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Acrylotex Sport is a durable, high-performance, non-skid, textured color coating system for asphalt
and concrete surfaces. Basketball, volleyball, netball, pickleball, handball, and racquet sports are just
a few of the sports suitable for play on Acrylotex Sport.
Acrylotex Sport is suitable for interior or exterior application.
The specially formulated acrylic system offers a playing
surface that is extremely versatile, durable and slip resistant.
The Acrylotex Sport surface is manufactured to meet the
rigorous requirements of municipalities, schools, and
recreational facilities. Protects asphalt and concrete
performance by reducing oxidation.
This environmentally friendly, all-weather recreational sport
surface is value engineered to extend the surface life and is
resistant to fading from UV exposure.
Requires minimal maintenance while providing a long lasting
sport surface responsive to all styles of play.
When compared to polyurethane, hardwood, or interlocking
tile systems, Acrylotex Sport is the economic alternative that
will remain in top playing condition for years.
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