Scholar of the Week Blackfriars Bulletin Volume 1 Issue 25

Volume 1 Issue 25
Students welcomed the Dougie
Mac sunflower into school on
Monday. Everyone heard about
the work of the Hospice
movement as an introduction to
the work that some students
will do as a collaborative project
between RE and Art. As you can
see, he was warmly welcomed.
A family fun day is
being held on Monday
4th May 12pm-5pm at
Rookery Wood Fayre &
Square Pub, Weston
Road, Crewe. This is to
raise funds for a
(Class 5) Support for
appreciated by Lloyd
and his Family.
Scholar of the Week
Scholar of the week: Georgia Fone. Georgia has been learning
how to be increasingly independent by taking her class’s
register to the office every morning. Each week, staff hold
back a little longer to allow her to take those important steps
on her own. The gaps are getting increasingly longer – well
done Georgia.
Please let the school know if you are interested in FREE tickets for
Circus Starr.
Wednesday 13th May 2015 at Tipkinder Park Crewe. CW2 7SE @ 7pm
As I mentioned in a previous newsletter, we have been incredibly lucky in being
able to work with Dr Juliet Shand, an educational psychologist. When we
commissioned Juliet, we talked about the possibility of her doing some work
with parents and carers as well as students and staff. We made this request
because we have had an increasing number of parents and carers discuss with us
some of their concerns about their children as they approach puberty. The
difficulties raised include internet safety; healthy relationships; ‘ good touch/
bad touch’ ; personal hygiene and aggressive / angry behaviour. We were
wondering if you would be interested in attending a parents’ support group that would run on occasional
set dates within school hours. These groups would be instigated by Juliet and will then be for parents and
run by parents, with the aim of giving you the chance to meet and talk to other parents who have a child
at Blackfriars, about issues that affect you all. These groups have been run successfully in the past,
allowing parents to share experiences and gain information and knowledge about dealing with issues.
We are hoping that we will also be able to arrange some outside
speakers to talk to you about issues that regularly emerge within
school- such as managing transition into adulthood and managing
and supporting your child through puberty.
If you would be interested in attending these groups, there is a
letter in your child’s school bag. Please return the slip with your
signature and, if you would like to indicate on it any particular issues you would want raised. If we have
enough interest and feel that this would be beneficial, we will arrange 2 or 3 dates for the summer term.
The new website is going live tonight
Let’s get social.
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