this weekend market kicks off
with Friday Nite LIVE!, offering live music, at least 26 culinary experts catering to everything
cuisine, Seafood platters, Oven-fired Pizza to gourmet
Sandwiches, speciality soups
and everything in-between.
Dates & times: Friday Nite
LIVE!: 5 pm to 9 pm; Sunday:
9.30 am to 4 pm.
Extended trading hours on
Saturdays from 16 November
2013: Saturdays 10.30am6pm
31 Harbour Road, Hout Bay,
Cape Town
The cover of ‘No Substitute’
beating leukemia. Alter currently
resides in Johannesburg and is a
full-time working musician who
continues to perform and record
and release new music. Hopefully
Alter tells the stories, even if they
are awkward and uncomfortable
and the book is not just another
puff piece, which is important, as
a book like this can be so inspirational to younger generations to
learn from.
It is a shame that in the music
space we are not currently seeing
the stories being put down in print
for future generations to read.
Teddy Bear Fair
An annual family-friendly
event with competitions, live
music, food stalls and of
course, plenty of teddy bear
collectors and crafters.
1 May @ 10am – 4pm
R10 – R30
Farm, Klein Constantia Road,
Cape Town
Zip Zap Circus Show
Zip Zap Circus is a social circus that was founded in Cape
Town in 1992, to inspire
young people and help build a
new culture of peaceful coexistence in South Africa. Working with a diverse community
of children from all backgrounds, Zip Zap helps kids to
‘dare to dream’ and learn to
make those dreams a reality.
2 May
Johnny Clegg must have one heck
of a story and so must the likes of
Ray Phiri from Stimela. Imagine
the stories about the ‘Graceland’
tour with the likes of Tony Cedras
et al. Is it that we find South African music stories not interesting
enough, or do we rely on television documentaries to try and tell
the story? Books and reading help
foster a culture of learning and this
can only be good for future generations of children who are interested in music and this can surely
help foster a love of the arts for the
greater good of all South Africans.
Artscape Theatre, Tel: (021)
421 8622
Riebeek Valley Olive Festival
The annual festival showcases award-winning olive oil,
cured olive products, body
product range and well-known
2 & 3 May
Riebeek Valley, Tel: (021) 448
Elgin Cool Wine & Country Festival
The annual festival includes
18 participating wineries,
each offering a unique programme.
2 & 3 May
Elgin Valley, Tel: 071 2679785
Cape Town Steel Band
A return of the annual music
festival, featuring Modest
Mouse, Jeremy Loops, Klingande and others.
2 May
R395 – R495
West Coast Ostrich Farm,
Parklife Festival
Parklife is back with another
larger than life music festival
2 May @ 11am
Greenpoint Cricket Club, Vlei
Road & Fritz Sonnenberg
Road, Green Point, Cape
Card on Spokes EP Launch
Be at Manila for Card on
Spokes ‘launch of his brand
new EP ‘Sunwalker’
7 May
The Next 48hOURS 5
The Next 48hOURS • Socials
Brimstone hos
6 The Next 48hOURS
The Next 48hOURS • Socials
sts 19th Annual
1 May - 7 May 2015
The Next 48hOURS 7
The Next 48hOURS • Movies & Guide
Mae Whitman and Bella Thorne in ‘The Duff’
Bianca (Mae Whitman) is a content
high school senior whose world
is shattered when she learns the
student body refers to her as ‘The
Duff’ (Designated Ugly Fat Friend)
to her prettier, more popular
friends (Skyler Samuels and Bianca
Santos). With her universe turned
upside down, she ignores words of
wisdom from her favourite teacher (Ken Jeong) and enlists Wesley
(Robbie Amell), a slick but charming jock, to help set her apart from
the pack and erase her label forever. In doing so, she hopes to land
her crush Toby (Nick Eversman),
and find the confidence to overthrow the school’s ruthless label
maker Madison (Bella Thorne) by
reminding everyone that no matter what people look or act like, we
are all someone’s DUFF...and that’s
totally fine.
