MATERIAL HANDLING MIDTERM West Africa is struggling with one

Write approximately a 10-page report and return on 10.04.2015 by 12:00pm
West Africa is struggling with one of the worst Ebola epidemics. International aid organizations are
trying to help the governments and citizens of African countries to cope with the resulting
conditions. Describe situation in terms of logistics and material handling. That is:
1. Describe what Ebola is, how it is spread, what measures are needed to contain the epidemic.
2. Describe the conditions in affected countries in terms of which countries are affected, their
capabilities, education and culture.
3. Describe what aid organizations are involved, their structure, their capabilities and limits.
4. Determine the goals of people, organizations and governments, whether their goals are
aligned or there’s a conflict of interest.
5. Determine logistics goals for aid organizations, performance metrics and ways to achieve
6. Determine what materials are need to be handled, critical issues regarding handling and
performance metrics.
7. Suggest solutions to reach those goals and to avoid any problems regarding material