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Who We Are
Our portable units can set up anywhere with
available power (patient’s room, beauty shop,
conference room, etc.) Residents can be
treated in a wheel chair, chair, or bed. To
better assess each resident’s overall dental
condition, our dentists use a portable X-ray
system with digital sensors which allows
immediate viewing and diagnosis by our
Onsite services include:
- Examinations and Oral Cancer Screenings
- Digital X-rays
- Cleanings
- Extractions
- Denture Fabrication, Repairs and
We strive to complete as many procedures as
possible onsite, but should the need arise for a
more complicated procedure, we can treat
patients at our traditional office located in
Aurora, CO or we can refer the patient to a
practice closer to the facility.
ABC Mobile Dentistry is a complete
mobile dental service provider
specializing in dental care for assisted
living and nursing home facilities.
Our treatment philosophy emphasizes
helping residents achieve and maintain
good oral health to promote overall
health and weight maintenance.
Using state-of-the-art technology, our
highly trained dental professionals are
able to combine complete dental care
with the convenience of onsite service.
Most services can be completed onsite
eliminating the often difficult, time
consuming, and expensive process of
arranging transport to a traditional
dental office.
We understand that dental services is
often just one of many ancillary
services that a social worker or other
staff member is responsible for. Our
goal is to make the process as easy
as possible for each facility.
Our staff includes a Nursing Home /
Assisted Living Facilities Care
Coordinator who has been in this role
working with facilities throughout the
Denver metro area for the past 5
years. He is responsible for
scheduling dental visits, providing
visit notes for each resident seen to
social services or other designated
facility staff, consulting with family
members or medical P.O.A.’s, and
answering most questions that may