Executive Producer Lane Shefter
When millionaire hedge fund manager James (Will Ferrell) is nailed
for fraud and bound for a stretch
in San Quentin, the judge gives
him 30 days to get his affairs in
Desperate, he turns to Darnell
(Kevin Hart) to prep him for a life
behind bars. But despite James’
one-percenter assumptions, Darnell is a hard-working small business owner who has never received
a parking ticket, let alone been to
Together, the two men do
whatever it takes for James to “get
hard” and, in the process, discover
how wrong they were about a lot
of things – including each other.
The idea for ‘Get Hard’ originated with producing partners Will
Ferrell and Adam McKay imagining what the average person might
do if suddenly seized from a nice,
comfortable life and confronted
with the prospect of a 10-year
stretch behind bars.
Ferrell, who stars as a man in
exactly that situation, recalls them
“spit-balling about what that moment would be like, if, for whatever reason, you found out that you
were going to prison.
Bishop first learned of the novel
‘The Duff’ when she saw the partially written book in the office of
Joanna Stampfel-Volpe, a book
agent in New York. Bishop instantly loved the title and the idea, and
read the book that night. The next
day, she called Stampfel-Volpe and
asked for the chance to secure a
movie deal. Bishop immediately
sent the project to producers McG
and Mary Viola of Wonderland
Sound and Vision and said, “You
have to read this now!”
“We got about 100 pages of
the book in manuscript form” says
Viola. “Lane emphasized that the
book was very special.” Like Bishop, Viola read the pages overnight.
“I called Lane the next day and
said ‘This is amazing. The voice is
so original. We have to get this
book,’” she says. McG agreed. “I
just thought it was something that
was ‘zeitgeisty’, of-the-moment –
so relatable and just true to life,”
he says.
The producers were soon surprised to find that the original
voice belonged to author Kody
What would be your thought
process? How would you prepare?
Would you immediately try to flee
the country?
“It’s one of those nightmares
you have about how you might survive,” Ferrell continues. “You think,
‘I’d have to learn how to fight, or
how to perform sexual favours. I’d
probably have to join a gang’ — all
those things you get from watching prison shows on TV where you
realize, ‘I’d be killed immediately.
Keplinger, who wrote the book
titled ‘The Duff’ when she was just
17 years-old.
“We had no idea she was a teenager until Lane was working out
the details of the deal and Kody
said she would need to discuss it
with her mother, “says Viola.
Bishop says, “I thought, ‘This
cannot be a 17-year-old. She has
the high school voices down, but
this is someone who knows how to
write because the emotion woven
throughout is dead on.’ There’s a
lot going on (in the book) and a lot
of complexity underneath it all.”
McG and Viola had previously
worked with the film’s director Ari
Sandel, the Academy Award winning director, producer and writer
of the comedic short film ‘West
Bank Story’, on the action webisode series, ‘Aim High’, about a 16year old high school student who
lives a double life as a teen spy.
For Sandel, the opportunity to
make a teen comedy (a genre that
he has long admired) was one he
couldn’t pass up. “I think any comedy director is excited at the opportunity of doing a high school
film because we all grew up with
iconic high school films, whether
it’s John Hughes’ films or ‘Mean
Girls’ or ‘Superbad’. Those movies
really stick with you through your
teenage years.”
McG believes that one of the
keys to making a really funny comedy is getting the actors to feel
comfortable on set and keeping an
environment where the actors are
allowed to play. Sandel encouraged
the cast to bring their own real life
high school perspectives and experiences to the film. Star Mae Whitman credits Sandel for keeping the
delicate tone of being funny while
still having heart and depth. She
felt very in tune and collaborative
with her director. “We played a lot
and we tried a million different
things on set,” she says.
Or I’d be someone’s bitch.’”
