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Issue 12 / 2013
11 April 2013
sharing of their brilliant talents and finally to you the
parents. You have uncomplainingly ensured that your
children have been available for all practices over the past
few weeks (even Friday night!). Some parents have assisted
with odds and ends to help the staff – here I would not like
to mention specific names as I am afraid of offending
someone if I leave their name off – my heartfelt gratitude!
When all the stakeholders of a school work together, like
we do, it leads to phenomenal achievements like the Mulan
production. It also allows our children to benefit from an
education that is well-rounded and holistic – a win-win
situation for us all!
A Word from our Principal
Deputy Principal: Junior Preparatory
Deputy Principal: Senior Preparatory
Deputy Principal: College
Deputy Principal: Chinese
Preparatory Sport Coordinator Desk
College Sport Coordinator Desk
Winter Uniform
PCS 2 Hand Uniform Shop
Knit-a-Square Project
A Word
from Our
School closes this Friday 12 April at 12:00 and re-opens on
Tuesday 7 May at 07:40. I wish you and your families a
wonderful well-deserved holiday.
Kind regards
Lisette Noonan
Dear Parents,
The end of an extremely busy and
productive term one for 2013 is
upon us! I am sure that staff,
children and parents are looking forward
to the upcoming holiday break before we tackle the even
busier winter term.
Enrolment for 2014 has steadily filled up most grades in our
school. If you have a sibling, cousin or friend who is interested
in attending our school, I am afraid I cannot guarantee
entrance to our school, particularly at Grade 1 and Grade 8
level. The two Grade 0 classes children will be receiving places
for Grade 1 first; thereafter we will fill up the Grade 1 classes
with new applications. It is obviously, to our advantage to
have our own pre-school children filling up the Grade 1 classes
as they already understand what is expected of them and
makes the transition to “big school” a stress-free and smooth
transition. I would like to encourage parents to enrol their
sibling children no later than Grade 0 in future to ensure space
for Grade 1. The same situation exists in Grade 8 for our own
children filling up firstly and thereafter it is based on entrance
exam results. Again, here, it is not possible for me to
guarantee spaces for family and friends.
I would like to extend my immense gratitude firstly to the two
directors - Mr Clifford Benade (Music teacher) and Miss
Michelle Loock (College English teacher) of our very
successful, Mulan. Secondly, to the staff of the Senior
Preparatory Phase and the College Phase for their work
behind the scenes, prop building, make-up, costume sewing,
painting and time (precious commodity in todays’ world!). To
the students, for their excellent commitment, loyalty and
Deputy Principal:
Junior Prep
Thank you to all the Junior
Preparatory learners and
parents that attended our
Mulan production. I am sure
you will agree that it was
Thank you to the Grade 0
parents who dressed up their
children for the Colour Carnival last Friday and the
teachers for organising a fun day, as well as the
Grade 1 teachers for the Easter Egg Hunt. The Grade
00’s also had a wonderful time with their “fluffy” toys
and parents and teachers at the Teddy Bear’s Picnic.
Thank you to Jingle Jangle for hosting them.
Thank you lastly to all the parents for all your support
and effort with our busy school programme this past
I wish you all a relaxing and safe holiday!
From Love’s Gotta Have Arms:
Listen to stories on CD when you and your child are in
the car together.
Kind regards
Elmarie Schorr
Newsletter 1
continued from page 1
It is with tremendous pride
and joy that I look back at
the achievements, growth,
development and learning
that has occurred this past
term. As with any process,
there are opportunities for
adjustment to achieve long term objectives and goals.
The support and commitment from our Senior Prep
parents throughout the term have been commendable
and I wish to thank them for this.
Deputy Principal:
Senior Prep
The spirit, commitment, growth and development of
our Senior Prep learners throughout the term have
been phenomenal to behold. We have shown growth
in academics, sport, culture and outreach. In the
classroom, on the cricket field, in the swimming pool,
on the stage, in front of an audience and even
amongst their peers, our learners have upheld the
three pillars of our school very well and I look
forward to seeing more Discipline, Respect and
Humility throughout our activities next term.
I wish to thank the learners for their efforts and I
look forward to term two and all its possibilities. May
you and your family enjoy this period of rest and
reflection and return renewed in spirit and resolve as
we strive to better the heights of our first term.
Mthembu, have just returned from Spain where they
represented South Africa in the “Mediterranean
International Cup” , under the banner of their club – in
soccer. Thirty nine countries participated and the
Glenwegians were awarded the trophy for “fair play”. This
professional level of playing has benefitted both players
and we look forward to seeing them playing overseas in the
near future again.
This past week-end saw Connor Mauldon compete in the
Archery South African Nationals – one of the qualifiers for
the Olympics. Connor scored a personal best for 90m and
made it into the Gold medal match finals. We are
exceptionally proud of him and look forward to following
this rising star’s career.
The commencement of this holiday also sees Miss Jansen van
Rensburg and Miss Loock take several students on the much
anticipated English overseas tour. I wish them everything of
the best and am sure they will be enriched with all the
cultural and literary knowledge that will be bestowed upon
To everyone travelling as well as those remaining at home –
a blessed and safe holiday to you all.
