This compressor works with direct coupled between
vectorial type electric motor and gas screw end
thanks to flexible coupling interposed between the
two parts.
The inverter, used in this unit, is directly interfaced
with vectorial type electric moto that through
the encoder provides the maximum efficiency of
The unit can start only if the sensor of gas presence
gives consent to run; the gas sensor leakage is
ATEX Eexd type and control in each moment the
gas absence inside the steel box.
The safety devices installed prevent critical situations
on the machine
The protection against unforeseen damage is ensured
from good design and fabrication as well careful
components selection (all our solutions ensure a
wide range of safety), for an easy maintenance
work and the operation in the same unit.
The gas leak detector ensure that the functionality
occurs in a zone without natural gas inside; the gas
sensor will report an alarm to remove completely the
power supply of the compressors.
A different set of plates are applied on the compressor
to advise the operator or personnel to not make risky
manoeuvres that could put his own safety at risk, the
safety of other people or the safety of the unit too.
The gas leak detector is a safety device that control
and report any gas leaks; in case of overcoming the
10% of LEL the gas sensor will emit a warning signal
visible on touch screen panel, when overcoming the
25% of LEL the gas sensor will remove all the power
in the gas compressor through the external electrical
safety box; in case of faulty of device the sensor
give to the electronic board a signal of damaged
The shutoff valve has the function to close the feed
of the gas inside the compressor every time the
same compressor is turned off. The valve is Normally
Close, 230VAC and with ATEX certification.
Compressors are available for a wide range of
industrial gases. We can supply CUSTOMIZED and
TAILORED skid compressors solution according to
the ATEX request.
The use of vectorial electrical motor directly coupled
allows an economic savings in terms of lower power
consumption. Furthermore a greater modulation of
the flow-rate of the gas is ensure to the customer
without using any other mechanical device like
bypass valve or proportional.
Thanks to the gas flow control through inverter
no aspiration valve is needed. This means further
maintenance costs reduction.
Moreover, modbus link is already available, allowing
connection and communication with compressor.
• 24 months full warranty for all components,
including the electrical ones.
• The whole compressor range is fulfilling the ATEX
rules in force, with the purpose of ensuring full safety
of compressor, whole plant and working crew.
• First maintenance service is expected after
6.000 hours of working for all the different types
of compressors (for gases, biogas and landfill or
waste gas).
• Package suitable to work 24/7.
• Special lubricant.
• Different package configurations available.
• Package respects UNI EN 60079-14 and
UNI EN 1127-1 legislation.
The electric motor is always ventilated by its electro
fan of 230Vac installed in rear of the motor. All the
electrical parts of the compressor are protected with
fuses and safety relay adequately calibrated.
All our systems are supported by trained technicians.
We are available 24/7 for technical and spare parts
support. We also offer remote monitoring of your
compressor system for early problem detection and
ensuring the highest level of support.
- Many years of experience on gas and biogas
compression and treatment system.
- Two years of warranty on each part.
- Complete technical assistance.
- 6.000 Hours for first maintenance and reduced
costs for subsequent maintenance.
- Selected and tested suppliers by our technical
department and quality control test.
- New technologies used as nanotechnology for
painting, new instruments in testing and assembling
- R&D on each project to give a quickly response to
our customer’s problem.
- Provide a real advice to all our customers.
- Complete follow up of products from assembly
to service.
• Bio-komp® has an independent agency for
CE certification and ATEX certification;
• EC machine directive (89/392/EEC)
• Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC)
• ASME certification
• Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC
• Electromagnetic compatibility 89/336/EEC
• Explosive Atmosphere Directive 94/9/EC ATEX