He gets no argument there from
Kevin Hart. “I’d give him seven
minutes,” jokes Hart, who stars opposite Ferrell in this outrageous and
satirical comedy about two guys
who work in the same building but
live in different worlds, until they
strike an unusual and potentially
life-changing deal that challenges
their most basic – and hilariously
off-base – preconceptions about so
many things.
Manila Bar, 161 Longmarket
Street, Cape Town
Krischmann and Klingenberg
If you love techno then this
Friday is especially for you,
filled with dark beats and
happy smiles.
1 May @ 10pm
Fiction, 226 Long Street,
Cape Town
Some psychedelic trance on
a Friday night with Rubix
Qube is always a great way to
1 May @ 9pm
Carnival Court, 255 Long
Street, Cape Town, Tel: (021)
423 9003
Neelix is live in Cape Town
once again. You know you
can’t miss him, he’s one of the
best in the world.
2 May @ 10pm
Salt River Film Studios, Salt
River, Tel: (021) 510 2598
The Pit Featuring Noisecontrollers
Prepare for a smorgasbord of
insane international and local
acts as they transport you into
mythical dimensions.
2 May @ 9pm
The Side Show, 11 Mechau
Street, Cape Town
Discover a unique Two Oceans
Aquarium in the Waterfront
One of the top tourist attractions in Cape Town and over
3000 living sea animals, including sharks, fishes, turtles
and penguins can be5 seen
this spectacular underwater
nature reserve.
Adults – R125, Pensioners &
Students (14-17) – R97, Kids
(4-13) – R60
Open: Daily @ 9:30am – 6pm
(incl. Public Holidays)
Two Ocean Aquarium Cape
Town, V&A Waterfront, Cape
Town, Tel: (021) 418 3823
Ice Skating in Cape Town
Come rain or shine - ice skating is a must! Whether you
want to organise a party or
just want to go skating with
one or two friends, the ice rink
is a whole lot of fun.
Monday – Friday @ 10am –
12:30pm & 2pm – 4:30pm,
Saturdays @ 9am – 11:30am,
12pm – 2:30pm & 3pm –
R40pp including skates
Grandwest, Tel: (021) 535
trees, belly crawling through
the grass or strategising with
their team will soon make
them forget about their computers. R130
Monday – Sunday: 9:15am12:45pm, 1:15pm – 4:45pm
Area 51, Imhoff Farm, Kommetjie, Cape Town, Tel: (021)
790 7603
Atlantic Rail Steam Train
Vintage fun for the whole family. Buxom, beautiful and still
hard at work at the ripe age of
63, Jenny hasn’t let the wrinkles of time mar her life’s mission.
Cape Town to Simon’s Town
and back one to three Sundays a month.
Kids @ R150 – Adults @
Cape Town Train Lodge Hotel, Tel: (021) 558 5805
Beautiful Butterfly World
Visit this Winelands paradise
and be privileged to see resting butterflies, exotic spiders
and scary scorpions up close.
Monday – Friday @ 9am –
Route 44, Klapmuts (near
Stellenbosch and Paarl),
Cape Winelands, Tel: (021)
875 5628
Noordhoek Farm Village
Renowned for long white
sandy beaches, vast wetlands and ancient milkwood
forest, Noordhoek epitomizes
a relaxed, unhurried lifestyle
that is sought after by many
environmentalists and artists,
so don’t be surprised to find
horses, pigs, cows, hens,
ducks and rabbits roaming
the gardens and open public
spaces. Noordhoek Farm Village,, Tel: (021) 789 2812
Gemstones in the Scratch Patch
Simons Town
A visit to topstones is fun.
Tour the Topstones factory
with the kids; there is plenty
for the little ones to have a
flied day, and watch gemstones being tumble-polished
and crafted into a wide variety
of products.