Kind Regards
Jacky Saffy
Kind regards
Chad Moses
Deputy Principal:
Deputy Principal:
It is with a light heart that we look
forward to a well-deserved
holiday, as this has truly been a
busy term. The culmination of
hours of hard work and dedication
has truly paid off in the production
of MULAN. I stand in awe at the
talent and dedication that the
College students have shown. From our actors to those
working behind the scenes – my heartfelt congratulations on
a fabulous production. Thank you too to the producers and
the teachers who have given up hours of their time to assist in
the play’s success. I cannot wait for future similar endeavours.
Gabriella van Wyk, in Grade 8, must be commended on her
remarkable achievement at the recent “Miss Belly dance
South Africa” competition. As a group participant, she
received two silver medals, while the studio she represents
was awarded a gold and bronze, and received the award for
“best choreography” and “studio of the year”.
Congratulations Gabriella!
Parents might remember that we
participated in the “Chinese
Bridge” competition previously
and our teams received first and
second places and went to China
for 3 years in a row.
We couldn’t take part in this competition last year as we were
informed too late and it clashed with our exams. This year we
decided to prepare ourselves in advance although we have not
received any details yet.
A selection process was held last week and 3 College students
have been chosen to represent our school. Congratulations to
Tadiwa Chirima, Colette Davie and Motswedi Modiba in Grade
11. The Chinese Department is going to work with these
students during the school holiday to prepare them for this
Kind regards
Angela Liu
Two Grade 10 learners, Fabio De Ascensao and Olwethu
Newsletter 2
continued from page 2
From the Desk of the Preparatory Sport Coordinator
“You have no control over what the other guy does. You only have
control over what you do.”
- A J Kitt
I would like to start off by mentioning the hockey trials that took
place this weekend. Our under 13 and under 12 boys and girls
played hard and played well. I will inform the parents of the
selections as soon as the email is sent to me.
Unfortunately I had to rush those parents who had children in the
Mulan play, as well as the soccer teams. This occurred as I did not
want the children to go straight into a knock out game with no
match practice whatsoever. So thank you to the children and
parents that managed to participate in both. When we return on the
7th of May, we jump straight into sport, with the under 10’s, 11’s,
13B’s and 13A’s soccer teams playing in the first knock out cup
game. The under 10’s and 13B’s will play away at Irene Primary
and the under 11’s and 13A’s will play away at Glenstantia
The first Saturday of the second term will see us hosting a minihockey day. So please keep the morning free as further details will
be sent out when we return from the holiday period.
Keegan Holmwood
Preparatory Sports Co-ordinator
Winter Uniform
Winter uniform will become compulsory from Monday
20 May. There will be a transition period up to this
date, therefore if the weather gets cold learners may
come to school in their winter uniform. Please ensure
that your child has the correct winter uniform.
We will be selling winter uniform on Monday 6 May,
from 09:00 to 13:00, please phone the office to book
your ten minute time slot to purchase uniform on this
day. We request that you bring your child/ren along for
fitting of uniform.
any of the following items we would be most grateful:
* tracksuits in small sizes
* girls navy tunics
* jerseys
* PCS winter jackets - we have no stock
* boys grey pants
* PT shirts
* House shirts
* PT shorts and skorts
* soccer kits
* netball dresses - we have no stock
Please consider donating your children's pre-loved
clothing to our shop. There is a drop-off clothing box
outside the admin block where you can drop off daily.
Let's help each other!!
Special opening times in Term 2
Monday 6th May between 09:00 to 13:00
Tuesday 7 May & Wednesday 8 May
between 07:00 & 08:00
Our normal opening time is every Wednesday morning
between 7 am and 8 am. Jacqui Donkin (082 847 1711)
and Linda Pate (084 335 8452) will be glad to assist you
with your child's clothing needs.
Knit-a-Square Project
Please help us to make this project a success – this can
be a relaxing past time during the school holidays!
Ways to help:
1. Donate unused wool or 6mm knitting needles.
2. Donate money for wool and knitting needles.
3. Knitting 20cm x 20cm squares.
4. Sew squares together to make blankets (during
May and June).
Knitting instructions: Wool or acrylic can be used.
1. Cast on 32 stitches.
2. Row 1: knit.
3. Row 2: knit. These two rows form the 'garter' stitch
knitting pattern for your square.
4. Continue knitting as per these two rows until you
have knitted a square.
5. To ensure your square is 20cm x 20cm, either use a
tape measure or form a triangle by folding one
corner of your square over to meet the opposite
6. Cast off.
VERY IMPORTANT: Leave a one metre length of
your wool attached to your work after you have cast
off. This will be used to join the squares together.
PCS 2nd Hand Uniform Shop
Thank you so much to those who have donated clothing
in the last weeks!
Our shop still needs lots of winter clothing. If you have
Newsletter 3
continued from page 3
Congratulations to the Gorton
family on the birth of their new
baby. We wish them all the very
Mon 6 May
Winter Uniform Sales (09:00 – 13:00)
School Re-opens – Term 2 (07:40)
School closes at 13:30
Tues 7 May
U/10 & U/13B Soccer Knock Out Match
(Away – Irene Primary School)
U/11 & U/13A Soccer Knock Out Match
(Away – Glenstantia Primary)
Co-curricular Activities START
Wed 8 May
College Netball Match
(Home – vs. Greenwood)
Thurs 9 May
Fri 10 May
College Netball Match
(Away – vs. Pta Central)
Sat 11 May
Mini-Hockey Day
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