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Monday 9th March 2015
Dear parents/guardians
Re: School Prom – Tuesday 23rd June 2015
As you will already know, Beacon Hill Community School prefects organise a prom for the leavers every
We have booked the Greenhill Hotel for Tuesday 23rd of June to arrive at 6pm, finishing between 11:30pm
and 11:45pm.
The price for each person is £35 for a ticket - this includes the hotel itself, DJ, a three course meal and
picture youth, a photographing service by Matthew Turnbull.
We would love for the whole year to attend prom, as it is a celebration of all the hard work we’ve done
over the five years and it is also a chance to say goodbye to each other, and the school properly.
As you know the deposit is included in the ticket price; the rest of the money (£20) can be paid any time
before the 18th March 2015.
Yours sincerely
Y11 Prefects
Y11 School Prom – Tuesday 23rd June 2015
Name of child: _________________________________________________________________________
I enclose the rest of the ticket price for my child to attend the school prom on Tuesday 23 rd June 2015 at
The Greenhill Hotel.
Payment enclosed: ____________________________________________________________________ _
Parent/guardian signature: _______________________________________________________________
Date: _________________________________________________________________________________