Monday – Friday @ 8:30am
– 4:45pm, Saturdays & Sundays @ 9am – 5:30pm
Scratch Patch, Cape Town,
Dido Valley Road, outside Simon’s Town, Tel: (021) 786
Teamwork, stealth and strategy are all part of what makes
it so exciting. Hiding behind
Thurs 30 April – Thurs 07 May
Daily 2.00, 4.00, 8.30pm
(no 4.00pm Tues)
Daily 8.30pm
Daily 11.45am, 5.30pm
Daily 8.30pm
(except Thurs30/Tues/Wed)
Daily 1.45, 6.15pm
Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell in ‘Get Hard’
8 The Next 48hOURS
Camel Riding
If the paintball sounds a bit
too hectic then why not take
your kids for a camel ride at
Imhoff Farm next door to the
Tuesdays – Sundays and
public holidays: 12pm – 4pm
Short rides: R60 for adults,
R40 for children, outride:
Please be aware that rides
are not offered when it is raining or in stormy weather.
Imhoff Farm, Kommetjie,
Cape Town, Tel: 082 3443163
Need for speed? Let them
race each other around the
310m mini replica of the
Killarney racetrack, complete
with twists and turns to keep
the adrenaline pumping.
Adults: R100, children: R90
Opening times: Mondays –
Sunday @ 9:30am – 10pm
10 Myhof Road, Kenilworth,
Cape Town, Tel: (021) 683
Cool Runnings
We’ve swapped sunshine and
beaches for the lure of snow
here in Cape Town but that
doesn’t mean we have to
miss out on the winter sports
they get to enjoy elsewhere.
Opening Times: Tuesday –
Friday: 12pm -6pm, SaturdaySunday: 9am-6pm
Off Carl Cronje Drive, Opposite Bellville Velodrome, Tel:
(021) 949 4439
The Book Lounge
For younger children (3-8
years) there’s adventure of a
different kind every Saturday
at 11am at the Book Lounge.
The exciting stories will take
them along for a different journey each week. It’s a great
way to get them excited about
reading and exploring the
wonderful world of books.
Saturdays @ 11am
71 Roeland Street, Cape
Town, Tel: (021) 462 2425
Tel (021) 424 5927
R45 (Subject to Concessions)
Daily 11.30am, 6.00pm
(no 6.00pm Tues)
Daily 11.30am, 4.00pm
Daily 2.45pm
Daily 12.00, 2.30, 5.45, 8.15pm
1 May - 7 May 2015
12 de
The Next 48hOURS • Fooding Around
Get some balance in your diet
Let’s cook!
Fooding around with
Jenny Morris
Bacon and broccoli quiche
Serves 8
• 250ml cake flour, sifted before
measuring (1 c)
• 125ml oat bran (1/2 c)
• 45ml lite margarine (3 T)
• 1,25ml salt (1/4 t)
• 1 egg, beaten
• 45ml ice water (3 T)
ore and more people are
realising the everyday
advantages of following a low-GI (Glycaemic Index) diet. Besides resulting in
sustained energy levels, improved
concentration and increased stamina, low-GI eating holds the following specific health benefits: lowered
and stabilised blood glucose levels in
diabetics; easier permanent weightloss; improved concentration in children with Attention Deficit Disorder
(ADD); improved performance for
sportsmen and women; and reduced
cholesterol and blood pressure levels.
Gabi Steenkamp and Liesbet Delport have put together the best and
popular recipes from the series, which
includes four titles for everyday use.
The family-friendly recipes include low GI versions of popular
dishes like scones, creamy spinach
soup and desserts – proving that you
don’t have to sacrifice taste or indulgence for good health. The detailed
introduction explains exactly how
the Glycaemic Index works, and gives
practical guidelines on low-GI, low-
fat eating for specific conditions. The
handy GI food lists will become an
indispensable tool in identifying suitable food types and products.
Gabi, a registered dietician, has
been in private practice for over 25
years, specialising in the nutrition
management of diabetes and colon
She has presented many lectures
and workshops on various nutritionrelated topics, and has also published
articles in many journals and magazines. Her involvement in the food
industry as a nutrition and food-labelling consultant gives her a unique
insight into South African foods and
food products.
