Fly Fishing - Irland, Blackwater 22-27.9.2014

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Fly Fishing - Irland, Blackwater 22-27.9.2014
Fishmaster will arrange a hosted trip to to one of the best
salmon rivers in Ireland, the Blackwater on 22-27.9.2014.
The destination will be the private Blackwater beats. September
is a very good fishing month on the Blackwater as there is a
superb autumn run of larger salmon of 8-20 lbs class. The host of
the trip will be Jouni Rauha.
Blackwater. The Blackwater is located in the South of Ireland.
The Munster Blackwater is Ireland’s second largest river next to
the mighty Shannon. It rises in the mountains of East Kerry,
flowing eastwards for 75 miles (120 km) through Counties Cork
and Waterford until it enters the sea at Youghal in East Cork. It
has a catchment area of more than 1200 square miles. It’s also
an extremely beautiful river. As a large mature river, it is not
subject to the whims of the weather, and consequently can
provide excellent fishing even in low water. It has extensive tidal
reaches, stretching for 20 miles from estuary. This provides a
unique heaven for salmon and seatrout in low water conditions
when they are waiting to run the main river. The best of the
salmon fishing is to be found between the tidal limit just below
the bridge at Lismore and 45 river miles up as far as Mallow.
Below Fermoy, there is an excellent mixture of fly runs, glides
and deeper pools. It is estimated to yield an average of between
5000 - 6000 salmon to the rods each year.
Fly Fishing. Our fly fishing group will fish the private Blackwater
Beat. This is superb fly fishing water which fishes well in a wide
range of heights. The Blackwatrer beat consists 11 separate
beats, there will be plenty of room for every fisherman as only 24 rods per beat are allowed. The beats will be rotated between
these small groups of 2-4 fishermen. Five year average catch of
Blackwater beat is 751 salmon in season. The average catch in
September is 341 Salmon per month. The beat consists
interesting pools and there are some excellent runs and lies to
fish. There is a superb autumn run of larger fish, usually in late
August or early September. The run consists mainly of fish in the
8-12 lb. class, but with a good share of fish to 18-20 lb.
Fly Fishing Tackle. For fly fishing for salmon on the Blackwater
we recommend 12-15 ' feet double handed rods for lines #8-11
and suitable fly reels with good quality brakes. Sink tip or
intermediate shooting heads are most used fly lines but please
bring also medium sinking fly line for possible high water
Flies. Good salmon fly patterns for Blackwater are: Dee Sheep,
Willie Gunn, Black Sheep, Black & Yellow, Munroe Killer, Cascade,
Monkey Fly, Allys Shrimp and Garry.
Accomodation for guests will be in Blackwater lodge close the beat. In the house there is a
toilet, a shower, a living room, a well equipped kitchen and two twin bedrooms. We will cook
the food in accomodation or dine at local pubs.
Travel Arrangements. Fishing trips to the Blackwater are always hosted trips. Anglers will
first take flight to Ireland, Cork. At the Cork airport they will meet host Jouni Rauha and
continue to Blackwater by car, it is only an hour drive to destination. During the fishing trip
host Jouni Rauha will take care of all car transports.
Trip length: 4 fishing days/5 nights
Group size: 1 host + 3 persons, total 4 fishermen
General information. The price includes accomodation, guiding, fishing licences and car
transports from and back to Cork airport also other car drives at Blackwater valley if needed.
The price doesn’t include flights, food and drinks. Please book the flights for yourself. Try to
find flight that will arrive to Cork between 12-16 hours on Monday afternoon to avoid too long
waiting in the Cork airport. After you have booked your flights, give the flight numbers and
schedules for Fishmaster/Jouni by e-mail: [email protected]. Take with the tackle listed.
Please pack the luggage into a big soft bag, it’s easier to back them into a car.
Trip Schedule
22.9. Monday. Gathering at the Cork airport in the afternoon. Try to find a flight that will
arrive to Cork between 12-16 hours on Monday. Meeting guide Jouni from Fishmaster and
other fishermen at the airport. Car transport from Cork to Blackwater.
23-26.9. Tuesday - Friday. Fly fishing for salmon at Blackwater beat. Breakfasts at
accomodation, lunch by the river. Dinners at local pub.
27.9. Saturday. Leaving the lodge in the morning and heading back to the Cork airport. Flight
back home according to everyone’s flight schedules. Try to find flight that will departure from
Cork airport between 11-15 hours on Saturday.
Blackwater Flies
Tube flies with 3-4 cm wing is normal size
Black Sheep
Tag: Red
Butt: Red
Body: Black floss
Rib: Silver
Hackle: Blue
Wing: Black and Yellow arctic fox
Head: Red or black conehead
Willie Gunn
Body: Black floss
Rib: Silver
Front hackle: Blue
Wing: 1/3 yellow arctic fox
1/3 light orange arctic fox
1/3 black arctic fox
Head: Black
Dee Sheep
Tag: Red
Body: Black floss
Rib: Oval Silver
Front hackle: Blue soft hackle
Wing: Bright Yellow and Black arctic fox
Electric Yellow Angel Hair
Head: Red
Black & Yellow
Body: Gold
Wing: Yellow and Black arctic fox
Yellow angel hair between yellow and black hair
Tag: Red and yellow bucktail, 4 pearly flashabou accent
Body: 1/2 silver, 1/2 black floss
Rib: Oval Silver
Wing: Black squirrel, 2-4 silver flashabou accent
Front hackle: Yellow and Orange hackle
Head: Black
Blackwater Tackle List
Warm hat with bill
Polarized sunglasses
Long sleeve shirts, sweaters, fleeces
Short sleeve shirts, t-shirts (several)
Warm, long underwear to use under waders
Fleece pants, fleece shirt
Long pants
Warm socks, several
Sandals or camp shoes
Raingear or wading jacket
Camera, memory cards, extra batteries, battery charger
Backpack (to carry camera & other gear )
Small flashlight
Mobile phone
Garbage bags or waterproof bags for laundry and wading boots.
Books, magazines
Airline tickets and other travel documents
Pre-trip information, maps, Fishmaster phone number (+358-400-824530)
Cash, Euros for drinks, meals
Credit card
Notebook and pen
Toiletries, including; tooth brush, shampoo, hand lotion, bandages, roll of athletic tape
Alarm clock
Pain killers, Prescription medications
Adapter for electronic equipment
Fishing Equipment
Fly rods, rod tubes (Rods 12’-15’ # 9-11)
Fly reels, reel covers
Spare spools
Fly lines, leaders (Fly lines: Floating, Floating with sink tip, intermediate, normal sinking)
Fly boxes, flies (Good fly patterns: Black Sheep, Willie Gunn, Black & Yelleow, Thunder &
Lightning, Munro Killer, Allys Shrimp, Cascade and Garry. Fly sizes 2-8, doubles or tube flies)
Waders, wading belt, repair kit for waders
Wading boots
Pliers (rustproof)
Hook hone/file
Extra spools monofilament: 0.30, 0.35, 0.40
Needle clippers
Tape measure