Liesbet is a registered dietician,
a founder member of the Glycemic
Index Foundation of South Africa
(GIFSA) and a partner in a successful
private practice in Nelspruit. She has
co-authored seven nutrition-related
books, and has written articles on
various aspects of nutrition for magazines and scientific journals. The
book is also available in Afrikaans as
‘Beste van Eet vir Volgehoue Energie’.
For filling:
• 1/3 of a 410g tin white beans,
• 250ml broccoli florets, cut into
small pieces (1 c)
• 125g lean bacon, chopped (1/2
• 1 large onion, peeled and finely
• 3 eggs
• 100ml skimmed milk (2/5 c)
• 150ml plain, low fat yoghurt
(3/5 c)
• Freshly ground black pepper to
• 2,5ml mustard powder (1/2 t)
• 125ml mozzarella cheese, grated
(1/2 c or 50 g)
• 5ml grated Parmesan cheese (1
flour, oat bran, margarine and salt
until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs.
3.Combinethefirsteggandthewater. Add 15ml (1 T) egg mixture at
a time to the flour mixture and mix
to a soft dough. Add more flour if
about 20 minutes.
4. Roll out the dough and line the
greased French flan dish or pie dish,
or press the dough into the dish with
your fingers.
5. For the filling, drain the beans,
mash finely and spread evenly over
the base of the quiche. Sprinkle the
broccoli evenly over the mashed
6. Fry the bacon and onion without
adding any oil or other fat to the
pan. If it sticks, add a little water and
7. Beat the second lot of eggs, milk
and yoghurt together. Add freshly
ground black pepper to taste and the
mustard powder. Distribute the onion and bacon mixture evenly over
the broccoli and beans, stir the egg
mixture and pour over the quiche.
Sprinkle with the cheeses.
8. Bake for 25–30 minutes until the
filling is firm.
9. Serve with a mixed salad for a
complete meal.
Dietitians’ notes
milk and low fat yoghurt and no fryingisinvolved,thefatisstill9gper
serving. This is mostly from the eggs
and cheese.
Nutrients per serving
GI low (52) • Carbohydrates 29g •
One serving is equivalent to: 2 proteins + 11/2 starches
+ 1/2 vegetable
1. Preheat the oven to 180 deg C.
Spray a French flan dish or pie dish
with non-stick cooking spray.
2. For the base, rub together the
SA’s pop-up creative hot-house is back
After a breakout 2014 that saw
new shows in Johannesburg and
Cape Town’s iconic Castle, KAMERS is back with a bang for the
Autumn 2015 shows. KAMERS is
set to boost local SA design and
entrepreneurship even further this
year...and that’s saying something,
given last year’s impressive numbers:
• 58000 visitors at four shows
• a creative showcase of 250
hand-picked local exhibitors
•expandingtheKAMERSexperience with more hand-picked local
food, wine, live music and curated
art exhibitions
MERS shoppers get to explore and
enjoy our country’s huge creative
talent. Don’t miss SA’s pop-up
treasure trove of handcrafted creativityattheCapeTownCityHall
from Thursday to Sunday, May 7
to 10.
Times: 9am to 5pm (Thursday &
Sunday); 9am to 7pm (Friday &
Entrance: R50 at www.ffw.co.za
(as well as students and pensioners); R70 at the gate
For more information, visit kamersvol.com, or facebook.com/kamersvol; or shop online at shop.
Why has KAMERS become such
a success? The team continually
scours the country for the hottest
new creative talent and product
ideas. Each show then becomes a
captivating fusion of design and
crafts in the form of a vast pop-up
retail showcase under one roof. In
interface between young entrepreneurs and developing creative
talent and the public who wish to
support the most deserving and
talented SA craft and design. In
this ‘everybody wins’ environment
the exhibitors get maximum exposureforfuturebusiness,whilstKA- KAMERS is ideal for those who appreciate the finer things in life
10 The Next 48hOURS
CCDI Ad_48Hours FA PRINT.indd 1
2015/04/24 7:55 AM
1 May - 7 May 2015
The Next 48hOURS • Lifestyle
Krisjan Rossouw showcases solo
photography exhibition in Franschhoek
The exhibition ‘We never dreamt of seas...’
by fine art photographer Krisjan Rossouw is
currently on show at The Gallery at Grande
Provence Heritage Wine Estate in Franschhoek until May 20.
With this exhibition, the Cape Town based
Rossouw continues the exploration of identity and silent triumph of the subjects he
photographs, which he first established in his
debut series, ‘Dark Paradise’.
The use of light and shadow with nontraditional photographic lighting sources is a
signature of his stylistic approach. He believes
each model remains an active collaborator to
the process.
“The previously poetic play of botanical accents from ‘Dark Paradise’, however,
now evolves to what I see as a deeper,
more wistful study. An expression of
self amidst the metaphor of broken, lost, and
discarded things. The still strength of will. A
quiet war won,” says Rossouw.
A self-taught fine art photographer, Rossouw has been pursuing professional photography since 2009. His first international
exhibition was held at The Box Gallery in
Hamburg in 2013, and his influences include
Caravaggio, American photographer David
LaChapelle and Tretchikoff.
* The exhibition will be open daily from 10am
to 6pm.
For more information, call 021 876 8630;
send an e-mail to [email protected]
co.za; or visit www.grandeprovence.co.za, or
The piece No1 Daniel
Art in the Forest opens
new exhibition
A new exhibition called ‘Autumn Salon’ by various artists is opening at
‘Art in the Forest’ on May 9 at 11am,
and will run until June 30. The show,
featuring the Forestware Collection,
will be opened by Laurence Brick, curator of ‘100% Design South Africa’.
Artsist include: Anthony Shapiro,
Nkhosiko Vulangenqele, Emmanuel
Ncube, Chuma Maweni, Noel Yardley,
Simphiwe Sam and Linda Khuzwayo,
Lauren Kaplan, Bridget Heneck, Catherine Ash, Jade Snell, Amelia Jacobs
* For more information on Art in the
Forest call 021 794 0291; send an
email to [email protected]; or
visit www.artintheforest.com.
Forestware Hand thrown Raku Forestware range of Vessels and
Bowls and Bullet Vases,
lidded zulu pots
GrandWest brings ‘Blacks
Only Comedy’ back
Buoyed by a crowd-pulling show in
2014, GrandWest is bringing back to
Cape Town one of South Africa’s fastest-growing comedy shows, ‘Blacks
Only Comedy’. Award-winning comedian David Kau is in the driver’s seat
for the one night only event, which
also features an entourage of some of
South Africa’s top black comedians.
‘Blacks Only Comedy’ takes place on
Saturday, May 9, at the Grand Arena.
Comedy fans can expect an evening of
unbridled laughter as the comedians
unmask their hysterical and revealing
views on a range of uniquely-South
African issues.
“We are thrilled to bring back
‘Blacks Only Comedy’ to our stage
for another evening of side-splitting,
authentically South African comedy.
‘Blacks Only Comedy’ is the fastest
growing comedy brand in the country and is one of the most anticipated
events on GrandWest’s event calendar.
We cannot wait to see what they have
Banish the Winter Chill with
and Karin Abedian.
Art in the Forest is a thriving centre of ceramic excellence. They produce and host exhibitions and offer
pottery classes and workshops. The
foundation also runs community clay
programs for local children and offers
mentoring opportunities.
in store for us this time,” says Elouise Matthys, the PR and Promotions
Manager at GrandWest.
‘The Blacks Only Comedy Show’
was co-established by Kau in 2004
to give emerging black comedians
a platform to showcase their talent.
Over the past decade, ‘Blacks Only
Comedy’ has become renowned for
featuring seasoned stand-up talent
and budding comics. True to its roots,
the “cast” of ‘Blacks Only Comedy’
primarily comprises people and puppets of colour.
Kau has been on the South African comedy scene since 1998 when
he became the first black comedian
to perform at the Smirnoff Comedy
Festival in Cape Town. That and the
raging success of Blacks Only Comedy
are among Kau’s many highlights.
* Tickets are available at Computicket
and are priced from R150 to R230 per
Tekkie Town Winter Guineas (Grade 3)
Somerset Room
R220 per person
For bookings call
(021) 700 1600
Sunday 3 May 2015
1 May - 7 May 2015
David Kau
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Western Cape Winter Series to Tru-Cape MTB Race to trek
through Grabouw forests
kick off at Kenilworth
Cape owners, trainers and racegoers
can look forward to the popular R1
million Western Cape Winter Series
for three-year-old colts and geldings
and the R600000 Winter Series for
fillies, which are both upon us.
The male series consists of three
Grade 3 races, all to take place at
Kenilworth Racecourse. They are the
R250000 Tekkie Town Winter Guineas over 1600m on Sunday, May 3;
the R250000 Winter Classic over
1800m on Sunday, May 31; and the
R250000 Winter Derby over 2400m
on Saturday, June 27.
A bonus of R250000 will be paid to
any horse who can win all three legs
of this series.
The Winter Series for fillies will
consist of three Listed races at Kenilworth, the R150000 Sweet Chestnut Stakes over 1400m on May
3; the R150000 Stormsvlei Mile
over 1600m on May 31; and the
R150000 Winter Oaks over 2200m
on June 27.
A bonus of R150000 will be won by
any filly who can win all three legs
of this series.
The Winter Series was made famous
by the great Mike Bass-trained Pocket Power, who won all three legs in
2006, before going on to win nine
Gr 1 races, including the L’Ormarins
Queen’s Plate four times, the J&B
While there will be many technical
challenges and a single track, the
three routes 50km, 25km and 10km
of The Tru-Cape MTB Race on Saturday, May 2 offer something for everyone.
Tru-Cape Fruit Marketing is a
long-time sponsor of this race that
takes riders through the forests and
mountains of the apple-growing valley of Grabouw.
According to route Director, Gerhard Huiskens, there will be new sin-
gle-track routes through pine forests,
on gravel, on sand, around dams as
well as on hard surfaces, calling it
one of the most scenic routes available. There will be lots to do and
eat at The Grabouw Country Club
for supporters and riders. The event
serves as a major fundraiser for The
Grabouw High School.
* Visit www.Tru-Cape.com for links
to the Pedal Power Association and
www.RaceTec.co.za to book.
Kenilworth Racecourse
Met three times and the Vodacom
Durban July once. The Stormsvlei
Mile is named after Pocket Power’s mother, who was a champion
Last year the Dean Kannemeyertrained Power King made a bold bid
to win all three legs of the male Winter Series, winning the first two legs
before finishing just 1,25 lengths
back in second in the final leg. He
now looks to be a leading candidate
for the Vodacom Durban July.
The Justin Snaith-trained Acrostar
also went close to landing the Winter Series for fillies, winning the first
leg and finishing runner up in both
of the remaining two legs. She will
also be campaigning in the Champions Season in KZN this winter.
It should be an adventurous day in Grabouw
Get your replacement card and transfer your card balance by 31 May 2015 at special kiosks
in Table View and Civic Centre stations.
Kiosk hours: 05:00 to 19:00 daily
• Clear any penalties first at a normal station kiosk
• Visit one of the dedicated card replacement kiosks with
your expired card and your ID, passport or driver’s licence
(birth certificate for children)
• The balance will be transferred to your new card immediately
Offer valid until 31 May 2015. Terms and conditions apply.
Call the Transport Information Centre- (toll-free 24/7) 0800 65 64 63
www.myciti.org.za mycitibus.mobi dial *120*1040#
MyCiTi - Integrated
Rapid Transit System
12 The Next 48hOURS
1 May - 7 May 2015